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  Updated: December 1997
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Megaphone Byte's "Best Desktop System" Combines AlphaPC 164SX and 21164PC
Using DIGITAL Semiconductor's AlphaPC 164SX motherboard and 21164PC chip, Tri-Star built a Comdex winner -- a high performance workstation with graphics acceleration and a PC price tag!
  Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Read Semico's 3D Computing report.  
Free & Easy! Download the New FX!32 V1.2

Alpha-based systems under $2600!
Alpha Microprocessors   In support of today's compute-intensive, interactive applications, Alpha microprocessor based PCs bring "Hollywood" to business users -- with professional quality graphics and visual computing capabilities. And for the same development cost, you can build an Alpha system that outperforms an x86!
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