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  Updated: 01 October 1997
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Introducing the AlphaPC 164LX Motherboard
At speeds of up to 600 MHz -- twice the MHz of the fastest Pentium, the AlphaPC 164LX is the foundation of high-performance workstations and PCs built with industry standard components. Backed by a 3-year warranty, the
AlphaPC 164LX motherboard is not only seriously fast, it's a solid investment.
  A Forward Concepts report covers the codec alternatives for today's video-enabled business computing   See us on the road in October
Alpha Microprocessors   In support of today's compute-intensive, interactive applications, Alpha microprocessor based PCs bring "Hollywood" to business users -- with professional quality graphics and visual computing capabilities. And for the same development cost, you can build an Alpha system that outperforms an x86!
Read what
PC Computing says about systems with the Alpha chip -- now with over 2500 native applications!
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