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DIGITAL Business Link is Digital's information and electronic commerce service for Partners and Customers. It is a free service that provides electronic access via the Internet to information about Digital's products and services.

Using DIGITAL Business Link from the convenience of your personal computer, you can review up-to-date descriptions and pricing information on Digital's products, and read the latest product announcements, news and special offers.

Authorized users are also able to check on the status of orders placed with DIGITAL and register warranties. In the future, authorized users will be able to generate quotes, and configure and purchase Digital's products and services. DIGITAL Business Link is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (with some exceptions).


  • Product and Marketing Information
  • Pricing Information (for the U.S. and Europe)
  • Quoting Information for Supplemental Services
  • Warranty Registration

Accessing DIGITAL Business Link

  • Available 7 days a week.
  • U.S. Net Pricing is available 23 hours a day.
  • For additional support in the U.S. and Canada, please call 1-800-DIGITAL
  • For additional support outside the American Continent call or fax the appropriate number from the table below or send electronic mail to "":
     Freephone  Freefax
    Austria 0660 5893 0660 5895
    Belgium 0800 151 68 0800 15214
    Denmark 800 170 97 800 17098
    Finland 0800 113 506 0800 113505
    France 0800 91 60 38 0800 91 60 40
    Germany 0130 820 869 0130 820875
    Italy 167 879 484 167 879435
    Netherlands 060 222 947 060 222602
    Norway 800 116 72 800 11676
    Portugal 050 553 004 050 553006
    South-Africa 0800 994213 0800 994215
    Spain 900 953531 900 953532
    Sweden 020 791096 020 791099
    Switzerland 0800 554 118 0800 554 116
    UK 0800 973156 0800 973158

Looking Up Prices

The Pricing Query screen returns the current price for part numbers that you enter. If you purchase directly from DIGITAL, the price reflects any discounts that apply for your DIGITAL Business Agreement.

You can look up the price for one part number or for as many as 6 part numbers at one time.

Providing Feedback

If you are a registered DIGITAL Business Link user, you can send electronic comments or questions over the system. You will receive a response, usually via electronic mail, as quickly as possible.

Other Information

You can access a wide variety of information about Digital Equipment Corporation through DIGITAL Business Link, including specific information about products and services, or general information about the company. The general information includes links to, Digital's World Wide Web (WWW) site.

The home page includes links to the following information:

  • Company overview and contact information
  • What's new from DIGITAL
  • A quick index for looking up specific information
  • Customer periodicals
  • Product and service information
  • Service, training and support services
  • New technology and research

The home page also contains links to other DIGITAL WWW servers.

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