Updated: 20 December 1997
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A Company Overview

In over thirty years, DIGITAL has forged an enviable position in New Zealand as the one-stop enterprise solution provider. Since its first PDP-8 was installed at the former Department of Scientific and Industrial Research in July 1966, the company has steadily increased the breadth and depth of its product and service offerings in New Zealand.

Today, DIGITAL New Zealand provides its customers with solutions totalling in excess of $120 million per annum. These solutions are delivered by DIGITAL's 220 employees at offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Dunedin and at the Christchurch-based
Application Development Centre.

DIGITAL New Zealand's business units include
The Technology Solutions Group (TSG), Multivendor Customer Services ( MCS) and Networks and Systems Integration Services (NSIS).

DIGITAL Business Units

Technology Solutions Group (TSG)
DIGITAL's AlphaServers and AlphaStations, based on the 64-bit RISC Alpha microprocessor running at up to 625MHz, meet and exceed the demands of a wide range of high volume and high performance applications. Furthermore, these Alpha-based products support industry standard operating systems including UNIX, Windows NT, and OpenVMS.

DIGITAL New Zealand's PC business has forged strong ties with a growing dealer network which is spearheaded by Sealcorp Computer Products Ltd. In the past year, DIGITAL's PC business unit grew by 47 percent compared with the total market growth of 1.3 percent. DIGITAL now ranks in the top three PC vendors.

Multivendor Customer Services (MCS)
The 40 MCS field staff stationed around the country are directly supported by more than 60 specialists located in Sydney. In addition, MCS can call on the resources of more than 26,000 multivendor support personnel in 450 locations in 100 countries, including 2,700 UNIX experts and a worldwide logistics network for over six million parts and products. DIGITAL's MCS also works closely with Microsoft to deliver a consistently high level of service and support for all major hardware and software platforms.

Networks and Systems Integration Services (NSIS)
DIGITAL is one of a small number of vendors in New Zealand that possesses a large project development and systems integration capability. This capability, when combined with DIGITAL's superior technology offerings and proven project methodology (DPM), provides DIGITAL's customers with a unique value proposition.

The role of Systems Integration is to provide complete information technology solutions to large New Zealand organisations. These solutions typically include the products and services of DIGITAL, its business partners including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Computer Associates, and third party suppliers.

The Application Development Centre (ADC), a division of NSIS, specialises in the development and support of custom software and is the largest centre of its type in the Asia-Pacific region. The ADC has grown to 50 development staff which makes it well equipped to undertake large development and integration projects.

Operating Management Services (OMS) is also a key component of the NSIS. OMS focuses on modular outsourcing or full outsourcing in the areas of Distributed Data Centre Management, Enterprise Application Management, Desktop Management and Internet/Intranet Management. OMS allows customers to focus on their core business while lowering the overall IT-related costs.

The company can honestly lay claim to being a leader in open systems technology solutions, supporting industry standard UNIX and Windows NT operating systems across a broad set of platforms. The company's expertise in delivering cost effective and reliable solutions means that DIGITAL is well positioned to continue its growth in New Zealand through delivering to customers solutions based on its slogan,
Whatever it takes.

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