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  Updated: 26 September 1997
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The DIGITAL FX!32 V1.1 release kit is available for downloading as one large zip file ( or a set of smaller zip files ( through, each of which can fit on one diskette. If required, you can also download an unzip utility to unzip the files at your site.

If you are upgrading from a previous release of DIGITAL FX!32, please see the README.

Single kit file Separate diskette files Unzip utility (8.8 MB) ( 828 KB) (1,261 KB) (1,328 KB) (1,363 KB) (1,329 KB) (1,332 KB) (1,359 KB) (90 KB)

Note: If you have difficulty downloading from our ftp site, it may be that your ip address is not registered in the domain name server (DNS) for your area. Please check with your system administrator or Internet provider to make sure your ip address is registered. We can perform a test to see if we can Identify your ip name and address.

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