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Here you will find diagrams for earlier configurations of Compaq's Systems, Workstations, Servers, and Storage components. For more recent configurations, return to the Golden Eggs Homepage.

Miscellaneous Date
GEG00A Key to GOLDEN EGGS Visual Configurations 04-Jul-97
GEA00A AlphaServer Workstation Family Portrait 25-Jun-97
GEA00B AlphaServer 300 - 2100 Family Portrait 25-Jun-97
GEA00C AlphaServer 4000 - 4100 Family Portrait 25-Jun-97
GEA00D AlphaServer 8200 - 8400 Family Portrait 25-Jun-97
GEA00F AlphaServer 300 - 2100A Family Portrait 01-Jun-99
GEA00G AlphaServer 4000 - ES40 Family Portrait 01-Jun-99
GEA00H AlphaServer 8200 - 8400 Family Portrait 15-May-98
GEA00I DIGITAL Servers Windows NT 27-May-98
GEA00J AlphaServer GS60 - GS140 Family Portrait 01-Jun-99
GEA00K AlphaServer DS10 - ES40 Family Portrait 09-Jul-01
GEA00Ka AlphaServer DS10 - ES40 System portrait 09-Jul-01
GEA00L AlphaServer GS80 - GS320 Family Portrait 09-Jul-01
GE190899 Electric GOLDEN EGGS Visual Configurations Collection; total 70 pages, 2.3MB 19-Aug-99
GE261000 Electric GOLDEN EGGS Visual Configurations Collection, 80 pages, 9.2MB 26-Oct-00
GE200400 Electric GOLDEN EGGS Visual Configurations Collection, 46 pages, 3.6MB 20-Apr-00
GE090200 Electric GOLDEN EGGS Visual Configurations Collection, 44 pages, 3.5MB 09-Feb-00
GE140201 Electric GOLDEN EGGS Visual Configurations Collection of total 94 pages, at 14-Feb-2001, 6MB 14-Feb-01
GE050401 Electric GOLDEN EGGS Visual Configurations Collection of total 92 pages, at 05-Apr-2001, 6MB 05-Apr-01
GE100701 Electric GOLDEN EGGS Visual Configurations Collection of total 79 pages, at 10-Jul-2001, 6MB 10-Jul-01
Alpha & Intel Workstations Date
GEB0X1 Alpha XL 233MHz and 166MHz Configurations 25-Feb-96
GEB0X2 Alpha XL 266MHz Configurations 17-Apr-96
GEB0X3 Alpha XL 300MHz and 366 MHz Configurations 21-Oct-96
GEB201 AlphaStation 200 5/100..233 Configurations 25-Feb-96
GEB251 AlphaStation 250 4/266 Configurations 25-Feb-96
GEB252 AlphaStation 255 Configurations 01-Jul-97
GEB401 AlphaStation 400 4/233 Configurations 25-Feb-96
GEB501 AlphaStation 500 Configurations 01-Jul-97
GEB502 AlphaStation 500 Configurations 01-Jul-97
GEB601 AlphaStation 600 5/266 Configurations 15-Feb-96
GEB602 AlphaStation 600 5/333 Configurations 21-Oct-96
GEB603 AlphaStation 600A 5/500 Configurations 01-Jul-97
GEAXP9 Compaq AlphaStation XP900 06-Jul-99
GEAXP1 Compaq Professional Workstation XP1000 06-May-99
GEBPW1 DIGITAL Personal Workstations 433a, 500a 01-Jul-97
GEBPW2 DIGITAL Personal Workstations 500au 01-Jul-97
GEEPW1 DIGITAL Personal Workstations 200i, Intel 20-Feb-97
GEEPW2 DIGITAL Personal Workstations 266i, Intel 01-Jul-97
GEEPW3 DIGITAL Personal Workstation i+, Intel 03-Jun-98
GEBPW3 DIGITAL Personal Workstation a, Alpha 10-Jun-98
GEBPW4 DIGITAL Personal Workstation au, Alpha 03-Jun-98
GTAUPW1 DIGITAL PWS UNIX System, 600MHz 03-Jun-98
Intel Servers - 32 Bit Systems Date
GEIML330a ProLiant ML330 G2 System, 1266MHz, 2P 16-Apr-02
GTIML330b0 ProLiant ML330 G2 SA-RSO systems 10-Jun-02
GEIML350c ProLiant ML350 G3 System 2200MHz, 2P 24-Sep-02
GEIML350b ProLiant ML350 G2 System 1400MHz, 2P 24-Sep-02
GEIML350a ProLiant ML350 G2 System 1266MHz, 2P 07-Jan-02
GTIML350b0 ProLiant ML350 G2 SA-RSO systems 10-Jun-02
GEIML370c ProLiant ML370 G3 System, 2400MHz, 2P 25-Sep-02
GEIML370b ProLiant ML370 G2 System, 1400MHz, 2P 22-Feb-02
GEIML370a ProLiant ML370 G2 System, 1266MHz, 2P 04-Jan-02
GTIML370b2 ProLiant ML370 G2 SA-RSO systems 10-Jun-02
GTIML370b0 ProLiant ML370 Smart Array Cluster, SA5i 03-May-02
GTIML370b00 ProLiant ML370 Smart Array Cluster, SA532 22-Feb-02
GEIML530b ProLiant ML530 G2 System, 2400MHz, 2P 17-May-02
GTIML530b ProLiant ML530 G2 Entry Systems 17-May-02
GEIML530a ProLiant ML530 System, 1000MHz, 2P 18-Feb-02
GTIML530a ProLiant ML530 Entry Systems 18-Feb-02
GEIML570a ProLiant ML570 System, 900MHz, 4P 18-Dec-01
GTIML570a ProLiant ML570 Entry Systems 18-Dec-01
GEIML750a ProLiant ML750 System, 900MHz, 8P 10-Jan-02
GEIDL320a ProLiant DL320 System, 1266MHz , 1P 16-Apr-02
GEIDL360b ProLiant DL360 G2 System, 1400Hz, 2P 03-May-02
GEIDL360a ProLiant DL360 System, 1266MHz, 2P 04-Jan-02
GTIDL360b0 ProLiant DL360 G2 Smart Array Cluster 04-Jun-02
GEIDL380b ProLiant DL380 G2 System, 1400MHz, 2P 31-Jan-02
GEIDL380a ProLiant DL380 G2 System, 1266MHz, 2P 04-Jan-02
GTIDL380a ProLiant DL380 G2 Entry Systems 12-Nov-01
GTIDL380b4 ProLiant DL380 G2 SA-RSO systems 19-Jun-02
GTIDL380b0 ProLiant DL380 Smart Array Cluster 14-Feb-02
GTIDL380b1 ProLiant DL380 G2 FC-Hub/RA4100 12-Nov-01
GTIDL380b2 ProLiant DL380 G2 FC-SW/RA4100 12-Nov-01
GTIDL380b3 ProLiant DL380 G2 Packaged Cluster 14-Feb-02
GTIDL380c ProLiant DL380 G2 FC-EMA1200 12-Nov-01
GEDL380X ProLiant DL380 suite, 6 pages, 237KB 12-Nov-01
GEIDL580b ProLiant DL580 G2 System, 1400MHz, 4P 04-Sep-02
GEIDL580c ProLiant DL580 G2 System, 1600MHz, 4P 04-Sep-02
GTIDL580d ProLiant DL580 G2 Entry Systems 04-Sep-02
GTIDL580e ProLiant DL580 G2 MSA1000 System 04-Sep-02
GTIDL580f ProLiant DL580 SA-Cluster 04-Sep-02
GEDL580G2X ProLiant DL580 G2 suite, 6 pages, 218kb 04-Sep-02
GEIDL580a ProLiant DL580 System, 900MHz, 4P 04-Jan-02
GTIDL580a ProLiant DL580 Entry Systems 12-Nov-01
GTIDL580b0 ProLiant DL580 Smart Array Cluster 14-Feb-02
GTIDL580b1 ProLiant DL580 FC-Hub/RA4100 12-Nov-01
GTIDL580b2 ProLiant DL580 FC-SW/RA4100 12-Nov-01
GTIDL580c ProLiant DL580 FC-EMA1200 12-Nov-01
GEDL580X ProLiant DL580 suite, 6 pages, 270KB 12-Nov-01
GEIDL760a ProLiant DL760 System, 900MHz, 8P 28-Nov-01
GTIDL760a ProLiant DL760 Entry Systems 28-Nov-01
GTIDL760b0 ProLiant DL760 SA-Cluster 19-Jun-02
GTIDL760b1 ProLiant DL760 FC-Hub/RA4100 28-Nov-01
GTIDL760b2 ProLiant DL760 FC-SW/RA4100 28-Nov-01
GTIDL760c ProLiant DL760 FC/EMA1200 28-Nov-01
Low End Servers Date
GEADS20L1 AlphaServer DS20L 68/833 Systems 04-Jun-02
GTAUDS20L1 AlphaServer DS20L UNIX Systems 04-Jun-02
GTALDS20L1 AlphaServer DS20L Linux Systems 04-Jun-02
GEADS20E4 AlphaServer DS20E 68/833MHz systems, 6-disk, 02-Jul-01
GTAUDS20EF AlphaServer DS20E UNIX systems 02-Jul-01
GTAUDS20EG AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Cluster RA3000 02-Jul-01
GTAUDS20EH AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Cluster BA370 02-Jul-01
GTAVDS20EF AlphaServer DS20E UNIX OpenVMS systems 02-Jul-01
GTAVDS20EG AlphaServer DS20E UNIX OpenVMS Cluster RA3000 02-Jul-01
GTAVDS20EH AlphaServer DS20E UNIX OpenVMS Cluster BA370 02-Jul-01
GTAVDS20EJ AlphaServer DS20E UNIX OpenVMS Dual SCSI Hub 02-Jul-01
GTALDS20EF AlphaServer DS20E Linux systems 02-Jul-01
GEDS20EZ AlphaServer DS20E-suite, 10 pages, 420kb 06-Feb-01
GEADS10L2 AlphaServer DS10L 67/600 Systems, 3 pages 19-Dec-00
GTAUDS10L3 AlphaServer DS10L UNIX Systems 06-Feb-01
GTAUDS10L4 AlphaServer DS10L UNIX Cluster 08-Nov-00
GTAVDS10L3 AlphaServer DS10L OpenVMS Systems 06-Feb-01
GTAVDS10L4 AlphaServer DS10L OpenVMS Cluster 08-Nov-00
GTALDS10L3 AlphaServer DS10L Linux Systems 06-Feb-01
GEDS10LX AlphaServer DS10L-suite, 9 pages, 347KB 06-Feb-01
GEA031 AlphaServer 300 4/266 Configurations 18-Jun-97
GEA041 AlphaServer 400 4/166 Configurations 23-Oct-95
GEA042 AlphaServer 400 4/233 Configurations 23-Feb-96
GEA081 AlphaServer 800 5/400 Configurations 04-Jul-97
GEA082 AlphaServer 800 5/500 Systems 18-May-98
GEA083 AlphaServer 800 5/500 Systems 31-Dec-98
GEN081 AlphaServer 800, Microsoft Exchange Server 04-Jul-97
GTAU081 AlphaServer 800 UNIX Systems 31-Dec-98
GTAU084 AlphaServer 800 UNIX ASE Cluster 31-Dec-98
GTAV081 AlphaServer 800 OpenVMS Systems 31-Dec-98
GEA103 AlphaServer 1000 4/233 Configurations 23-Oct-95
GEA105 AlphaServer 1000 4/266 Configurations 13-Feb-96
GEA106 AlphaServer 1000 4/266 System Examples 13-Feb-96
GEA107 AlphaServer 1000A 4/266 Configurations 16-Apr-96
GEA108 AlphaServer 1000A 4/266 System Examples 14-Feb-96
GEA109 AlphaServer 1000A 5/300 Configurations 20-Oct-96
GEA10A AlphaServer 1000A 5/300 System Configurations 21-Oct-96
GEA10B AlphaServer 1000A 5/400 Configurations 18-Jun-97
GEA10C AlphaServer 1000A 5/400 Systems 11-Feb-97
GEA10D AlphaServer 1000A 5/500 Configurations 18-Jun-97
GEA10E AlphaServer 1000A 5/500 Systems 18-May-98
GTAU101 AlphaServer 1000A UNIX Systems 19-May-98
GEA121 AlphaServer 1200 5/333 Systems 31-Oct-97
GEA122 AlphaServer 1200 5/533 Systems 18-May-98
GEA123 AlphaServer 1200 5/533 Systems 31-Dec-98
GTAU121 AlphaServer 1200 UNIX Systems 31-Dec-98
GTAU124 AlphaServer 1200 UNIX ASE Cluster 31-Dec-98
GTAV121 AlphaServer 1200 OpenVMS Systems 31-Dec-98
GEADS10L1 AlphaServer DS10L 6/466 Systems 17-Aug-00
GTAUDS10L1 AlphaServer DS10L UNIX Systems 21-Aug-00
GTAUDS10L2 AlphaServer DS10L UNIX Cluster 21-Aug-00
GTAVDS10L1 AlphaServer DS10L OpenVMS Systems 21-Aug-00
GTAVDS10L2 AlphaServer DS10L OpenVMS Cluster 21-Aug-00
GTALDS10L1 AlphaServer DS10L Linux Systems 21-Aug-00
GEADS101 AlphaServer DS10 6/466 Systems 16-Aug-00
GEADS102 AlphaServer DS10 67/600 Systems, 3 pages 19-Dec-00
GTAUDS101 AlphaServer DS10 UNIX Systems 21-Aug-00
GTAUDS102 AlphaServer DS10 UNIX Systems 06-Feb-01
GTAVDS101 AlphaServer DS10 OpenVMS Systems 21-Aug-00
GTAVDS102 AlphaServer DS10 OpenVMS Systems 06-Feb-01
GTALDS101 AlphaServer DS10 Linux Systems 21-Aug-00
GTALDS102 AlphaServer DS10 Linux Systems 06-Feb-01
GEDS10X AlphaServer DS10-suite, 7 pages, 237kb 06-Feb-01
GTAUDS203 AlphaServer DS20 RTG UNIX Cluster 01-Jul-99
GTANDS201 AlphaServer DS20 Windows NT Systems 01-Jul-99
GEADS201 AlphaServer DS20 6/500 Systems 27-Dec-99
GEADS20E3 AlphaServer DS20 6/667 Systems, 6-disk, 3 pages 05-Feb-01
GTAUDS201 AlphaServer DS20 UNIX Systems 25-Oct-99
GTAUDS20EA AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Systems 05-Feb-01
GTAUDS20EB AlphaServer DS20E UNIX RA3000 system 05-Feb-01
GTAUDS20EC AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Cluster RA3000 05-Feb-01
GTAUDS20ED AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Cluster BA370 06-Feb-01
GTAVDS201 AlphaServer DS20 OpenVMS Systems 25-Oct-99
GTAVDS02EA AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Systems 05-Feb-01
GTAVDS20EB AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS RA3000 system 05-Feb-01
GTAVDS20EC AlphaServer DS20 EOpenVMS Cluster RA3000 system 05-Feb-01
GTAVDS20ED AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Cluster BA370 system 06-Feb-01
GTAVDS20EE AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Dual SCSI Hub 06-Feb-01
GTALDS201 AlphaServer DS20 Linux Systems 02-Nov-99
GTALDS20EA AlphaServer DS20E Linux Systems 05-Feb-01
GEADS20E1 AlphaServer DS20E 6/500 Systems 27-Oct-99
GEADS20E2 AlphaServer DS20E 6/667 Systems, 4-disk 18-Aug-00
GTAUDS20E1 AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Systems 14-Dec-99
GTAUDS20E2 AlphaServer DS20E UNIX RA3000 System 28-Jan-00
GTAUDS20E3 AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Cluster RA3000 28-Jan-00
GTAUDS20E4 AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Cluster BA370 28-Jan-00
GTAUDS20E5 AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Systems 22-Aug-00
GTAUDS20E6 AlphaServer DS20E UNIX RA3000 System 22-Aug-00
GTAUDS20E7 AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Cluster RA3000 22-Aug-00
GTAUDS20E8 AlphaServer DS20E UNIX Cluster BA370 22-Aug-00
GTAVDS20E1 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Systems 14-Dec-99
GTAVDS20E2 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS RA3000 System 28-Jan-00
GTAVDS20E3 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Cluster RA3000 28-Jan-00
GTAVDS20E4 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Cluster BA370 28-Jan-00
GTAVDS20E5 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Systems 22-Aug-00
GTAVDS20E6 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS RA3000 System 22-Aug-00
GTAVDS20E7 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Cluster RA3000 22-Aug-00
GTAVDS20E8 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Cluster BA370 22-Aug-00
GTAVDS20E9 AlphaServer DS20E OpenVMS Dual SCSI Hub 22-Aug-00
GTALDS20E1 AlphaServer DS20E Linux Systems 14-Dec-99
GTALDS20E5 AlphaServer DS20E Linux Systems 22-Aug-00
GEDS20EX AlphaServer DS20E-suite, 13 pages 750kb 22-Aug-00
Medium Size Servers Date
GEA201 AlphaServer 2000 4/200 Configurations 05-May-95
GEA202 AlphaServer 2000 4/200 System Examples 05-May-95
GEA203 AlphaServer 2000 4/233 Configurations 08-Nov-95
GEA205 AlphaServer 2000 4/275 Configurations 18-Oct-95
GEA207 AlphaServer 2000 4/250 Configurations 23-Feb-96
GEA208 AlphaServer 2000 4/275 System Examples 14-Feb-96
GEA209 AlphaServer 2000 4/300 Configurations 16-Apr-96
GEA20A AlphaServer 2000 4/300 System Examples 14-Feb-96
GEA20B AlphaServer 2000 5/375 Configurations 21-Oct-96
GEA211 AlphaServer 2100 4/200 Configurations 05-May-95
GEA213 AlphaServer 2100 4/233 Configurations 18-Oct-95
GEA215 AlphaServer 2100 4/275 Configurations 18-Oct-95
GEA217 AlphaServer 2100 5/250 Configurations 16-Apr-96
GEA218 AlphaServer 2100 5/250 System Examples 21-Oct-96
GEA219 AlphaServer 2100A 5/300 Configurations 16-Apr-96
GEA21A AlphaServer 2100A 5/300 System Examples 23-Feb-96
GEA21B AlphaServer 2100A 5/300 "PCI-Works" 16-Apr-96
Medium Size VLM Servers Date
GEA40A AlphaServer 4000 5/600 Systems 18-May-98
GEA40B AlphaServer 4000 5/600 Systems 02-Jan-99
GEA403 AlphaServer 4000 5/4000 Configurations 10-Feb-97
GEA404 AlphaServer 4000 5/400 System Examples 20-May-98
GEA405 AlphaServer 4000 5/466 Configurations 10-Feb-97
GEA406 AlphaServer 4000 5/466 System Examples 10-Feb-97
GEA407 AlphaServer 4000 5/466 Configurations 04-Jul-97
GEA408 AlphaServer 4000 5/466 System Examples 04-Jul-97
GEA409 AlphaServer 4000 5/466 Media Server 18-Jun-97
GEA411 AlphaServer 4100 5/300 Config. Pedestal 18-Apr-96
GEA41C AlphaServer 4100 5/600 Systems 02-Jan-99
GEA412 AlphaServer 4000 5/466 Examples, Pedestal 18-Apr-96
GEA413 AlphaServer 4100 5/300 Config. Cabinet 13-Apr-96
GEA414 AlphaServer 4100 5/300 Examples, Cabinet 18-Apr-96
GEA415 AlphaServer 4100 5/400 Configurations 10-Feb-97
GEA416 AlphaServer 4000 5/400 System Examples 10-Feb-97
GEA417 AlphaServer 4100 5/466 Configurations 10-Feb-97
GEA418 AlphaServer 4000 5/466 System Examples 10-Feb-97
GEA419 AlphaServer 4100 5/466 Configurations 18-Jun-97
GEA41A AlphaServer 4000 5/466 System Examples 04-Jul-97
GEA41B AlphaServer 4100 5/600 Systems 18-May-98
GTAU401 AlphaServer 4000 UNIX Systems 02-Jan-99
GTAV401 AlphaServer 4000 OpenVMS Systems 02-Jan-99
GTAU411 AlphaServer 4100 UNIX Systems 02-Jan-99
GTAU414 AlphaServer 4100 UNIX ASE Cluster 02-Jan-99
GTAV411 AlphaServer 4100 OpenVMS Systems 02-Jan-99
GTAV412 AlphaServer 4100 OpenVMS Cluster 02-Jan-99
GTANES401 AlphaServer ES40 Windows NT Systems 03-Jun-99
GTAUES401 AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Mini-tower Systems 15-Nov-99
GTAUES402 AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Pedestal System 15-Nov-99
GTAUES403 AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Cabinet System 15-Nov-99
GTAUES404 AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Cabinet Cluster 15-Nov-99
GTAUES405 AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Mini-tower Systems 19-Apr-00
GTAUES406 AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Pedestal System 19-Apr-00
GTAUES407 AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Cabinet System 19-Apr-00
GTAUES408 AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Cabinet Cluster 19-Apr-00
GTAVES401 AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Mini-tower Systems 15-Nov-99
GTAVES402 AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Pedestal System 15-Nov-99
GTAVES403 AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Cabinet System 15-Nov-99
GTAVES404 AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Cabinet Cluster 15-Nov-99
GTAVES405 AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Mini-tower Systems 19-Apr-00
GTAVES406 AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Pedestal System 19-Apr-00
GTAVES407 AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Cabinet System 19-Apr-00
GTAVES408 AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Cabinet Cluster 19-Apr-00
GTALES401 AlphaServer ES40 Linux Mini-tower Systems 15-Nov-99
GTALES405 AlphaServer ES40 Linux Mini-tower Systems 19-Apr-00
GEAES401 AlphaServer ES40 6/500 Systems 27-Dec-99
GEAES402 AlphaServer ES40 67/667 Systems 05-Dec-00
GEAES403 AlphaServer ES40 68/833 Systems 30-Jan-01
GTAUES40A AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Mini-tower systems 30-Jan-01
GTAUES40B AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Pedestal system 30-Jan-01
GTAUES40C AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Cabinet system 30-Jan-01
GTAUES40D AlphaServer ES40 UNIX Cabinet cluster 30-Jan-01
GTAVES40A AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Mini-tower systems 30-Jan-01
GTAVES40B AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Pedestal system 30-Jan-01
GTAVES40C AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Cabinet system 30-Jan-01
GTAVES40D AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS Cabinet cluster 30-Jan-01
GTAVES40E AlphaServer ES40 OpenVMS / Galaxy, 3 pages 30-Jan-01
GTALES40A AlphaServer ES40 Linux Mini-tower systems 30-Jan-01
GEES40Y AlphaServer ES40 EV68/833HAz suite, 15 pages, 1.3MG 30-Jan-01
GEES40X AlphaServer ES40-suite, 10 pages 905kb 23-Aug-00
GEAES451 AlphaServer ES45 68/1000 systems 05-Mar-02
GTAUES451 AlphaServer ES45 UNIX Mini-tower systems 08-Oct-01
GTAUES452 AlphaServer ES45 UNIX Pedestal system 11-Oct-01
GTAUES453 AlphaServer ES45 UNIX Cabinet system 11-Oct-01
GTAUES454 AlphaServer ES45 UNIX Cabinet cluster 05-Mar-02
GTAUES455 AlphaServer ES45 UNIX Oracle9i RAC 16-May-02
GTAVES451 AlphaServer ES45 OpenVMS Mini-tower systems 08-Oct-01
GTAVES452 AlphaServer ES45 OpenVMS Pedestal system 11-Oct-01
GTAVES453 AlphaServer ES45 OpenVMS Cabinet system 11-Oct-01
GTAVES454 AlphaServer ES45 OpenVMS Cabinet cluster 05-Mar-02
GEES45X AlphaServer ES45 EV68/1000Hz suite, 10 pages, 0.5MB 05-Mar-02
VLM Servers Date
GEA821 AlphaServer 8200 5/350 Configurations 18-Apr-96
GEA822 AlphaServer 8200 5/350 One Cabinet System 18-Apr-96
GEA823 AlphaServer 8200 5/350 TruCluster 18-Apr-96
GEA824 AlphaServer 8200 5/440 Configurations 24-Jun-97
GEA825 AlphaServer 8200 5/440 One Cabinet System 24-Jun-97
GEA826 AlphaServer 8400 5/440 Cluster 24-Jun-97
GEA827 AlphaServer 8200 5/440 Planning Template 24-Jun-97
GEA828 AlphaServer 8200 5/625 Systems 24-Sep-98
GTAU821 AlphaServer 8200 UNIX Systems 29-Sep-98
GTAV821 AlphaServer 8200 OpenVMS Systems 29-Sep-98
GTAV822 AlphaServer 8200 OpenVMS Cluster 24-Sep-98
GEA849 AlphaServer 8400 5/625 Systems 24-Sep-98
GTAU841 AlphaServer 8400 UNIX Systems 29-Sep-98
GTAU843 AlphaServer 8400 TruCluster, 4x 04-Jun-98
GTAV841 AlphaServer 8400 OpenVMS Systems 29-Sep-98
GEA841 AlphaServer 8400 5/350 Base Server 18-Apr-96
GEA842 AlphaServer 8400 5/350 Expanded Base Server 18-Apr-96
GEA843 AlphaServer 8400 5/350 One Cabinet System 21-Feb-96
GEA844 AlphaServer 8400 5/350 CI-Cluster 18-Apr-96
GEA845 AlphaServer 8400 5/440 Base Server 24-Jun-97
GEA846 AlphaServer 8400 5/440 Expanded Base Server 24-Jun-97
GEA847 AlphaServer 8400 5/440 Cluster 24-Jun-97
GEA848 AlphaServer 8400 5/440 Planning Template 24-Jun-97
GEAGS601 AlphaServer GS60 6/525 Systems 02-Jan-99
GEAGS60E1 AlphaServer GS60E 6/525 Systems 19-Aug-99
GEAGS60E2 AlphaServer GS60E 6/700 Systems 01-Nov-99
GTAUGS601 AlphaServer GS60 UNIX System 02-Jan-99
GTAUGS60E1 AlphaServer GS60E UNIX Systems 19-Aug-99
GTAUGS60E2 AlphaServer GS60E UNIX Systems 01-Nov-99
GTAVGS601 AlphaServer GS60 OpenVMS System 02-Jan-99
GTAVGS60E1 AlphaServer GS60E OpenVMS Systems 19-Aug-99
GTAVGS60E2 AlphaServer GS60E OpenVMS Systems 02-Nov-99
GTAVGS602 AlphaServer GS60 OpenVMS Cluster 02-Jan-99
GEAGS801 AlphaServer GS80 6/731 Systems 23-Feb-01
GTAUG801 AlphaServer GS80 UNIX Entry System 11-Sep-00
GTAUGS802 AlphaServer GS80 UNIX System 11-Sep-00
GTAVGS801 AlphaServer GS80 OpenVMS Entry System 11-Sep-00
GTAVGS802 AlphaServer GS80 OpenVMS Systems 11-Sep-00
GEAGS1401 AlphaServer GS140 6/525 Systems 02-Jan-99
GEAGS1405 AlphaServer GS140 6/700 Systems 27-Dec-99
GTAUGS1402 AlphaServer GS140 UNIX System 02-Jan-99
GTAUGS1404 AlphaServer GS140 Quad System 02-Jan-99
GTAUGS1405 AlphaServer GS140 UNIX System 02-Nov-99
GTAVGS1401 AlphaServer GS140 OpenVMS System 02-Jan-99
GTAVGS1405 AlphaServer GS140 OpenVMS System 02-Nov-99
GEAGS1601 AlphaServer GS160 6/731 Systems 23-Feb-01
GTAUGS1601 AlphaServer GS160 UNIX Entry System 11-Sep-00
GTAUGS1602 AlphaServer GS160 UNIX System 11-Sep-00
GTAVGS1601 AlphaServer GS160 OpenVMS Entry System 11-Sep-00
GTAVGS1602 AlphaServer GS160 OpenVMS System 11-Sep-00
GTAUGS3201 AlphaServer GS320 UNIX Entry Systems 11-Sep-01
GEAGS3201 AlphaServer GS320 6/731 Systems 23-Feb-01
GTAUGS3202 AlphaServer GS320 UNIX System 11-Sep-00
GTAVGS3201 AlphaServer GS320 OpenVMS Entry System 11-Sep-00
GTAVGS3202 AlphaServer GS320 OpenVMS System 11-Sep-00
DIGITAL Servers, Windows NT Date
GEA331 DIGITAL Server 3300 Systems 29-May-98
GTAN331 DIGITAL Server 3300 NT Systems 29-May-98
GEA531 DIGITAL Server 5300 Systems 29-May-98
GTAN531 DIGITAL Server 5300 NT Systems 29-May-98
GEA731 DIGITAL Server 7300 Systems 29-May-98
GTAN731 DIGITAL Server 7300 NT Systems 29-May-98
GEA829 AlphaServer 8200 5/625 W-NT Systems 03-Jun-98
GTAN821 AlphaServer 8200 W-NT Systems 04-Jun-98
GEA84A AlphaServer 8400 5/625 W-NT Systems 04-Jun-98
GTAN841 AlphaServer 8400 W-NT Systems 04-Jun-98
GEAGS602 AlphaServer GS60 6/525 W-NT Systems 07-Jan-99
GTANGS601 AlphaServer GS60 W-NT System 07-Jan-99
GEAGS1402 AlphaServer GS140 6/525 W-NT Systems 07-Jan-99
GTANGS1401 AlphaServer GS140 W-NT System 07-Jan-99
Other Alpha-based Date
GEU00A DECsafe Available Server, 2000 - 2100 25-Feb-96
GEU00B AlphaServer TruCluster 19-Apr-96
GEU00C 8x4x8 AlphaServer 4100 5/466 Cluster 04-Jul-97
Internet AlphaServers Date
GEI00A Internet AlphaServer 300 4/266, Single 19-Feb-97
GEI00B Internet AlphaServer 300 4/266, Cluster 19-Feb-97
GEI00C Internet AlphaServer 1000A 5/400, Single 19-Feb-97
GEI00D Internet AlphaServer 1000A 5/400, Cluster 19-Feb-97
GEI00E Internet AlphaServer 4100 5/400, Single 19-Feb-97
GEI00F Internet AlphaServer 4100 5/400, Cluster 19-Feb-97
HiTest Systems Date
GEH000 HiTest GOLDEN EGGS layout, Key to HiTest 10-Mar-97
GEH001 PATHWORKS OpenVMS AlphaServer 4x00 09-Apr-97
GEH002 MS Exchange NT AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH003 Lotus Domino NT AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH004 Internet UNIX AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH005 Internet TruCluster UNIX AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH006 VLM AlphaServer 8400, 8x8, 3TB, part I 07-Mar-97
GEH007 VLM AlphaServer 8400, 8x8, 3TB, part II 07-Mar-97
GEH008 UNIX TruCluster Available AlphaServer 4x00 09-Apr-97
GEH009 SAP Oracle UNIX AlphaServer 4100 09-Apr-97
GEH011 SAP Oracle TruCluster ASE DIGITAL UNIX AS8400 05-Jun-98
GEH012 SAP Oracle TruCluster ASE DIGITAL UNIX AS4100 05-Jun-98
GEH016 SAP SQL Server Windows NT AlphaServer 4100 05-Jun-98
GEH013 SAS Oracle OPS TruCluster PS DIGITAL UNIX AS8x00 06-Jun-98
GEH014 Lotus Domino Windows NT AlphaServer 4x00 05-Jun-98
GEH015 MS Exchange Windows NT AlphaServer 4x00 05-Jun-98
GEH00A SAP Oracle UNIX AlphaServer 8400 09-Apr-97
GEH00B PeopleSoft Oracle Trucluster 4100 09-Apr-97
GEH00C Oracle Rdb7 OpenVMS Mixed Cluster 03-Oct-97
GEH00D SAS Oracle Data Warehousing 8400 17-Apr-97
GEH00E Internet Server Windows NT AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH00F MS Exchange NT AlphaServer 800 03-Oct-97
GEH00G Netscape SuiteSpot Internet DIGITAL UNIX AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH00H Netscape SuiteSpot Internet DIGITAL UNIX TruCluster ASE AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH00I Enterprise Integration Package OpenVMS AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH00J Enterprise Integration Package OpenVMS AlphaServer 8200 03-Oct-97
GEH00K Enterprise Integration Package OpenVMS AlphaServer 8400 03-Oct-97
GEH00L SAP Oracle TruCluster ASE DIGITAL UNIX AlphaServer 8400 03-Oct-97
GEH00M SAS Oracle Data Warehousing DIGITAL UNIX AlphaServer 4x00 03-Oct-97
GEH00N AltaVista Tunnel Internet AlphaServer 800 03-Oct-97
GEH00P Netscape SuiteSpot Internet DIGITAL UNIX AlphaServer 800 08-Oct-97
VAX Family Date
GEV40E VAXstation 4000 Model 96 Configurations 17-Feb-97
GEV31I MicroVAX 3100 Model 96 Configurations 22-Nov-95
GEV31J MicroVAX 3100 Model 88, 98 Configurations 17-Feb-96
GEV415 VAX 4000 Model 106A Configurations 22-Nov-96
GEV416 VAX 4000 Model 106A Cluster Example 22-Nov-96
GEV418 VAX 4000 Model 108 Configurations 20-Feb-97
GEV474 VAX 4000 Model 705A Configurations 21-Nov-96
GEV475 VAX 4000 Model 705A Cluster Example 21-Nov-96
StorageWorks Date
GTTL891A TL891 / DLX Mini Library 30-Mar-01
GTTL895A TL895 DLT Library 30-Mar-01
GTENT2C6D Enterprise Virtual Array 2C6D, 6-12TB 21-Feb-02
GTENT2C12D Enterprise Virtual Array 2C12D, 12TB 21-Feb-02
GTENT2C12D1 Enterprise Virtual Array 2C12D, 17TB 21-Feb-02
GTENT2C12D2 Enterprise Virtual Array 2C12D, 35TB 21-Feb-02
GTENT8C8D Enterprise Virtual Array 8C8D, 8TB 21-Feb-02
GEENTX Enterprise Virtual Array Suite, 7 pages 800KB 21-Feb-02
GTESL9198A ESL9198 DLX Enterprise Library 30-Mar-01
GTESL9326A ESL9326DX Enterprise Library 30-Mar-01
GTEMA12000bl Enterprise Modular Array 12000 Blue 19-Oct-00
GTMA6000a Modular Array 6000 D14 07-Sep-00
GTMA6000b Modular Array 6000 S14 07-Sep-00
GES011 StorageWorks fast SCSI-2 cables 21-Nov-96
GES012 StorageWorks architecture 21-Nov-96
GES013 StorageWorks SW300 RAID enclosure 21-Nov-96
GES014 StorageWorks SW500 RAID cabinet 21-Nov-96
GES015 StorageWorks SW800 RAID cabinet 21-Nov-96
GES016 StorageWorks SW820 RAID cabinet 06-Jul-97
GES017 StorageWorks, DLT and DAT Tapes 04-Jul-97
GES018 StorageWorks, RAID Arrays 04-Jul-97
GES020 StorageWorks ESA10000, RA7000 07-May-98
GES021 StorageWorks RA3000 and RAID 450 18-May-98
GES022 StorageWorks, DLT and DAT tapes 04-Jun-98
GTMA8000a Modular Array 8000 19-Oct-00
GTEMA12000D14 Enterprise Modular Array 12000 D14 19-Oct-00
GTEMA12000S14 Enterprise Modular Array 12000 S14 19-Oct-00
GTEMA12000CI Enterprise Modular Array 12000 CI 20-Oct-00
GTEMA16000D14 Enterprise Modular Array 16000 D14 24-Aug-01
GTEMA16000S14 Enterprise Modular Array 16000 S14 24-Aug-01
GTopenSAN1 Compaq OpenSAN, 3 pages, 426KB 05-Apr-01

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