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Software Product Descriptions

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SPD Alphabetic List A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

- A -

SPD Product Name Rev.Date
38.91Access for DOS (3270), Version R1.0022 Mar 1993
43.29Access for DOS (5250), Version R1.0022 Mar 1993
38.90Access for DOS (VT220)™, Version R1.0005 Jan 1993
43.28Access for OS/2™ (3270), Version R3.1122 Mar 1993
38.92Access for Windows ™ (3270), Version R3.2022 Mar 1993
43.31Access for Windows ™ (5250), Version R3.1422 Mar 1993
61.56Advanced Server Version 5.0 for UNIX09 Jun 2000
32.77Alis RISC/ULTRIX, Version 2.0D18 Oct 1990
32.93Alis® VAX/ULTRIX, Version 2.120 Dec 1990
55.25ALL-IN-1 DESKtop for Macintosh, Version 1.117 Mar 1993
36.97ALL-IN-1 Distributed Sharing Option for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX07 Jul 1994
36.79ALL-IN-1 Distributed Sharing Option, Version 1.024 Aug 1992
31.51ALL-IN-1 MAIL Product Family03 Feb 1992
27.30ALL-IN-1 Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX, V3.205 Apr 1996
37.90ALL-IN-1 OSO TeamLinks Connection V2.5 for OpenVMS Alpha V3.1 and O...09 May 1995
39.48ALL-IN-1 Performance Reports for OpenVMS, Version 1.0A29 Jan 1993
33.22ALL-IN-1 Services for DECwindows, Version 1.0A19 Feb 1992
53.87ALL-IN-1 Systidy, Version 3.1A26 Jun 1995
62.88ALL-IN-1 Sysuser Version 3.115 Jul 1995
28.B5ALL-IN-1/BRAZILIAN Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha/VAX V3.207 Aug 1996
25.A6ALL-IN-1/DANSK Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha/VAX V3.207 Aug 1996
25.A8ALL-IN-1/Deutsch Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha/VAX V3.201 Aug 1996
25.B3ALL-IN-1/ESPAÑOL Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha/VAX V3.205 Aug 1996
25.B2ALL-IN-1/FRANÇAIS Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha/VAX V3.207 Aug 1996
25.T1ALL-IN-1/HEBREW Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha/VAX V3.207 Jul 1997
25.B4ALL-IN-1/ITALIANO Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha/VAX V3.207 Aug 1996
25.B0ALL-IN-1/SVENSKA Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha och OpenV ...07 Aug 1996
54.00AlphaStudio Broadcast REV Station Software, Version 1.014 Nov 1996
56.54AlphaStudio Broadcast Software for MPEG-2, Version 1.028 Apr 1997
70.02ALSTRA Enterprise Version 3.1 TP Deployment for Windows NT, OpenVMS, D10 Dec 1997
56.32ALSTRA Version 3.1 VB Development for Windows26 Sep 1997
64.21AltaVista Firewall 9802 Sep 1998
61.25AltaVista Firewall for NT Version 1.115 Nov 1996
56.36AltaVista Firewall Version 2.1 for BSD/OS18 Oct 1996
70.24AltaVista Search CD-ROM Toolkit 9806 May 1998
60.87AltaVista Search Intranet, Version 2.3A25 Mar 1999
56.13AltaVista Tunnel 9802 Sep 1998
56.14AltaVista Tunnel Personal Edition V1.111 Sep 1996
42.99Application Services Library (ASL) Communication, Version 4.04 Mar 1998
52.89Application Services Library (ASL) Image, Version 4.017 Sep 1996
43.00Application Services Library Device, (ASL) Version 4.002 Dec 1996
34.86applicationDEC 433MP System Exerciser26 Aug 1992
27.W5APTuser™ Runtime for VMS, Version 2.328 Aug 1992
27.W6APTuser™, Version 2.315 Apr 1993
56.09ATM VLAN Manager, Version 1.009 Jan 1997
36.30AUDIOkit™, Version 1.008 Jul 1991

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
64.67BASEstar Classic DAS for Allen-Bradley Data Highway Protocol, Vers ...18 Nov 1996
64.68BASEstar Classic DAS for Allen-Bradley INTERCHANGE Software, Versi ...18 Nov 1996
61.42BASEstar Classic DAS for DEComni Software, Version 3.418 Nov 1996
64.69BASEstar Classic DAS for Modicon Programmable Controllers, Version 3.412 Jun 1998
61.41BASEstar Classic DAS for Siemens H1 Protocol, Version 3.418 Nov 1996
47.86BASEstar Classic for OpenVMS Alpha, Version 3.4A12 Jun 1998
33.17BASEstar Classic for OpenVMS VAX, Version 3.418 Nov 1996
47.84BASEstar Open Client for Microsoft Windows Version 2.16 Feb 1994
47.81BASEstar Open Client for OpenVMS AXP, Version 2.017 Oct 1994
47.80BASEstar Open Client Version 2.015 Mar 1995
62.54BASEstar Open Client Version 3.112 Jun 1998
55.50BASEstar Open DAS for Allen-Bradley Data Highway, Version 3.003 Jan 1997
55.51BASEstar Open DAS for Modicon, Version 3.004 Jan 1997
47.66BASEstar Open Server for OpenVMS AXP Version 2.020 Oct 1994
47.67BASEstar Open Server for OSF/1 AXP Version 2.016 Feb 1994
12.05BASIC-PLUS/RT-11, Version 3.207 Nov 1989

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
32.78CA-20/20 GOLD for ALL-IN-1, Version 3.1206 Dec 1993
34.61CA-VIVID Presentation Graphics for Digitals ALL-IN-1, Version 2.5208 Jun 1993
34.60CA-VIVID Presentation Graphics, Version 2.5208 Jun 1993
33.89CADRA-III for ULTRIX/RISC, Version 7.115 Nov 1990
33.90CADRA-III for VMS, Version 7.115 Nov 1990
33.87CADRA-VIEW for ULTRIX/RISC, Version 7.123 Jan 1991
33.88CADRA-VIEW for VMS, Version 7.123 Jan 1991
62.65CasePlan Design, Version 3.019 Jul 1994
62.66CasePlan/E.C.H.O. Runtime Environment, Version 3.020 Jul 1994
31.31CDA Converter Library for OpenVMS Version 2.210 Mar 1994
54.64CICS for Digital UNIX, Version 2.1B24 Jun 1997
14.76CMR11/CMV11 Software Driver, Version 3.0 For RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS, an28 Sep 1989
13.16COBOL-81/RSTS/E, Version 3.026 Feb 1989
70.45COM Version 1.4 for HP OpenVMS™01 Sep 2004
25.07Compaq 2780/3780 Protocol Emulator for OpenVMS VAX26 Apr 2001
60.53Compaq ACMSxp V3.2A for OpenVMS Alpha03 Apr 2000
50.66Compaq ACMSxp V3.2A for Tru64 UNIX Alpha11 Jun 1999
60.52Compaq ACMSxp V3.2A for Windows NT17 Jan 2000
26.60Compaq Ada Version 3.5A for OpenVMS VAX Systems06 Sep 2000
80.11Compaq AlphaServer SC Development Software, Version V2.4A14 Aug 2002
80.45Compaq Automated Software Installation (ASI) for Windows 2000 Product, Version 1.306 Feb 2001
37.39Compaq C++ Version 5.6C for OpenVMS VAX17 Nov 1999
41.91Compaq C++ Version 6.5 for Tru64 UNIX28 Mar 2002
51.16Compaq COBOL Version 2.6 for Tru64 UNIX Systems25 Apr 2001
55.01Compaq COBOL Version 2.7 for Windows NT Alpha Systems24 Apr 2001
25.04Compaq COBOL Version 5.7 for OpenVMS VAX25 Apr 2001
62.92Compaq DEC/EDI Application Client for HP-UX, Version 3.2B24 Oct 2000
61.38Compaq DEC/EDI Application Client for Sun Solaris, Version 3.2B24 Oct 2000
53.14Compaq DEC/EDI for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha, Version 3.2B23 Oct 2000
53.50Compaq DEC/EDI for Tru64 UNIX, Version 3.2B23 Oct 2000
29.90Compaq DECforms for OpenVMS, Version 3.313 Feb 2003
48.48Compaq DECnet for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha, Version 7.330 May 2001
29.76Compaq Decnet SNA Gateway for Channel Transport, Version 2.201 May 2001
25.C6Compaq DECnet SNA Gateway for Synchronous Transport, Version 1.326 Apr 2001
41.92Compaq DECnet-Plus for Tru64 UNIX Version 5.0B13 Feb 2003
25.03Compaq DECnet-Plus Version 7.3 for OpenVMS VAX30 May 2001
34.26Compaq DECram for OpenVMS Version 3.0 and OpenVMS Alpha and VAX Version 2.326 Apr 2001
64.06Compaq DECset Clients for CMS and MMS Version 2.115 Sep 2000
42.19Compaq DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS, Version 1.2-620 Jun 2001
31.58Compaq DECwindows SNA 3270 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS, Version 2.101 May 2001
25F7.06Compaq DECwrite for OpenVMS, American English and British English, Version 3.1A16 Oct 2002
64.75Compaq Enterprise Intergration Packages Revision 3.309 Sep 2002
70.12Compaq Enterprise Toolkit Version 2.0-OpenVMS Edition12 Feb 2001
25.16Compaq Fortran 77 for OpenVMS VAX Systems06 Dec 1999
61.40Compaq Fraud Management System, Version 7.003 Oct 2001
45.73Compaq KAP C/OpenMP Version 4.2 for Tru64 UNIX03 Aug 2001
45.72Compaq KAP Fortran/OpenMP V4.4 for Tru64 UNIX03 Aug 2001
64.24Compaq Multimedia Services Version 2.2 for OpenVMS Alpha01 May 2000
27.06Compaq Notes Version 2.5 for OpenVMS VAX Systems20 Aug 1999
47.19Compaq Notes, Version 2.5 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems20 Aug 1999
61.49Compaq Office Server for OpenVMS V6.127 Sep 2002
61.43Compaq Office Server MAPI Driver Version 7.127 Sep 2002
61.55Compaq Office Server Web Interface V7.011 Oct 2001
45.07Compaq Open3D Version 4.96 for Compaq Tru64 UNIX30 Aug 1999
45.08Compaq Open3D Version 4.9B for OpenVMS Alpha22 Jun 2001
41.87Compaq OpenVMS Operating System for Alpha and VAX, Versions 7.2, 7.2-1, 7.2-1H1, and 7.2-218 Feb 2002
48.09Compaq PrintServer Software Version 5.218 Jul 2000
80.55Compaq SANworks Command Scripter Version 1.012 Oct 2000
80.41Compaq SANworks Resource Monitor Version 1.009 Jun 2000
38.70Compaq SNA 3270 Application Services, Version 1.301 May 2001
26.87Compaq SNA 3270 Data Stream Programming Interface for OpenVMS, V1.630 Apr 2001
26.84Compaq SNA 3270 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS, Version 1.726 Apr 2001
64.79Compaq SNA Access Server for Windows NT, Version 1.101 May 2001
26.88Compaq SNA APPC/LU6.2 Programming Interface for OpenVMS, Version 2.430 Apr 2001
56.11Compaq SNA APPC/LU6.2 Programming Interface for Tru64 UNIX, Version 4.009 Apr 2001
26.86Compaq SNA Application Programming Interface for OpenVMS, Version 2.530 Apr 2001
27.85Compaq SNA Data Transfer Faciltiy for OpenVMS, Versin 3.3A05 Mar 2002
38.69Compaq SNA Domain Gateway, Version 2.1A01 May 2001
70.69Compaq SNA LUA Programming Interface for Tru64 UNIX, Version 1.003 Aug 2001
51.08Compaq SNA Peer Server, Version 1.623 Jan 2002
26.70Compaq SNA Printer Emulator for OpenVMS, V1.426 Apr 2001
26.85Compaq SNA Remote Job Entry for OpenVMS, Version 1.626 Apr 2001
70.89Compaq SNA Server for OpenVMS Alpha, Version 1.123 May 2001
27.01Compaq SNA Server for OpenVMS, Version 2.330 Apr 2001
70.41Compaq Storage and Cluster Software Extensions for Windows NT11 Dec 1998
61.14Compaq Tape Interchange System for Windows NT Version 3.311 Feb 2000
25.71Compaq TDMS for OpenVMS VAX, Version 1.9B (Terminal Data Management System)08 Jul 2002
63.25Compaq TeamLinks Mail V5.0 for Windows03 Dec 2001
70.67Compaq TeMIP Access Library Toolkit V4.1 for Windows NT18 Dec 2000
70.51Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Ericsson AXE10 Wireline Switch13 Sep 2000
80.52Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Fujitsu Access Manager13 Oct 2000
80.51Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Fujitsu Environment Manager15 Nov 2000
80.53Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Fujitsu SDH Transmission21 Dec 2000
70.75Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Generic TL1 Implementation03 Nov 2000
80.49Compaq TeMIP Access Module for HP OpenView NNM04 Aug 2000
70.50Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Lucent 5ESS Wireline Switch05 Dec 2000
80.29Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Newbridge 4602024 Jan 2000
80.54Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Nokia OMC-R NMS/200020 Oct 2000
80.50Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Nortel DMS GSP10 Oct 2000
80.23Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Nortel DMS MSC/HLR02 Oct 2000
80.24Compaq TeMIP Access Module for NORTEL IN13 Oct 2000
80.13Compaq TeMIP Access Module for Nortel NRM Resource Manager16 Oct 2000
70.64Compaq TeMIP Alarm Handling V4.1 for Windows NT18 Dec 2000
70.86Compaq TeMIP Clarify Liaison V4.118 Dec 2000
80.28Compaq TeMIP CORBA Agent V4.0 for Tru64 UNIX21 Apr 2000
80.32Compaq TeMIP CORBA Toolkit V4.0 for Tru64 UNIX21 Apr 2000
70.65Compaq TeMIP Expert V4.1 for Tru64 UNIX07 Sep 2001
45.24Compaq TeMIP Fault Management V4.0A20 Apr 2001
64.82Compaq TeMIP Graphical ASCII Toolkit V4.0 for Tru64 UNIX27 Mar 2000
80.46Compaq TeMIP MapViewer V4.1 for Windows NT18 Dec 2000
80.16Compaq TeMIP Metrica/NPR Liaison V4.006 Sep 2000
70.66Compaq TeMIP Network Data Loader V4.1 for Tru64 UNIX24 Aug 2001
51.28Compaq TeMIP OSI Management Toolkit V4.0 for Tru64 UNIX21 Apr 2000
80.69Compaq TEMIP Resynchronization FM09 Oct 2001
54.17Compaq TeMIP Version 4.0 for Tru64 UNIX27 Mar 2000
80.22Compaq TeMIP WebCenter V4.015 Mar 2000
40.77Compaq Tru64 UNIX Enterprise Directory for eBusiness V5.010 Apr 2001
70.68COMPAQ Unified Inbox Manager V1.029 Jan 1999
80.56Compaq Visual Fortran Version 6.6 for Win32 x86 Systems14 Aug 2001
60.64Compaq Visual TeMIP Version 4.0 for Tru64 UNIX29 Mar 2000
42.47Compaq Wide Area Networking for Tru64 UNIX, V4.125 Feb 2003
70.20Compaq Work Expeditor V1.217 Dec 1999
47.37Compaq X.25 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems, V1.624 Sep 2002
70.53CompaqTeMIP Access Module for Nortel DMS 500 Switch13 Oct 2000

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
33.59Data Cartridge Server Component for OpenVMS, Version 3.303 Aug 2005
52.94DATATRIEVE Version 7.3 for OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity Systems03 Feb 2006
31.63DEC 5800 Series Diagnostic Set27 Jul 1989
47.08DEC ACA Services Advanced Development Kit I, Version 1.022 Jun 1993
39.53DEC ACB for OpenVMS Version 2.312 May 1998
45.89DEC Ada Version 3.4 for DIGITAL UNIX Systems22 Jun 1998
45.85DEC ASD/SEE IDT for OpenVMS, Version 3.029 Jun 1994
37.61DEC C++ for ULTRIX, Version 1.2A26 Aug 1993
36.33DEC Computer Integrated Telephony (CIT) Server 100/500, Version 1.0A26 Apr 1993
43.54DEC Computer Integrated Telephony Applications Interface for MS(R) Win26 Apr 1993
47.12DEC Data Distributor Version 6.0 for OpenVMS AXP09 Dec 1994
27.76DEC Data Distributor Version 6.0 for OpenVMS VAX10 Mar 1994
63.32DEC DB Integrator Gateway for PC Data Version 3.1A26 Sep 1995
63.99DEC Disk Management Tool, Version 3.3B DECdmt11 Apr 1995
53.26DEC Disk Striping for OpenVMS AXP, Version 1.501 Feb 1994
43.11DEC Distributed Computing Services for OpenVMS, Version 1.027 Jan 1993
28.80DEC Distributed Queuing Service for OpenVMS, Version 1.308 Mar 1996
45.86DEC Distributed Queuing Service Version 1.2 for OpenVMS AXP19 Jan 1993
46.20DEC DocLink, Version 1.612 Nov 1996
32.25DEC eXtended Basic Mode (XBM) Access for VMS, Version 425 May 1990
32.24DEC eXtended Basic Mode (XBM) C03 Gateway for VMS, Version 424 May 1990
32.31DEC FDDIcontroller 400 Software Microcode, Version 2.120 May 1996
33.52DEC FDDIcontroller 700 Software Microcode, Version 1.313 Jun 1994
42.82DEC FDDIcontroller/EISA Software Microcode, 2.2 - for 54-21503-0x Modu11 Oct 1993
48.39DEC FDDIcontroller/FUTUREBUS+ Software Microcode, Version 1.026 Jul 1993
43.92DEC FDDIcontroller/Q-bus Software Microcode, Version 1.014 May 1993
44.47DEC FDDIcontroller/TURBOchannel Software Microcode, Version 1.012 Mar 1993
37.25DEC FUSE Version 1.2A for Sun16 Jun 1994
33.91DEC InfoServer Client for VMS, Version 1.018 Jan 1991
45.87DEC LAN Device Driver Kit for OpenVMS VAX, Version 1.026 May 1993
63.29DEC Library Server for OpenVMS AXP/VAX, Version 2.022 Sep 1994
39.58DEC MAILworks for DOS, Version 1.214 Dec 1993
61.23DEC MLS+ for Trusted Display Stations, Version 3.1A26 Feb 1996
36.05DEC Network Integration Server Software, Version 4.126 Sep 1997
50.80DEC ODBC Driver for MS Windows Version 1.116 Jun 1994
39.31DEC OPS5 for RISC, Version 4.0A24 May 1993
48.50DEC OSF/1® TURBOchannel/VME Adapter Driver, Version 2.022 Dec 1993
29.38DEC PHIGS Version 3.1 for OpenVMS VAX02 May 1995
45.30DEC RAID HSZ10 Array Controller Software, Version 3.416 Sep 1993
47.40DEC RAID OpenVMS VAX Utility, Version 1.030 Aug 1994
32.90DEC Remote Operation Service Development Kit for VMS, Version 4.011 Feb 1991
32.89DEC Remote Operation Service for VMS, Version 1.011 Feb 1991
50.34DEC SCSI TCQ Driver Kit for OpenVMS VAX V1.030 Apr 1993
62.71DEC SNA 3270 Terminal/Print Services for OSF/1, Version 1.013 Jun 1994
62.67DEC SNA APPC/LU6.2 Tool Kit for OSF/1, Version 1.013 Jun 1994
62.70DEC SNA High Level Language API Tool Kit, Version 1.013 Jun 1994
62.72DEC SNA Remote Job Entry for OSF/1, Version 1.013 Jun 1994
45.63DEC SoftPC 6.0/SoftWindows 2.0 for Digital Unix08 May 1996
32.17DEC SoftPC for ULTRIX, Version 4.014 Apr 1993
45.62DEC SoftWindows/ SoftPC for OpenVMS AXP Version 5.021 Dec 1994
52.92DEC SQL, Version 6.0, for OpenVMS AXP10 Jun 1994
31.45DEC TM32 Software for VMS, Version 1.0 SPD 31.45.0015 Mar 1990
36.32DEC Token Ring Network Device Driver for VMS, Version 1.112 Jun 1992
38.62DEC VOICE:mail for OpenVMS VAX, Version 2.0A24 Apr 1996
32.34DEC X.25 Gateway Client for ULTRIX, Version 1.1B09 Jul 1993
31.32DEC X.400 Mail System for ULTRIX, Version 1.002 Aug 1991
31.70DEC/EDI for OpenVMS VAX, Version 2.1D26 Dec 1996
52.65DECADMIRE V2.1A01 Mar 1998
37.86DECagent 90, Version 1.112 May 1993
36.23DECbridge 500 and 600 Series Software Microcode Version 1.527 Jun 1995
32.28DECbridge 500 Software Microcode, Version 3.014 Jun 1991
44.32DECbridge 90 and 90FL Software Microcode, Version 3.102 May 1996
48.53DECbrouter 90 Systems Software V11.1(6)20 Jan 1997
32.29DECconcentrator 500 Software Microcode, Version 3.4a28 Mar 1994
29.29DECdesign Version 2.0 for OpenVMS[*] VAX09 Dec 1992
28.78DECdfs for OpenVMS Version 2.323 Feb 1999
31.79DECelms, Version 1.1 (DEC Extended LAN Management Software)06 May 1992
35.23DECexpress Graphical Editor for RISC ULTRIX, Version 1.027 Jan 1993
35.19DECexpress Starterkit for RISC/ULTRIX, Version 1.006 Jul 1992
35.18DECexpress Starterkit for VAX/VMS, Version 1.022 Jul 1992
53.28DECimage Editor, Version 1.215 Aug 1995
34.46DECmcc Management Station for ULTRIX for ULANA, Version 1.109 Apr 1992
39.26DECmessageQ for Macintosh®, Version 2.028 Feb 1992
56.30DECmessageQ for MQSeries, Version 3.216 Sep 1996
34.06DECmessageQ for MS-DOS®, Version 2.028 Feb 1992
46.25DECmessageQ for OpenVMS, Version 3.222 Jan 1996
53.34DECmessageQ for OS/2, Version 3.226 Jun 1996
34.09DECmessageQ for OS/2®, Version 2.028 Feb 1992
39.25DECmessageQ for UNIX, Version 4.016 Apr 1997
47.90DECmessageQ for Windows NT, Version 3.225 Jun 1996
41.54DECmodel for Windows, Version 1.125 May 1994
43.91DECmpp Mx System Software Environment, Version 1.013 Apr 1994
41.51DECndu (Network Device Upgrade) Utility for MS-DOS®, Version 2.030 Oct 1992
33.48DECndu (Network Device Upgrade) Utility for ULTRIX RISC, Version 2.001 Jul 1992
36.34DECndu (Network Device Upgrade) Utility for ULTRIX VAX, Version 2.001 Jul 1992
33.47DECndu (Network Device Upgrade) Utility for VMS, Version 2.001 Jul 1992
47.50DECndu Plus, Version 1.027 Jan 1994
42.25DECnet for OpenVMS AXP, Version 6.111 Apr 1994
55.23DECnet for OS/2, Version 1.0 Operating System/2 Network Software for P21 Nov 1989
30.34DECnet Router Server, Version 1.201 Nov 1989
23.02DECnet-20, Version 4.0 for DECsystem-2040/2060/206517 Nov 1989
34.97DECnet/OSI for ULTRIX, Version 5.1A for RISC and VAX16 Aug 1993
47.88DEComni API Version 3.112 Jun 1998
47.89DEComni MMS Version 3.112 Jun 1998
32.75DECosap for VMS, Version 2.0A (Digitals Omni Services for SINEC-AP)20 May 1993
53.47DECosap/AP for OPENVMS AXP, version 2.026 Oct 1994
47.96DECosap/AP Version 3.1 (DIGITAL Omni Services for SINEC Automation Pro13 Jun 1998
53.48DECosap/H1 for OpenVMS AXP, Version 2.018 Nov 1994
47.95DECosap/H1 Version 3.1 (DIGITAL Omni Services for SINEC Automation Pro12 Jun 1998
33.09DECplan Version 1.2a for VMS*23 Mar 1995
54.74DECprint Supervisor for Xerox Printers for OpenVMS Alpha, Version 2.010 Feb 1998
36.77DECquery for VMS, Version 1.608 Jan 1992
27.41DECserver 100 For VMS and MicroVMS, Version 2.024 Mar 1989
09.27DECserver 100, Version 2.0 For RSX-11M-PLUS and Micro/RSX27 Sep 1989
15.72DECserver 200 for RSX-11M-PLUS and Micro/RSX, Version 3.101 Apr 1991
34.87DECserver 300 for MS-DOS, Version 2.0SPD 34.87.0022 Apr 1991
18.53DECserver 500 for RSX-11M-PLUS, Version 2.129 Oct 1990
33.54DECserver 500/550 for ULTRIX, Version 2.206 Dec 1993
46.13DECserver Network Access Software, Version 2.209 Jul 1997
48.10DECspin for DEC OSF/1® AXP, Version 1.1A (Sound and Picture Informat07 Apr 1994
08.56DECsystem-10/20 Diagnostic Set, Version 1.022 May 1989
21.15DECsystem-10/DECsystem-20 Sort/Merge, Version 4D16 Nov 1989
22.20DECsystem-2020 Diagnostic Set, Version 1.016 Nov 1989
43.10DECtouch, Version 1.209 Apr 1993
36.99DECview3D for ULTRIX, Version 2.215 May 1992
53.63DECwatchdog/Autopilot for OpenVMS AXP, Version 2.111 Jul 1994
53.62DECwatchdog/Autopilot for OpenVMS VAX, Version 2.119 Jul 1994
47.74DECwatchdog/Autopilot for OSF/1, Version 2.123 Jun 1994
45.81DECwatchdog/Autopilot for ULTRIX, Version 2.123 Jun 1994
31.60DECwindows 4125 Emulator for VMS, Version 1.027 Mar 1991
32.27DECwindows Graphical Interface Tools for VMS, Version 1.025 Aug 1992
55.58DECwrite Version 3.1 for OpenVMS Alpha (American English Version)11 Oct 1995
55.59DECwrite Version 3.1 for OpenVMS Alpha (British English Version)11 Oct 1995
31.50DECxpress 100 VAX System V Client Software, Version 2.101 Mar 1991
29.69DECxpress 100 VMS Client Software, Version 2.012 Feb 1990
44.36Developers' Toolkit for Tru64 UNIX, Version 5.0A25 Apr 2000
60.42Dialogue Bus Toolkit, Version 2.114 Oct 1997
63.93Digital Authentication Server Version 1.010 Aug 1995
70.07DIGITAL Capacity Planner Analyzer for Windows Version 4.016 Jun 1998
70.06DIGITAL Capacity Planner Monitor for Windows NT Version 4.016 Jun 1998
64.80DIGITAL Commander, Version 3.220 Jul 1998
60.46DIGITAL DASware V3.112 Jun 1998
64.90DIGITAL Database Web Connector Version 1.003 Nov 1997
24.44DIGITAL DATATRIEVE Version 7.2 for OpenVMS VAX Systems10 Nov 1997
29.58DIGITAL DECintact, Version 3.005 Nov 1997
54.72DIGITAL Device Access Software for Allen-Bradley INTERCHANGE V3.112 Jun 1998
64.71DIGITAL Device Access Software for RSLinx V3.112 Jun 1998
60.47DIGITAL Device Access Software for Siemens 3964 V3.113 Jun 1998
64.70DIGITAL Device Access Software for SINEC TF V3.112 Jun 1998
63.88DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Privacy Option for Tru6411 Aug 1999
38.74Digital Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Starter Kit for DEC OS16 Apr 1992
38.72Digital Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Starter Kit for ULTRIX04 May 1992
64.45DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment Version 2.0 for Windows 9526 Feb 1998
56.53DIGITAL Distributed Computing Solution for Open System, Version V1.124 Apr 1997
41.86Digital Extended Math Library Version 3.3 for Digital UNIX24 Oct 1996
56.26DIGITAL Firewall for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha, Version 1.024 Jan 1997
64.78DIGITAL GIGAswitch/IP Solution for ATM, Version 1.3-D06 May 1997
42.60DIGITAL GKS Version 6.5 for OpenVMS Alpha02 May 1997
26.20DIGITAL GKS Version 6.5 for OpenVMS VAX30 Apr 1997
60.65Digital IEA11/OpenVMS, ISA to IEEE-488 Interface, Version 1.119 May 1997
70.13DIGITAL IEP11/OpenVMS, PCI to IEEE-488 Interface SPD Version 1.121 May 1998
56.45DIGITAL InfoServer Client for DIGITAL UNIX, Version 1.015 Apr 1997
56.46DIGITAL InfoServer Client for Windows NT, Version 1.102 Sep 1997
70.27DIGITAL KAP Fortran/OpenMP V2.0 for Windows NT22 Sep 1998
64.86Digital Message Wrapper for R/3, Version 1.129 Jun 1997
46.21DIGITAL MLS+ Operating System, Version 4.0D02 Apr 1999
60.80DIGITAL OpenVMS Disk Services for Windows NT Version 1.114 Apr 1998
64.94DIGITAL OpenVMS Mail Integration Tools V1.0 for Windows 95 and Windows17 Oct 1997
60.44Digital Operations Service Center, Version 2.1 (Digital OSC V2.1)14 Sep 1995
47.45DIGITAL Optical Storage Desktop Software (OSDS) for OpenVMS VAX and Al03 Nov 1997
51.09DIGITAL Parallel Software Environment for DIGITAL UNIX Version 1.813 Jan 1999
61.54DIGITAL PCI-VME Adapter Driver, DIGITAL UNIX, Version 4.205 Mar 1999
61.53DIGITAL PCI-VME Adapter Driver, OpenVMS, Version 1.405 Mar 1999
60.79DIGITAL PCI32-VME64 Adapter Driver, DIGITAL UNIX, Version 1.029 Oct 1998
60.78DIGITAL PCI32-VME64 Adapter Driver, OpenVMS Alpha, Version 2.005 Apr 1999
44.45Digital PHIGS Version 5.0 for OpenVMS Alpha27 Feb 2002
51.38DIGITAL RoamAbout Access Point Software, Version 2.402 Dec 1997
64.89DIGITAL SNA TN3270-C for DIGITAL UNIX, Version 1.006 Jan 1998
70.14DIGITAL UNIX Synchronous Read-Only Transparent Protocol, Version 1.030 Apr 1998
55.85Disk File Optimizer for OpenVMS, Version 2.903 Aug 2005
56.37Diskless Driver for Digital UNIX, Version 2.007 Jan 1997
54.96Distributed Routing Software03 Dec 1996
27.69DRB32 OpenVMS Drivers, Version 5.009 Jun 1993
32.91DRV11-WA/DRV1W ULTRIX Driver, V1.017 Jan 1991
26.64DRX11-C/VMS Driver, Version 6.015 Mar 1989
63.46DSCVerifier for Macintoch, Version 1.328 Jun 1996
50.19DSM DDP-DOS, Version 1.010 Apr 1990
14.36DT07-11M/M-PLUS, Version 2.128 Sep 1989

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
53.92EduLink Server for OpenVMS on Alpha AXP, Version 1.003 Mar 1995
54.86EduLink Server for OSF/1 on Alpha AXP, Version 1.003 Feb 1995
54.87EduLink Server for SCO UNIX, Version 1.002 Feb 1995
54.85EduLink/Oracle7 Server for OSF/1 on Alpha AXP, Version 1.002 Feb 1995
42.65Emacs, Version 6.017 Sep 1993
26.74Encryption for OpenVMS, Version 1.624 Jul 2005
80.88Enterprise Capacity and Performance Analyzer Version 5.4 for OpenVMS03 May 2001
80.89Enterprise Capacity and Performance Data Collector Version 5.4 for OpenVMS03 May 2001
61.33Ethernet Switch Enterprise RMON Upgrade, Version 2.025 Jun 1997
09.26Ethernet Terminal Server for RSX-11M-PLUS and Micro/RSX, Version 3.016 Nov 1989
27.39Ethernet Terminal Server for VMS and MicroVMS, Version 3.0 DESCRIPTION06 Apr 1989
36.37EtherWORKS Router/DECnet, Version 1.117 Aug 1993

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
54.34File Transfer Spooler for Open systems, Version 1.626 Feb 2001
54.43File Transfer Spooler for Open Systems, Version V1.203 Feb 1996
55.35FlexTran ®23 May 1991
12.27FMS-11, Version 2.229 Mar 1995
13.17FMS-11/RSTS, Version 2.1 Forms Management System25 Sep 1989
25.17FORTRAN IV/VAX TO RSX, Version 2.8 PDP-11 Cross Compiler14 Mar 1989
64.27Framework-Based Environment Adapter Development System, Version 2.018 Jan 1996
56.03Framework-Based Environment Design Center, Version 2.019 Jan 1996
64.25Framework-Based Environment Object Services, Version 2.0B26 Apr 1996

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
70.58Generations for Compaq Tru64 UNIX Version 4.3.113 Apr 1999
44.06GIGAswitch Software Version 1.014 Jun 1993

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
46.24HealthView Connectivity Component for VMS, Version 1.117 Sep 1993
46.38Hierarchical Storage Management for OpenVMS Version 4.303 Aug 2005
25.50HP ACMS for OpenVMS, Version 4.511 Feb 2003
45.00HP Ada Version 3.5A for OpenVMS Alpha Systems22 Jun 2005
30.50HP Advanced Server V7.3A for OpenVMS and HP PATHWORKS V6.1 for OpenVMS (Advanced Server)01 Aug 2004
80.10HP AlphaServer SC System Software, Version 2.612 Feb 2004
48.16HP Archive Backup System for OpenVMS Version 4.303 Aug 2005
25.36HP BASIC for OpenVMS29 Aug 2005
25.38HP C for OpenVMS05 Jan 2005
70.57HP C++ for OpenVMS19 Jan 2005
45.92HP COBOL Version 2.8 for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I6401 Sep 2005
50.45HP DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS Alpha and I64, Version 8.210 May 2005
44.15HP DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS, Version 2.508 Feb 2006
42.29HP DECset for OpenVMS V12.722 Aug 2005
27.07HP DECset Release 12.7 for OpenVMS VAX Systems02 Aug 2005
81.70HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS V1.501 Sep 2005
43.05HP Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Version 3.2 for OpenVMS Systems01 Sep 2005
45.06HP FMS for OpenVMS, Version 2.5 (Forms Management System)30 Mar 2005
56.18HP Fortran for OpenVMS Alpha Systems Version 8.011 Nov 2005
37.54HP Fortran for Tru64 UNIX Alpha Systems Version 5.628 Aug 2005
70.44HP Galaxy Software Architecture on OpenVMS Alpha, Version 1.123 Dec 2004
64.44HP Media Robot Utility, Version 1.803 Aug 2005
44.54HP NAS Base Server 200 Version 8.3C for OpenVMS Alpha Systems17 May 2005
36.86HP NAS Base Server 200 Version 8.3C for OpenVMS VAX Systems04 May 2005
62.98HP NAS Client 150 Versiion 8.3C for OpenVMs Alpha Systems17 May 2005
62.99HP NAS Client 150 Version 8.3C for OpenVMS VAX Workstations04 May 2005
36.89HP NAS Client 250 for OpenVMS VAX Workstations04 May 2005
44.57HP NAS Client 250 Version 8.3C for OpenVMS Alpha Systems17 May 2005
44.56HP NAS Production Server 400 Version 8.3C for OpenVMS Alpha Systems17 May 2005
40.63HP NAS Production Server 400 Version 8.3C for OpenVMS VAX Systems03 May 2005
44.55HP NAS Server 300 Version 8.3C for OpenVMS Alpha Systems17 May 2005
36.85HP NAS Server 300 Version 8.3C for OpenVMS VAX Systems03 May 2005
29.78HP OpenVMS Cluster Software03 Aug 2005
80.58HP OpenVMS e-Business and Integration Infrastructure Package, Version 2.023 Dec 2004
81.03HP OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for eBusiness V5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory V2.213 Jan 2005
82.35HP OpenVMS for Integrity Servers Versions 8.2-1 and 8.2, and HP OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.227 Jan 2006
25.01HP OpenVMS Operating System for Alpha Version 7.3–1 and 7.3–2, and VAX Version 7.313 Nov 2003
82.34HP Operating Environments for OpenVMS for Integrity Servers21 Dec 2005
25.11HP Pascal For OpenVMS29 Aug 2005
42.46HP Pascal Version 5.8 for Tru64 UNIX30 Dec 2003
56.33HP PATHWORKS 32 V7.428 Feb 2004
46.49HP RAID Software for OpenVMS, Version 3.003 Aug 2005
80.67HP Reliable Transaction Router Version 4.2 for Sun Solaris27 Jan 2005
80.68HP Reliable Transaction Router Version 4.2 for Tru64 UNIX31 Jan 2005
82.33HP Reliable Transaction Router Version 5.0 for Linux Frontend02 Aug 2005
51.04HP Reliable Transaction Router Version 5.0 for OpenVMS24 Aug 2005
53.88HP Reliable Transaction Router Version 5.0 for Windows19 Sep 2005
27.58HP RMS Journaling for OpenVMS03 Aug 2005
62.64HP Save Set Manager for OpenVMS Version V1.803 Aug 2005
29.67HP Storage Library System Version 2.9J for OpenVMS20 Apr 2005
46.46HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 5.518 Nov 2005
34.81HP TP Desktop Connector V3.209 Apr 2005
64.97HP TP Web Connector V1.326 Apr 2004
81.04HP Tru64 UNIX Enterprise Directory for eBusiness V5.4 and HP Administrator for Enterprise Directory V2.213 Jan 2005
27.29HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS03 Aug 2005
54.38HS Family of Array Controllers Optional Operating Software (HSOF)...09 May 2000
64.19HS1CP Device Channel Processor Operating Software (HSOF) Version 3.119 May 1997
64.20HS1CP Device Channel Processor Optional Operating Firmware, V2.518 Sep 1995
42.81HSC High Performance Software, Version 8.618 Jun 1996
30.52HSC Software, Version 6.516 Jun 1992
61.26HSD10 Array Controller Operating Software Version 1.012 Apr 1996
53.53HSD30 and HS1CP StorageWorks Solutions Software, HSOF Version 3.709 May 2000
60.69HSD50 StorageWorks Solutions Software (HSOF), Version 5.712 May 2000
70.47HSG80 Array Controller Software ( ACS ) V8.6-1G for Fibre Channel/Arbitrated Loop22 Jun 2001
70.99HSG80 Array Controller Software ( ACS ) Version 8.6-1F for Fibre Channel/Arbitrated Loop & Switched Fabric11 Jul 2001
80.08HSG80 Array Controller Software ( ACS ), Version 8.6-1S for Switched Fabrics with Snapshot28 Jun 2001
70.90HSG80 Data Replication Manager (ACS) Software Version 8.6-1P25 Oct 2001
47.26HSJ30 and HSJ40 Family Array Controller Operating Software HSOF, Version 3.708 May 2000
60.68HSJ50 StorageWorks Solutions Software HSOF, Version 5.710 May 2000
80.30HSJ80 Array Controller ACS V8.5J-230 Aug 2000
53.54HSZ40 StorageWorks Solutions Software, HSOF Version 3.702 Jan 2001
61.36HSZ50 Array Controller Operating Software (HSOF), Version 5.702 Jan 2001
64.81HSZ70 Array Controller Operating Software HSOF Version 7.7 and Version V7.7a27 Nov 2000
61.28HUBwatch for AIX, Version 4.117 Jul 1996
64.02HUBwatch for HP-UX, Version 4.111 Nov 1995
45.74HUBwatch for OpenVMS VAX, Version 3.101 Sep 1994
64.03HUBwatch for SunOS, Version 4.111 Nov 1995
40.64HUBwatch for ULTRIX, Version 1.124 Feb 1993

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
14.65IAS, Version 3.5 Interactive Application System21 Jan 1992
12.68IEX-RSX-Driver, Version 2.2 (Device Driver for RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS,23 Sep 1992
12.65IEX-RT-HANDLER, Version 2.0 Device Handler for RT-1128 Sep 1989
34.19IN7 Version 4.001 Feb 2001
38.59InfoServer 100 Software, Version 1.113 Nov 1991
37.32InfoServer Client for DOS, Version 2.007 Oct 1993
41.44InfoServer Client for Macintosh®, Version 1.117 Mar 1993
40.78InfoServer Client for ULTRIX, Version 1.105 Apr 1993
33.20InfoServer Software, Version 3.502 Sep 1997
60.35Intelligent Peripheral Fault Manager for Tru64 UNIX (IPFM)11 Jan 2002
31.61Internet Portal, Version 1.118 May 1990
38.99IP Router for UNIX™, Version R 1.0021 Dec 1992
15.07IP11 Industrial I/O Subsystem Software Driver, Version 4.225 Jul 1990
1.2ITI Developers Toolkit™, Version R1.2.121 Dec 1992
29.18IXV/VAXELN Driver, Version 2.122 Aug 1991
28.28IXV11/VMS Driver, Version 2.122 Aug 1991

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
38.51KAP C Version 3.2 for OpenVMS Alpha04 Feb 2000
38.50KAP Fortran Version 3.2 for OpenVMS28 Apr 1999
39.65KCM44 Software, Version 3.001 Nov 1993
13.42KMS11 RSX X.25 LAPB Link Level Software (RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS, RSX-1128 Sep 1989
28.38KMV1A LRR Program, SPD 28.38.01 Version 1.126 Jun 1989
28.26KMV1A MicroVAX Driver and Development Tools, Version 2.321 Jul 1993
28.27KMV1A MicroVAX Driver and X.25 Link Level Software, Version 2.321 Jul 1993
28.23KMV1A MicroVAX Driver, Version 2.6 (Formerly KMV1A MicroVMS Driver)21 Jul 1993
13.41KMV1A RSX and Micro/RSX Development Tools, Version 1.0 (Formerly KMV1125 Sep 1989
14.22KMV1A RSX HDLC Framing Software, Version 1.0 (Formerly KMV11-A Framing28 Sep 1989
13.43KMV1A RSX X.25 Link Level Software, (Formerly KMV11 RSX X.25 LAPB Link28 Sep 1989
30.88KMV1A VMS RMJ Link Level Software, Version 1.009 Oct 1989

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
27.80LAN Traffic Monitor for VMS, Version 1.2 SPD 27.80.0209 Feb 1990
30.46LCG01 Software, Version 1.522 May 1989
60.34LinkWorks Version 3.2 & LinkWorks WebWorker V3.010 Mar 1999

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
26.33MAILbus (VAX Message Router Suite), V3.530 Aug 1999
46.90MAILbus 400 Application Program Interface for DIGITAL UNIX, V2.0C09 Jun 1999
54.69MAILbus 400 Application Program Interface for OpenVMS Alpha, Version 222 Apr 1999
42.80MAILbus 400 Application Program Interface for OpenVMS VAX, Version 2.006 May 1999
53.65MAILbus 400 Message Router Gateway for OpenVMS, Version 1.2C11 May 1999
51.22MAILbus 400 Message Store for DIGITAL UNIX, Version 1.2B19 May 1998
54.67MAILbus 400 Message Transfer Agent for OpenVMS Alpha, Version 3.027 Sep 2002
42.83MAILbus 400 Message Transfer Agent for OpenVMS VAX, Version 2.0C06 May 1999
46.89MAILbus 400 Message Transfer Agent for Tru64 UNIX, Version 3.027 Sep 2002
46.91MAILbus 400 SMTP Gateway for Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Version 2.317 Oct 2001
61.15MAILbus Directory Migration Toolkit for OpenVMS VAX, Version 1.008 Aug 1996
64.40MAILbus Monitor, Version 2.126 Dec 1996
39.59MailWorks for OpenVMS, Version 1.3A30 Aug 1999
63.71ManageWORKS Software Developers Kit Version 2.223 Oct 1995
63.70ManageWORKS Workgroup Administrator Version 2.223 Oct 1995
34.63Maple, Version 4.3V03 Sep 1991
18.15MICR/RSX DATATRIEVE-11 Version 3.306 Jul 1989
18.34MICRO/RSX FMS-11, Version 2.2 Forms Management System26 Feb 1989
20.95Micro/RSX Optional Software Cross Reference Table01 Feb 1993
09.31Micro/RSX PDP-11 C Version 1.229 Mar 1995
18.07Micro/RSX PDP-11 PASCAL, Version 1.329 Sep 1989
18.13Micro/RSX SORT/MERGE, Version 3.125 Jul 1990
41.50Microsoft OS/2 for DECpcs, Version 1.312 May 1992
41.35Microsoft Windows Upgrade Kit for DECpcs, Version 3.112 May 1992
37.30Microsoft(R) MS-DOS(R) Operating System V5.0, with Microsoft Windows[T02 Sep 1992
37.79Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Windows™, Version 3.026 Jan 1994
25.C3MicroVAX 2000/VAXstation 2000 Diagnostic Package16 Mar 1989
28.09MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor28 Mar 1989
28.16MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor (MDM) Development Kit, Version 1.012 Jun 1992
33.16MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor CDROM Maintenance Diagnostics10 Jul 1991
29.89MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor Ethernet Server Kit28 Mar 1989
31.82MicroVAX Diagnostic Monitor RA/RD Kit, Version 1.027 Oct 1989
28.05MicroVMS Operating System, Version 4.728 Mar 1989
25.A2MIRA Shadow Disk, Version 2.203 Feb 1992
15.28MIRA Switch Control, Version 1.0 15.28.00 For Micro/RSX29 Sep 1989
15.29MIRA Switch Control, Version 1.0 15.29.00 For RSX-11M-PLUS28 Sep 1989
47.21Multi-Destination Print System, Version 2.019 Sep 1995
48.92Multimedia Services Version 2.4 for DIGITAL UNIX03 Oct 1997
3.1MultiView™ Mascot, Version 3.1.117 Sep 1993
25.F1MUXserver 300 Remote Terminal Server for ULTRIX, Version 1.311 May 1992
25.E9MUXserver 300 Remote Terminal Server for VMS, Version 1.306 May 1992

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
54.76NetRider Client for Macintosh, Version 1.117 Jul 1996
56.20Netscape Commerce Server Version 1.12 for OpenVMS03 Mar 1997
56.21Netscape Communications Server Version 1.12 for OpenVMS12 Feb 1997
56.22Netscape Navigator Gold Version 3.03 for OpenVMS13 Apr 1998
64.46NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Oracle, Version 2.1B09 Jun 1999
70.36NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Oracle, Version 2.1C22 Oct 1998
64.66NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for SAP R/3 on Oracle, Version 1.213 Apr 1999
70.38NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for SAP/R3 on Oracle, Version 1.2C10 Sep 1998
55.04NetWorker BusinesSuite Modules for Windows NT SQL, Version 1.0 (NT Alp18 Jan 1999
70.11NetWorker Save and Restore Database Module for Informix, Version 1.122 Sep 1998
70.61NonStop Payments Factory10 Sep 1999
70.80NonStop Payments Factory Pricing & Billing, Blueprint20 Sep 1999

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
56.01ObjectBroker for MVS, Version 2.5A16 Oct 1995
47.07ObjectBroker for UNIX, Version 2.707 Nov 1996
50.73ObjectBroker for Win32, Version 2.730 Oct 1996
33.61Objectivity™/DB for ULTRIX, Version 1.206 Apr 1992
33.64Objectivity™/DB for VMS, Version 1.206 Apr 1992
63.90Open Source Internet Solutions Version 5.4 for Tru64 UNIX25 Oct 2000
51.12OpenDATA Manager, Version 1.219 Jun 1995
38.77OSI LAN Gateway ™ for DOS OS/2®, Version V2R223 Mar 1993
38.76OSI LAN Gateway™ for DOS, Version V2R228 Dec 1992
43.25OSI PC Gateway for OS/2®, Version V2R222 Mar 1993
38.93OSI PC Gateway™ for DOS, Version V2R228 Dec 1992
38.94OSI PC Gateway™ for UNIX(R), Version V2R121 Dec 1992

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
1.0PathWay for DOS, Version 1.0.204 Feb 1991
33.19Pathway Server for VAX/ULTRIX, Version 1.011 Sep 1991
37.42PATHWORKS Browser for Windows, Version 2.026 Apr 1993
41.57PATHWORKS Conferencing for DOS, Version 1.027 May 1992
34.76PATHWORKS for DOS (NetWare® Coexistence), Version 1.1 DESCRIPTION21 Jan 1992
42.85PATHWORKS for SCO™ UNIX®, Version 1.107 Oct 1993
32.44PATHWORKS for ULTRIX, Version 1.324 Aug 1993
45.68PATHWORKS Remote V5.1A for DOS and Windows15 Mar 1995
55.07PATHWORKS Server 3100e, Version 4.0 (Formerly PCLAN/Server VMS)08 Apr 1991
51.56PATHWORKS V4.1B for Windows NT13 May 1997
55.07PATHWORKS V6.0A for DOS and Windows02 Jun 1998
35.10PATHWORKS V6.1A for DIGITAL UNIX (Advanced Server) (PATHWORKS V5.0G...25 Apr 1997
51.57PATHWORKS WAN ACCESS (DOS/Windows™), Version 1.014 Feb 1994
42.73PATHWORKS X.25 (DOS/Windows), Version 5.002 Jun 1994
29.23PBXserver, Version 2.1 SPD 29.23.0223 Oct 1989
32.76PC-Alis, Version 2.110 Jan 1991
09.32PDP-11 C for RSTS/E, Version 1.229 Mar 1995
09.30PDP-11 C for RSX-11M and RSX-11M-PLUS, Version 1.229 Mar 1995
09.33PDP-11 C for RT-11, Version 1.229 Mar 1995
31.54PDP-11 C FOR VMS, VERSION 1.228 Jan 1992
25.14PDP-11 DATATRIEVE/VAX Version 3.306 Jul 1989
14.49PDP-11 FORTRAN-77/RSTS/E Version 5.426 Mar 1990
14.18PDP-11 PASCAL/RSX,Version 1.326 Feb 1989
12.07PDP-11 Sort/Merge, Version 3.128 Mar 1995
12.79PDP-11 Symbolic Debugger/RSTS/E, Version 2.229 Nov 1990
12.78PDP-11 Symbolic Debugger/RSX, Version 2.229 Mar 1995
26.75PDP-11 Symbolic Debugger/VAX to RSX, Version 2.127 Mar 1989
64.93Piercom 2000 DIGITAL Version for Compaq Tru64 UNIX on Alpha, V2.110 Feb 1999
25.30PL/I for OpenVMS Systems09 Feb 1998
43.40POLYCENTER Common Agent Base Kit for DEC OSF/1® AXP, Version 1.108 Dec 1993
43.38POLYCENTER Common Agent Base Kit for RISC/ULTRIX, Version 1.106 Dec 1993
43.39POLYCENTER Common Agent Developers Tool for RISC/ULTRIX, Version 1.129 Dec 1993
43.41POLYCENTER Common Agent Devlopers Toolkit for DEC OSF/1® AXP, Versi08 Dec 1993
38.67POLYCENTER Extended LAN Manager, Version 1.4 (Formerly DECmcc Exten...20 Feb 1995
60.76POLYCENTER Framework Developers Toolkit, Version 3.0 (formerly DEC...22 May 1997
53.57POLYCENTER Manager on NetView for Digital UNIX, V4.127 Jul 1995
54.68POLYCENTER Manager on NetView for Windows NT, V3.111 Apr 1996
37.20POLYCENTER Network Management Services, Verrsion 1.4 (Formerly DECm...20 Feb 1995
60.77POLYCENTER Network Manager 400, V3.0 (Formerly DECmcc Enterprise Ma...27 May 1997
31.88POLYCENTER Network Manager 400, Version 2.4 (Formerly DECmcc Enterp...21 Feb 1995
62.76POLYCENTER Print Queue Manager, for OpenVMS, Version 4.427 Nov 1995
46.12POLYCENTER Security Compliance Manager for HP-UX, Version 2.428 Apr 1994
62.80POLYCENTER Security Compliance Manager for NetWare09 Nov 1994
41.25POLYCENTER Security Compliance Manager for SunOS, Version 2.428 Apr 1994
41.26POLYCENTER Security Compliance Manager for ULTRIX, Version 2.428 Apr 1994
64.04POLYCENTER Security Console for Microsoft Windows Version V1.011 Dec 1995
60.49POLYCENTER Security Integrity Checker for OpenVMS Version 1.0C05 Oct 1995
60.50POLYCENTER Security Integrity Checker for UNIX Version 1.005 Oct 1995
43.09POLYCENTER Security Intrusion Detector for SunOS, Version 1.027 May 1993
43.07POLYCENTER Security Intrusion Detector for ULTRIX, Version 1.015 Apr 1993
43.22POLYCENTER SNA Manager, Version 1.0 (DECmcc SNA Management)23 Oct 1992
29.59POLYCENTER Software Distribution, Version 3.027 Apr 1994
39.19POLYCENTER System Census, Version 1.3 for OpenVMS VAX and ULTRIX RISC21 Sep 1994
43.99POLYCENTER Terminal Server Access Module for Open VMS, Version 1.421 Feb 1995
50.72POLYCENTER™ System Census, Version 1.2 for PC LANs08 Feb 1994
35.11Prestoserve for DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.025 Mar 1997
30.86PrintServer Client Software for ULTRIX, Version 2.013 Nov 1989
30.87PrintServer DECnet Client Software Version 1.0 For ULTRIX20 Feb 1989
4.0Product Configuration Management System, Version 4.0.529 Jun 1994
37.05Proteon Bridging Router System Software, Release 13.006 Dec 1993
38.47Proteon SNMP/Token Ring Proxy Agent® for ProNET®-4/1627 Mar 1992
37.77Proteon® ProNET®-4/16 Token Ring Network Interface Card (NIC) Devi16 Jan 1992
56.24Purveyor Encrypt WebServer Version 1.2 for OpenVMS03 Mar 1997

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
33.56Quintus Prolog™ RISC ULTRIX, Version 2.507 Sep 1990
29.48Quintus Prolog™ VMS and ULTRIX, Version 2.421 Sep 1990

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
80.04Remote Commander for Compaq Tru64 UNIX Version 1.102 Mar 2001
63.94Remote Office Client for Digital NetRider V2.2 for MS-DOS and Windows29 Dec 1995
45.71RoamAbout PCMCIA Network Adapter18 Nov 1994
48.43RoamAbout Transport Version 2.0 for MS-DOS and MS-Windows22 Dec 1993
48.42RoamAbout Transporter for OpenVMS VAX, Version 2.022 Dec 1993
56.42RouteAbout Access ES V2.0 Software04 Feb 1997
56.55RouteAbout Access ISDN Software V2.3a04 Feb 1997
20.97RSTS/E Optional Software Cross Reference Table28 May 1992
14.23RSX MDE/T-11, Version 1.0 Microcomputer Development Environment28 Sep 1989
20.98RSX-11M Optional Software Cross Reference Table01 Feb 1993
14.24RSX-11M-PLUS DIBOL, Version 1.411 Jan 1990
20.99RSX-11M-PLUS Optional Software Cross Reference TableSPD 20.99.4301 Feb 1993
13.65RSX-11M-PLUS VSV21 Support Software, Version 2.2 SPD 13.65.0317 Apr 1990
10.48RSX-11M/M-PLUS RJE/HASP, Version 1.322 Mar 1991
20.96RT-11 Optional Software Cross Reference Table21 Sep 1992
12.01RT-11, Version 5.7 (Single-User Operating System)29 Oct 1998
43.02RTM Routine Transaction Management, Version 2.0.210 Jan 1994
64.31RuleWorks Version 2.0a06 Dec 1997
48.15RWZ21 DRIVER-AM DOS, Version 1.002 Apr 1993

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
50.68SCSI CAM Layered Components for Tru64 UNIX, Version 3.1E16 Mar 1999
38.78SNA LAN Gateway for DOS & OS/2®, Version V2R209 Apr 1993
43.26SNA PC Gateway for DOS, Version V2R222 Mar 1993
43.27SNA PC Gateway for OS/2®, Version V2R222 Mar 1993
56.25Spyglass Enhanced Mosaic Version 2.10 for OpenVMS11 Feb 1997
63.96SRM Device MIB-I for Windows NT, Version 5.031 May 1995
63.98SRM Event Logging for Windows NT, Version 5.001 Jun 1995
63.97SRM NT Event MIB for Windows NT Version 5.029 Mar 1995
53.40SRM System Control Centre, Version 4.123 Jun 1996
15.45SSP-11, Version 1.3 PDP-11 Scientific Subroutine Package16 Nov 1989
46.87SSS Application Services, Version 2.010 May 1993
46.84SSS Application Software Development Kit, Version 2.010 May 1993
46.86SSS CASH Application, Version 2.010 May 1993
46.82SSS Compatibility Software Package, Version 1.010 May 1993
46.56SSS Device Drivers Library, Version 3.025 Jun 1993
46.83SSS Protocol Library, Version 2.010 May 1993
27.79SSU for OpenVMS Systems, Version 2.001 Feb 1994
63.55StorageWorks Advanced Media Library, Version 1.0 Software ...15 Feb 1995
64.64StorageWorks Command Console V2.121 Apr 1999
64.18StorageWorks Network Storage Array Operating Software Version 2.230 Mar 1998
45.31StorageWorks RAID Array 110 Utility for MS-DOS®, Version 3.1B12 Nov 1993
45.33StorageWorks RAID Array 110 Utility for Novell® Net- Ware®, Versio12 Nov 1993
45.32StorageWorks RAID Array 110 Utility for SCO™ UNIX® Version 1.0B08 Oct 1993
64.65StorageWorks Solutions Command Console Version 1.106 May 1997
60.71StorageWorks Solutions Software for Windows NT on HSZ40, Version 1.030 May 1996
43.53StrataCom IPX 16/32 Enhanced Frame Relay Software, Versions 5.3 and 6.02 Apr 1993
43.52StrataCom IPX 16/32 Priority Bumping Software, Releases 5.3 and 6.002 Apr 1993
45.43StrataCom IPX 16/32 System Software, Version 6.002 Apr 1993
38.35StrataCom® IPX® 12 DFM Software, Version 5.115 Feb 1991
38.37StrataCom® IPX® 12 Frame Relay Software, Version 5.115 Feb 1991
38.33StrataCom® IPX® 12 System Software, Version 5.115 Feb 1991
38.36StrataCom® IPX® 16/32 DFM Software, Version 5.115 Feb 1991
38.38StrataCom® IPX® 16/32 Frame Relay Software, Version 5.115 Feb 1991
38.34StrataCom® IPX® 16/32 System Software, Version 5.115 Feb 1991
45.45StrataView Plus Network Management Software, Version 2.002 Apr 1993
38.46StrataView® Plus Network Management Software, Version 1.002 Oct 1991
44.21System Resource Management (SRM) SCO, Version 3.504 Mar 1998

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
41.83Team Document Library (TDL) Solution from Digital and IDI®, Version22 Oct 1992
63.49Team/SEE Project Planning Using AutoPLAN II for OSF/1 AXP, Version 2.008 Sep 1994
63.50Team/SEE Project Planning Using AutoPLAN II on SUNOS, Version 2.008 Sep 1994
39.62Teamlinks Mail V2.1 for Macintosh02 Aug 1994
46.26TeamLinks Routing V2.1 for Macintosh04 Aug 1994
48.17TeamLinks V2.6 for Macintosh04 Sep 1997
80.12TeMIP Access Module for ALCATEL 1353SH Element Manager03 Dec 1999
80.26TeMIP Access Module for ALDISCON Telepath SMS-C19 Jan 2000
70.77TeMIP Access Module for Ericsson AXE10 AMPS Switch10 Sep 1999
80.14TeMIP Access Module for GPT EMOS Element Manager28 Nov 2000
70.42TeMIP Access Module for Lucent Autoplex 100003 Nov 1998
80.27TeMIP Access Module for Lucent DACS19 Jan 2000
70.76TeMIP Access Module for Motorola EMX2500 Switch11 Aug 1999
70.78TeMIP Access Module for NEC NEAX61MTS Switch26 Apr 1999
80.25TeMIP Access Module for Nokia PDH21 Jan 2000
70.54TeMIP Access Module for Nortel DMS 100 Switch31 Dec 1998
70.55TeMIP Access Module for Nortel DMS 200 Switch06 Jan 1999
70.56TeMIP Access Module for Nortel DMS 300/250 Switch03 Dec 1998
70.52TeMIP Access Module for Siemens EWSD Wireline Switch11 Aug 1999
80.18TeMIP Access Module for Tadiran T::DAX17 Jan 2000
80.31TeMIP Access Module for Tekelec Eagle STP28 Jan 2000
70.40TeMIP Expert System Access V4.0 for Compaq Tru64 UNIX24 Mar 2000
54.19TFM (Task Flow Management) for Windows clients and Windows NT serv ...17 Sep 1996
56.34TFM (Task Flow Management) for Windows NT clients and Windows NT s ...02 Dec 1996
37.01TokenVIEW® Plus for ProNET®-4/1618 Sep 1991
07.99TOPS-10 Optional Software Cross Reference Table17 Nov 1989
23.99TOPS-20 Optional Software Cross Reference Table17 Nov 1989
21.30TOPS-20AN, Version 5.1 System Software Package for DECsystem-2040/206017 Nov 1989
44.52Tru64 UNIX Advanced File System Utilities, Version 5.120 Nov 2000
51.24Tru64 UNIX Logical Storage Manager Version 5.120 Nov 2000
41.61Tru64 UNIX Operating System Version 4.0G02 May 2000
70.70Tru64 UNIX Operating System Version 5.129 Aug 2000
44.35Tru64 UNIX Server Extensions, Version 4.0F21 May 1999
44.17TruCluster Available Server Software, Version 1.625 Jul 2000
60.55TruCluster Memory Channel Software, Version 1.605 Nov 1999
63.92TruCluster Production Server Software Version 1.625 Jul 2000
70.79TruCluster Server Version 5.1 : Software Product Descriptions28 Feb 2001
48.04TUXEDO™ Enterprise Transaction Processing System 5.031 Mar 1995

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
34.10ULTRIX MLS+ Trusted Worksystem Software, Version 2.112 Jun 1996
26.99ULTRIX-32 Optional Software Cross-Reference Tables07 Feb 1990
34.89ULTRIX/SQL Remote Access to RDB/VMS, Version 1.001 May 1991
32.83Uniplex™ Business Software for ULTRIX on RISC, Version 7.00c04 Feb 1991
32.84Uniplex™ Business Software for ULTRIX on VAX, Version 7.00c04 Feb 1991
46.36UniTree™ Version 1.0 for DEC OSF/1® AXP Systems09 Sep 1993
43.03User Print Management, Version 6.017 Sep 1993

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
33.55VAX 6000 Series Diagnostic Set29 Apr 1992
27.81VAX 8200/8300 Diagnostic Set13 Aug 1990
27.82VAX 8500/8550/8700/8800 Diagnostic Set24 Mar 1989
26.82VAX 8600/8650 Diagnostic Set15 Mar 1989
25.C7VAX 8820/8830/8840 Diagnostic Set24 Jan 1990
32.22VAX 9000 Series Diagnostic Set14 Apr 1992
26.98VAX DECscan VMS Software Toolkit, Version 2.109 Oct 1989
26.25VAX Diagnostic Program Macros Library21 Mar 1991
28.84VAX Document/LN03 Font Package, Version 1.128 Mar 1989
29.49VAX FMS ARABIC, Version 2.427 Oct 1989
33.42VAX Image/3L Supporting Software for VMS, Version 1.115 Nov 1990
33.53VAX ISDN Primary Rate Access D Channel Interface for VMS, Version 1.120 Apr 1994
25.D6VAX Jukebox Control Software, Version 1.024 Jan 1990
26.04VAX KCT32, Version 2.106 May 1992
26.55VAX KMS11-BD/BE HDLC/BSC Framing Software, Version 2.106 May 1992
25.80VAX KMS11-BD/BE X.25 Link Level Software, Version 2.106 May 1992
27.50VAX Message Router X.400 Gateway, Version 2.311 Nov 1993
26.23VAX PCL, Version 2.009 Oct 1989
27.71VAX Performance Advisor, Version 2.115 Nov 1990
28.03VAX Rdb/ELN, Version 2.2 (Relational Database Management System)09 Oct 1989
27.88VAX ReGIS to Sixels Converter (RETOS), Version 1.018 Sep 1990
27.84VAX ScriptPrinter Software, Version 2.1 SPD 27.84.0309 Oct 1989
27.56VAX Software Performance Monitor, Version 3.4 SPD 27.56.0920 Nov 1990
27.52VAX Software Project Manager, Version 1.228 Mar 1989
25.93VAX-11/725/730 Diagnostic Set19 Sep 1989
26.42VAX-11/750 DIAGNOSTIC SET19 Sep 1989
26.41VAX-11/780 Diagnostic Set19 Sep 1989
25.09VAX-11/780 Microprogramming Tools, Version 3.019 Sep 1989
26.81VAX-11/785 Diagnostic Set05 Dec 1990
26.63VAX-11/785 Microprogramming Tools, Version 3.015 Mar 1989
33.43VAXcamera Software for VMS, Version 1.005 Aug 1991
27.46VAXcluster Console System, Version 1.425 Feb 1993
34.18VAXELN KAV Toolkit Extensions for VMS, Version 1.113 Jan 1992
28.35VAXELN KMV1A Support Software Package, Version 1.123 Jun 1989
29.17VAXELN KMV1A Tool Kit, Version 1.110 Oct 1989
33.68VAXELN Window Server for ULTRIX, Version 1.202 Jun 1992
64.23VAXmodem for OpenVMS VAX, Version 2.026 May 1995
25.D8VAXstation 8000 Diagnostic Set24 Jan 1990
33.58VAXuisx and VWS Migration Tools Kit, Version 1.108 Dec 1992
51.31Vision Impaired On-Line Documentation (VIOLD), Version 1.020 Dec 1993
34.16VISIXs Looking Glass Professional® for ULTRIX, Version 2.1209 Mar 1992
20.3Vitalink TransLAN 320 Software, Version 20.3.1129 Mar 1995
6.11Vitalink TransLAN III Software, Version 6.11.1130 Mar 1995
11.2Vitalink TransPATH 335/350 Software, Version 11.2.1129 Mar 1995
36.35VMS License Management Facility, Version 1.125 Sep 1991
25.45VS11-VAX Driver, Version 2.504 Jun 1992
31.34VXT Software, Version 2.113 Jan 1994

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
32.99WIN/MGT Station on ULTRIX, Version 1.0106 Aug 1990
30.51WPS-PLUS/Workstation, Version 1.201 Nov 1989
41.32WysiWord for DECstation, Version 2.013 Mar 1992
41.30WysiWord for HP®, Version 2.013 Mar 1992
41.31WysiWord for Intergraph, Version 2.013 Mar 1992
41.33WysiWord for Macintosh®, Version 2.013 Mar 1992
41.29WysiWord for VAXstation, Version 2.013 Mar 1992
41.28WysiWord for Windows®, Version 2.013 Mar 1992

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SPD Product Name Rev.Date
38.95X.25 Network-Level Developers Toolkit for OS/2 ®, Version R1.1022 Mar 1993
38.96X.25 Network-Level Developers Toolkit™ for DOS, Version R1.1021 Dec 1992
38.97X.25 Network-Level Developers Toolkit™ for UNIX(R), Version R1.1021 Dec 1992
39.79X.25 Network-Level Developers Toolkit™ for Windows™, Version R121 Dec 1992
36.55XMedia Tools, Version 1.1A01 Oct 1992
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