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Message Exchange (MX) is a mail delivery system for OpenVMS originally developed by MadGoat Software. The company MadGoat Software has ceased to exist as of December 2006. In April 2008 the software was gathered up and released under a BSD-style license as MX V6.0 by Matt Madison (former owner of MadGoat Software).

Since then Kednos has decided to take up hosting the software (although there are several other sites that have also picked up the source kit) and setup a support community, starting with the resurrection of MX-LIST.

The Future

At present MX V6.0 does not support VAX, X.25 or UUCP. There are plans to restore the VAX portions of the kit in the very near future. It may be possible to add support for X.25 and UUCP if there is interest.


The following MX kits are available for download:

The following utilities are also freeware packages released by MadGoat Software. MMK and NETLIB iare required to build MX from source.


The following documentation covers the latest version of MX.

  • MX V6.0 Release Notes TXT
  • Message Exchange Installation Guide PS|HTML|TXT
  • Message Exchange Management Guide PS|HTML|TXT
  • Message Exchange Mailing List/File Server Guide PS|HTML|TXT
  • Message Exchange Programmer's Guide PS|HTML|TXT
  • Message Exchange User's Guide PS|HTML|TXT

All manuals are produced using DECdocument from Touch Technologies, Inc.


Currently general support is in the form of the newly restarted MX-List mailing list. To subscribe to this mailing list simply send email to containing the the single command 'SUBSCRIBE'.

The archives for this mailing list and it's previous incarnations at MadGoat Software (and places before) are available below.

Formal support contracts can be negotiated on request, please contact for further details.


The following are links to other MX related sites.

  • SMTP<->SMS Gateway for MX Ruslan Laishev has developed an interface library to perform an interaction with Short Message Service Center with a Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol v.3.4. This package also includes a module that allows routing of SMS message to and from email.
  • Contributed Packages is a collection of MX-related packages submitted by the MX user community.
  • MadGoat Software Website of the former MX owner. This website offers the MX source kit as well as the other utilities above. It will be gone by the end of 2008.