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Updated: 01 October 1997
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The new DIGITAL FX!32 v1.2, available by the end of October, offers MS Office '97 and Visual Basic 5.0 support, improved ODBC interaction, and an unattended installation option. Read all about it!

Alpha Migration Tools DIGITAL Semiconductor can help you move your applications to Alpha -- without porting source code! Using one of our tools, you can run 32-bit Windows x86, Solaris 1.n SPARC, ULTRIX RISC, OpenVMS VAX, or Linux/x86 applications on Alpha.
Use this tool... to run... on this Alpha platform...
DIGITAL FX!32 32-bit x86 Windows NT4.0
and Windows95 applications
Windows NT4.0 Alpha
FreePort Express Solaris 1.n SPARC
DECmigrate OpenVMS VAX or
ULTRIX RISC applications
OpenVMS Alpha
Linux/Alpha EM86 Linux/x86 applications Linux/Alpha

These tools use binary translation and software emulation to run applications created for different computer architectures on Alpha systems. See Binary translation and software emulation for explanations of these terms.

Need help porting to Alpha?

DIGITAL offers resources to help you port application source code to Alpha. Refer to the DIGITAL Association for Software and Applications Partners (ASAP) web site. Becoming an ASAP partner grants you access to a host of services designed to ease your port to Alpha.

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