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Windows Me
Fixes, enhancements, drivers, and more for Windows Me

Windows ME Update

Do you want your computer to stay current with the latest updates? Windows Me keeps your system up-to-date with fixes, enhancements, and drivers—straight from Microsoft. When you run Windows Me, watch for a reminder at the bottom of your screen any time you are connected to the Internet, then just follow the instructions. Windows Me can automatically check for new updates, determine which updates apply to your computer, and download them in the background while you keep working.

What's New

Windows Update
If you choose not to use the automatic update feature (or if you are not running Windows Me on your system), you'll find everything you need at Windows Update Offsite link .

Nifty Add-ons

Microsoft Plus! Game Pack
The Microsoft Plus! Game Pack is just for when you want to kick back and relax. You get 12 classic card games, 10 unique puzzles, and more. It's a great way to make home computing more fun for everyone!

Windows Media Player Skins Gallery
From tiki chic to to countrypolitan cool, now you can express your individuality with the Windows Media Player skin of your choice. Check out this site for dozens of wacky options. (Pssst! They're free.)

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Home Using Update Support