MadGoat Software shut down as a company in December, 2006.  All MadGoat freeware packages are still available around the Internet (including from this site, for a while).  For users of Message Exchange for OpenVMS, I have repackaged and released the source code under a BSD-style open source license.

The source package for MX V6.0 is available here (last update 12 Feb 2008). I was only able to test builds on an Itanium system, but it should also  build on Alpha systems.

As of October 2008, Kednos has started hosting the MX distribution and a support community for MX.  Please visit their MX resource page at

Some of the MadGoat freeware packages from days gone by: (last updated 02 Mar 2008 for open source release)

These packages are also available from

Please note that these zip files will only unpack properly on VMS systems, as the files have VMS file attributes attached.

Support is apt to be pretty sketchy for all of these, but if you need help, drop me an e-mail at madison [at] madgoat [dot] com, and I'll try my best.  For MX support, please visit the Kednos MX site mentioned above.