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Windows Update  

If you are running Windows 98, get the latest software updates for your computer from Windows Update. This online extension of Windows 98 helps keep your computer tuned by offering service packs, updates, system files, device drivers, and security updates.

Get the latest updates to Windows 98
If you are running Windows 98 Second Edition you do not need Customer Service Pack -- all of the updates in the Customer Service Pack are included on your system. Windows 98 Customer Service Pack updates Windows 98 to keep your system in top shape. Download the Service Pack from Windows Update or order by calling 800-360-7561 (U.S. only).

Windows 98 Download Catalog

Download Windows Media Player 9 Series
Ready to take managing music and video with your computer to the next level? Windows Media Player 9 Series looks better, works better, and sounds better.

Download the newest version of Internet Explorer
To get the latest updates and security fixes to Internet technology, download the latest version of Internet Explorer. You can upgrade an existing version, or download and install with no previous Internet Explorer installation.

Need extra security?
If you're looking for the 128-bit version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Microsoft's highest level of protection when making financial or confidential transactions on the Web, click here.

Not running Windows 98?
If you want to download updates for a version of Windows other than Windows 98, click here.

Windows 98 Updates for Corporate IT Managers now available
If you are a corporate IT Manager and would like to download Windows 98 Updates for installation at a later time or on a different machine, please click here. This site is designed for Advanced Users who are familiar with the Windows Registry and know how to roll back to previous versions of software.  Downloads for International Updates Now available! Just choose the component you are interested in, and when you choose to download, you will be given the option to download the updates in the language of your choice.

Shareware Hall of Fame
Each week Microsoft and The Windows Users Group Network (WUGNET) feature a shareware pick demonstrating the highest standards available today in shareware for Windows 98. Visit the Shareware Hall of Fame for this week's pick and previous "best choice" shareware picks.