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Windows Service Pack 4

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Windows Service Pack 4 provides:

  • A collection of all Windows NT 4.0 updates prior to Service Pack 5. It updates Windows NT Server 4.0; Windows NT Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition; and Windows NT Workstation 4.0. A separate update is available for Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition.
  • New enhancements to management, security, and availability.
  • Key updates to prepare Windows NT 4.0 for Year 2000 and euro currency changes.

For more information, see What's New in Service Pack 4.

Download of Updated Microsoft Virtual Machine Recommended

Many versions of Java have Year 2000 date-related issues. We recommend that all users update their virtual machine for Java, which can be done before or after upgrading to SP4.

System Requirements

  • 42 MB storage space for Alpha; 31 MB for Intel.
  • No Service Pack requirements needed.
  • Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows NT Server 4.0, or Windows NT Server 4.0 (Enterprise Edition) installed.

Last Updated: Monday, February 12, 2001
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