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Notice: Installing Red Hat 7.0 and later on a system where the (SCSI/ARRAY/NIC) controller board is not detected: Useful for the original Smart and Smart-2/E controllers where you have to specify the EISA slot number when loading the driver, i.e. the driver does not automatically detect the controller without specifying options to the driver. For Red Hat 6.2 and below we had used "linux dd" or "linux expert" to be able to key in options to driver when it was time to load them. For Red Hat 7.0 and later we now use "linux isa" to be able to specify options to SCSI, Array, and NIC drivers.

Notice: Setting the amount of memory in Linux kernel 2.4.x (Red Hat 7.1): The method for specifying the amount of memory you have when it is not automatically detected by the kernel has changed. The old format is to put mem=48M either as an append line in /etc/lilo.conf or to type it in at the LILO: or BOOT: prompt. Read memory.html to see the new format.

Notice: Usage of e100 or eepro100: If you are using the eepro100 driver, you should change over to the e100 driver from Intel. It seems that the eepro100 is not as stable as the e100. This driver is available for download from the Compaq website at the following web address:

Notice: Installation of Red Hat Linux directly to a Compaq Array Controller: Any documentation (whether here, or on Red Hat's Site, or on Compaq's site, or on - Chris Frantz's site - check*/ that states that you must first install to a hard drive attached to the embedded SCSI controller, then copy it to the array controller is definitely OLD and refers to a method that was to be used with Red Hat 5.2. The Linux kernel, since version 2.2.5, has had support for the Compaq Array controller built in. This means that any distribution based on the current Linux kernel (including but not limited to Red Hat 6.0 and newer) has support for directly installing to drives attached to the Compaq Array controller. The component pieces to make this happen is the cpqarray.o driver, an updated version of /sbin/fdisk, and an updated version of /sbin/lilo. These component pieces have since been added into the current kernel source and distributions.

Notice: Proper OS Choice when installing Linux: The preferred OS choice when installing Linux is now either Linux or UnixWare 2 instead of UnixWare 7. If the Linux choice (Dec. 1999 or 2000 firmware and SCU) is not available, then UnixWare 2 is the next and proper choice closest to Linux.


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Installing Linux:
linux.html General Instructions for Installing Linux on Compaq Servers. This document is mostly for Red Hat 6.0 and current ProLiant and ProSignia Servers (NCR53c8xx chipset and PCI Smart Array Controllers, tlan and eepro100 NIC's) prior to the ML, DL, & CL series of servers.
linux60a.html Installing Red Hat 6.1 (add these notes to the Red Hat 6.0 notes above)
linux_71_72_scsi.html Installing Red Hat 7.1 and 7.2 on systems that your (EISA) SCSI controller (original Smart and Smart-2/E in particular) is not detected. also reference smart.html, kernel.html, smartstart.html, manual-smartstart.html, memory.html, smart2e.html.
drivers.html Compaq Devices and Linux Device Drivers. SCSI Controllers, Array Controllers, Network Controllers, Token Ring Controllers, etc.
devices.html A listing of devices and their level of support.
driverdisks.html A current listing of Compaq drivers disks and SoftPaqs and when they are needed.
chipsets.html A listing of Compaq Servers and their chipsets. (This information is currently incomplete, it will be filled out in time).
recovery.html Recovery Document, How to recover with or without a boot diskette built for your system. If your installation fails to install LILO correctly, then is document is for you.
dev.html Dev Document, a listing of the /dev directory for use with the Recovery Document.
concepts.html Basic Concepts for Installing Linux on Compaq Servers
lilofdisk.html A note on Lilo, Fdisk, and the Compaq Array Driver. Problems during install, is your /sbin/lilo or /sbin/fdisk too old?
kernel.html How to build a kernel under Linux.
f10.html LILO and F10. How to make LILO and the Compaq F10 Partition get along together.
f10errors.html LILO and the MBR. I decided to play with the boot records of my system to learn more about the boot process. Here's the results. (Under Construction).
memory.html Making sure all your memory gets detected by Linux.
ra.html Raid Array's and Linux. RA8000, etc.
sample.html Sample Configuration Files
rh61_sa431.html Installing RH6.1 on SA431 (Not Supported)
cpqlintr.html Setting up Compaq TR Card in Linux (16/4 TR PCI)
LINK: Help for Running Slackware on Compaq Servers:

Server Specific Instructions:
pl2500.html Installing Linux on a PL2500
pl4500.html Installing Linux on a PL4500

Controller Specific Instructions:
smart.html How to install Linux on the Original Compaq EISA Smart Array Controller (142130-001 or 181132-001). Not the Smart-2/E.
smart2e.html How to install Linux on the Compaq Smart-2/E Array Controller.
sim710.html Installation of Red Hat 6.1 on Older ProSignia and ProLiant Servers with the NCR53C710 or Sim710 chipset and EISA Compaq Array Controllers

Sample Installs:
steps.html Detailed Steps taken to do an installation on a PL1600 / 450
pl1500rh62.html Sample installation of RH6.2 ftp install on PL1500 with Original Smart Array Controller.
ps300rh62.html Sample installation of RH6.2 ftp install on PS300 with embedded SCSI.
pl1850r.html Sample Steps taken during an installation on a PL1850R / 200

Success Pages:
success.html Stories of others who have successfully installed Linux on Compaq Servers

cdrw.html Using a CD-Burner in Linux / Working with ISO images in Linux
cdimage.html How to copy a CD to your Linux hard drive and mount it into the operating system - useful for sharing your Red Hat CD
morespace.html How to add space to a currently running copy of Linux.
date.html How to change the date from inside Linux.
loop.html How to get more than 8 loop devices under Linux.
samba.html Quick checklist on getting Samba to run.
forloop.html Quick examples of using the for loop.
heredoc.html Quick example of using a here document.
autoftp.html How to set up automatic ftp scripts for both Linux and Win95.
nfs.html Quick notes on setting up NFS
whileloop.html Quick notes on the While Loop.
if.html Quick notes on Linux If Statement.
shellnotes.html Quick notes about the Linux bash shell
patch.html Quick notes about using patch in Linux.
sed.html Quick notes about using sed.
parameters.html How to find what parameters my driver accepts.

Linux Guides:
Linux-Installation-Guide.html A guide for installing Linux on Compaq Servers. (In Progress!)
Linux-Administration-Guide.html A guide for administering a Linux server. (Coming Soon!)
Linux-on-Compaq-Management-Guide.html A guide for installing and using Compaq Management software in Linux. (Coming Soon!)
Linux-Users-Guide.html A guide of how to use Linux. (Coming Soon!)
Linux-Beginners-Guide.html A Linux guide for beginners. (Coming Soon!)

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SCO 5:
#EFS 1. Installing / Upgrading SCO EFS
nvram.html 2. How to properly clear NVRam
cdrom.html 3. Finding the CD-ROM on a Compaq Server during a SCO or other NOS install
notes-unix.html 4. Lots of Linux/Unix (SCO Unix and UnixWare) and Compaq installation and gotcha notes.
sco.html The SCO page
#EFS How to apply the Compaq EFS and the SCO Patches.
#REPORTS Common reports gathered from SCO 5 when troubleshooting.
scoinst.html Overview and hints of installation of SCO 5 on Compaq Servers
efs_rom.html Upgrading EFS on SCO 5 and also upgrading ROM's on Compaq Servers
sco1.html Under Construction ( Cool stuff, needs to be cleaned up first - try notes-unix.html for now.)
sco5tape.html Tape Drives under SCO 5
uw7walkthru.html UW7.1.1, manual install, DL360, Raid 0

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solaris The Solaris Page

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F r e e B S D

freeBSD-CPQ.txt Here is a document that has been passed to me on installing FreeBSD on Compaq Servers. If you have any additions to this document, please let me know.
HTML Link Link to where you will find more information about Smart Array Drivers for the FreeBSD 2.x series.

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C O M P A Q   H A R D W A R E

cdrom.html Finding the CD-ROM on a Compaq Server during a SCO or other NOS install
nvram.html How to clear NVRam through Advanced Mode of SCU (System Configuration Utility)
ports.html How printer ports are defined in Compaq Servers. Also a common listing of COM ports.
scsicd.html Why is my CD not bootable on my SCSI CD-ROM drive.

Under Construction:
compaq101.html Understanding Compaq Server Hardware

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Web Links:
links.html Links to Linux Driver web sites and other installation Links.
software.html Lots of cool software, mostly Linux and Windows connectivity.

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lvs.html LVS Clustering

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acrord.html How to stop IE from loading .PDF files within the IE browser
scripts Page of scripts to do various functions.
procedures Page on how to perform various procedures.
notes-linux.html Linux Administrative notes.
notes-unix.html Lots of Linux/Unix and Compaq installation and gotcha notes.
sol_notes.html Solaris gotcha notes.

Direct links to DOC's not on the home page:
/dev A standard listing of the /dev directory
/dev/rd A standard listing of the /dev/rd directory
/dev/ida A standard listing of the /dev/ida directory
mkdev.ida Script to create device nodes for the Compaq Smart Array Controller
lindrivers.html Explanation of how drivers work as static or modules

Direct links to Downloads not on the home page:
/sbin/lilo A copy of /sbin/lilo in case it is needed.
/sbin/fdisk A copy of /sbin/fdisk in case it is needed.
cpqarray.o A copy of cpqarray.o in case it is needed.

questions.html Current unresolved questions to make this a better site.

My opinions are my own and may not reflect the views of my employer. Information found here is provided as "use at your own risk." I have checked them for as much accuracy as I possibly can; however, this may not have you covered in all situations. If you do not wish to use this information at your own risk, then you should contact your local software consultant if you have an administrative issue or contact your Compaq Server Reseller or Compaq Technical Support at 800-OK-COMPAQ for hardware issues.

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