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This site uses JavaScript to perform a number of tasks. Without it some pages may not display correctly and some functions will not work.

FTP Links

To allow the site to operate correctly from different hostnames/IP Addresses (such as from the internet and randomize-ii, localhost or from the local network) this site uses JavaScript to write all links to the FTP server operating on the same machine. The script uses the hostname you are currently accessing the site with as the hostname for the FTP server. This means that if you are accessing and click on a link to the file /pub/01-README.txt on the FTP server the link will be written as Without JavaScript enabled FTP server links wont appear. This could result in odd gaps in text where an FTP link would normally be.

Style Sheet changing

This site uses JavaScript to handle stylesheet changing. With JavaScript and Cookies enabled you can easily switch between stylesheets using the Site Settings page. Without JavaScript and Cookies all pages will display using the default stylesheet. If you are using Internet Explorer it is not possible to change stylesheets. With Firefox you can change the stylesheet for the current page but when you click a link the stylesheet options will return to defaults.