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Updated: 25 April 2002

Developers – download the demos below and open them with FaceWorks Studio. Digital personalities will soon revolutionize your world - see just how fun these characters can be!

How do I play the demos?

  • Click on one of the demo links below to download a ZIP file to your hard disk.
  • If you haven't an application that opens ZIP files, we suggest WinZip.
  • Open the ZIP file and extract the files (*.fa and *.fd) to a folder of your choice.
  • Fire up FaceWorks Studio.
  • Open the Facial Description (*.fd) and the Facial Animation (*.fa) files.
  • Hit Play to see these personalities in action
Intoducing FaceWorks - Download an English, French, Spanish or Malay version of the introduction.
This introductory demonstration shows how digital personalities are going to revolutionize the web. Find out all the fun interactions that are built in for you, the end user.
Lincoln Memorial - Download a short version of the address.
See and hear Former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address in all its glory, delivered a brief four months after the battle.
Meet CHI CHI - Download
Chi Chi the gorilla is a favorite around here. Find out what he's doing out of the jungle, where all the research money went and --- who is that Mexican band anyway?
Mr. Stoneman - Download
He's from Easter Island, he's made of stone, and he speaks some weird language. What's that he eats for breakfast?
Charlie - One Zero Media
Meet Charlie, the Boston Terrier! Charlie made a big break into stardom on the CBS/Eyemark show, The Wild Wild Web. Charlie adds commentary, when he isn't pulling the stuffing out of the couch.
But that's not all - come back regularly for more Digital Personalities.

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