System Information

Manufacturer: Custom Built
Hostname: janus Address:
CPU: Intel Celeron @ 566MHz RAM: 128MB
System Software: Haiku R1
Services: local only


Janus is a generic 566MHz Celeron machine which was assembled out of spare parts on Tuesday 17 September 2009. It was built to run the first alpha release of Haiku R1 which was released the previous day and has never run any other Operating System. As such, it is the HaikuBox.

The motherboard was from a machine originally salvaged from a dumpster along with two other machines on a rainy friday afternoon just before the 48 hour film competition in 2009. It was one of two machines that did not have a usable case. Other machines include pluto (the only one with a usable case) and one spare motherboard which has yet to be allocated.

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David Goodwin
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