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I have a pile of National Geographic Magazines. This page has a complete list of them with the spine text. For a plain-text list of issues, see the ngm-list page. Various other lists are available here. There is also a fancy new fancy new script with filters and stuff which can display more information on individual issues such as their front cover images.


Complete years

192x 193x 194x 195x 196x 197x 198x 199x 200x 201x
1930 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
1971 1981 1991 2001 2011
1962 1972 1982 1992 2002 2012
1963 1973 1983 1993 2003
1964 1974 1984 1994 2004
1975 1985 1995
1976 1986 1996
1957 1977 1987 1997 2007
1928 1958 1968 1978 1988 1998 2008
1959 1969 1979 1989 1999 2009

NGM List

Year Month Spine Notes Read
1926 January Front cover is loose N
1927 January Front cover missing (spine and back cover are present) N
1927 February N
1927 March N
1927 April N
1927 May N
1927 July N
1927 August N
1927 September Vol. LII, No. 3 N
1927 November Vol. LLI, No. 5 N
1927 December Vol. LII, No. 6 N
1928 January Vol. LIII, No. 1 N
1928 February Vol. LIII, No. 2 N
1928 March Vol. LIII, No. 3 N
1928 April N
1928 May Vol. LIII, No. 5 N
1928 June Vol. LIII, No. 6 N
1928 July N
1928 August Vol. LIV, No. 2 N
1928 September N
1928 October N
1928 November N
1928 December Vol. LIV, No. 6 N
1929 January N
1929 February N
1929 March N
1929 April N
1929 May Vol. LV, No. 5 N
1929 June Vol. LVI, No. 1 N
1929 July Vol. LV, No. 6 N
1929 August N
1929 September Vol. LVI, No. 3 N
1929 October N
1929 November Vol. LVI, No. 5 N
1930 January N
1930 February N
1930 March Vol. LVII, No. 3 N
1930 April Vol. LVII, No. 4 Cover is a bit torn (but all there) N
1930 May N
1930 June N
1930 July Vol. LVIII, No. 1 N
1930 August Vol. LVIII, No. 2 N
1930 September N
1930 October Vol. LVIII, No. 4 N
1930 November N
1930 December Vol/ LVIII, No. 6 N
1931 January N
1931 March N
1931 April N
1931 May N
1931 June Vol. LIX, No. 6 N
1931 July N
1931 August Vol. LX, No. 2 N
1931 September Vol. LX, No. 3 N
1931 October N
1931 November vol. LX, No. 5 N
1931 December N
1932 February N
1932 March N
1932 April N
1932 May N
1932 June N
1932 July N
1932 August N
1932 September Vol. LXII, No. 3 N
1932 October N
1933 January N
1933 February N
1933 May N
1933 June Vol. LXIII, No. 6 N
1933 July N
1933 September N
1933 October N
1933 November N
1933 December Vol. LXIV, No. 6 N
1934 January N
1934 February N
1934 March N
1934 May Vol. LXV, No. 5 N
1934 July Vol. LXVI, No. 1 N
1940 July Vol. LXXVIII, No. 1 N
1941 June Vol. LXXIX, No. 6 N
1944 January Vol. LXXXV, No. 1 N
1945 September Vol. LXXXVIII, No. 3 N
1945 November Vol. LXXXVIII, No. 5 N
1946 August Vol. XC, No. 2 N
1947 May N
1950 June Vol. XCVII No. 6 N
1951 March Vol. XCIX, No. 3 N
1951 July Vol. C, No. 1 N
1951 August Vol. C, No. 2 N
1951 September Missing front and back covers, spine. Has IBM valve advertisment. N
1951 October Front and back cover missing along with most of spine N
1951 December Vol. C No. 6 N
1952 February Vol. CI, No. 2 * N
1952 May Vol. CI, No. 5 Sixty-four Pages of Illustrations in Color N
1952 November N
1954 May Front cover is detached N
1954 July Vol. CVI No. 1 N
1954 August Front cover mouldy? N
1954 September Vol. CVI, No. 3 N
1954 October N
1954 November Vol. CVI, No. 5 N
1954 December Vol. CVI No. 6 N
1955 January N
1955 February Vol. CVII, No. 2 N
1955 March N
1955 April Vol. CVII, No. 4 N
1955 May N
1955 June Vol. CVII No. 6 N
1955 July N
1955 September N
1955 October Vol. CVIII, No. 4 N
1955 November N
1955 December N
1956 January N
1956 February N
1956 April N
1956 May N
1956 June VOl. CIX No. 6 N
1956 July N
1956 August N
1956 September N
1956 October N
1956 November N
1956 December N
1957 January Vol. CXI, No. 1 N
1957 February Vol. CXI No. 2 N
1957 March N
1957 April Vol. CXI, No. 4 N
1957 May Vol. CXI, No. 5 N
1957 June Vol. CXI, No. 6 N
1957 July Vol. CXII, No. 1 N
1957 August Vol. CXII, No. 2 N
1957 September Vol. CXII, No. 3 N
1957 October N
1957 November Vol. CXII, No. 5 N
1957 December N
1958 January N
1958 February Vol. CXIII No. 2 N
1958 March Vol. CXIII, No. 3 N
1958 April Spine, Front & Rear cover missing N
1958 May Vol. CXIII, No. 5 N
1958 June N
1958 July Vol. CXIV, No. 1 N
1958 August Vol. CXIV No. 2 N
1958 September Vol. CXIV, No. 3 N
1958 October N
1958 November N
1958 December N
1959 January N
1959 February N
1959 March Vol. CXV, No. 3 N
1959 April Vol. CXV, No. 4 N
1959 May Vol. CXV, No. 5 N
1959 June N
1959 July Vol. CXVI, No. 1 N
1959 August N
1959 September N
1959 October Vol. CXVI, No. 4 N
1959 November Vol. CXVI, No. 5 N
1959 December N
1960 January New Jersey; Laos; Middle East; Gorillas; Bathyscaphe N
1960 February Port Royal; Abraham; ?DATA-LOST? N
1960 March Volcano; Earthquake; Nepal; Guatemala; C & O Canal N
1960 April Northwest U.S. Map; Washington; Seattle; Angkor; Diving Saucer N
1960 May Eisenhower; Air Force ???; Discus Fish; Bronze Age Ship; Brasilia N
1960 June France Map; France; Algeria; Smithsonian; Stonehenge N
1960 August Philadelphia; Peking; Deepest Dive; Stilts; Austria; Grizzlies; Tiros N
1960 September Africa Map Africa; Alpine Cableway; Earliest Man; Marine Coast Supplement: Atlas Map of Africa N
1960 October India; Idaho Craters; Rotterdam; Animal Book; Norfolk Island N
1960 November Triton; Prince Henry; Hummingbirds; Lower Mississippi N
1960 December Japan Map; Japan; Central Park; Bible Lands; High Jump; Epic ??? N
1961 January The White House; Iran; Everest; Skiing in Switzerland; Eagles N
1961 February South Central U.S. Map; Texas; ?otosynthesis; Hati; New Britain N
1961 March Ireland; Cascades; Darien; Nemrud Dagh; African Insects; Guantanamo N
1961 April Civil War Map; The Civil War; Vizetelly; Scotland; Venice; Bats N
1961 May S.E. Asia Map; Indonesia; Tiger; Flytraps; Impressionists; Astronauts N
1961 June City of London; Martha's Vineyard; Thailand; Aphids?; FBI? N
1961 August Cowes to Cornwall; White Mountains; Laos; Naval Aviation N
1961 September United Nations; U.N. Flags; Angola; Bhutan; Project Mercury N
1961 October Mexico Map; Viet Nam; Mexico; Cenote; Earliest Man; Argon Dating? N
1961 November Italy Map; Italy; Pompeii; Balloon ?DATA-LOST? N
1961 December Canada Map; Berlin; Kress Art; Bowerbirds; ?DATA-LOST? N
1962 January Hong Kong; VASA; Key Largo; Easter Island; Suya; Cock-Of-The-Rock N
1962 February Balkans; N. Carolina; Orbital Tracking; Dalmatia; Antarctic; Spoonbill N
1962 March Mongolia; Whales; Historylands; Hudson River; Honey Ant; ?DATA-LOST? N
1962 April Pacific Map; Bounty; New Zealand; Tuamotus; Bird Sanctuary; Jet Boats N
1962 May New Guinea; Telstar; Canyonland; Tristan; Bronze Age Ship; Power?? N
1962 June Europe Map; Crusades; Glenn In Orbit; Mammoth; Storks; Avalanche N
1962 July Tahiti; Fireflies; Cades Cove; Round-The-World School; Crater Lake N
1962 August Washington Boston Map; Cape Cod; Post Roads; Lesser Sundas; Savannah N
1962 September Eastern South America Map; Brazil; U.S. Art; Hoatzin ??? N
1962 October Los Angeles; Himalayas; Sherpa School; Ship Book; Moon Robots; ??SAMOA?? N
1962 November S. Africa Map; Southern Africa; Orphans; Prince Philip; Climb; Viet Nam N
1962 December West Indies Map; Puerto Rico; Medieval Europe; Storm; ?DATA-LOST? N
1963 January 75 Years; Copenhagen; Hummingbirds; Alps by Baloon; Search for Man 75th Anniversary: 1888-1863 N
1963 February Antarctica Map; Burma; Wolves; American Museum; ?DATA-LOST? N
1963 March Arizona; Venezuela; Man-Of-War; Sikkim; Enterprise; Nuclear Navy N
1963 April Scandinavia Map; Sweden; Ships' Monaco; Niagara Falls; ??Butterfly?? N
1963 May Southwest Asia Map; India; Ladakh; Mt. Rainier; Man-in-Sea; Venus N
1963 June Italian Riviera; Frogs; Katmai; World Atlas; Mona Lisa??; ?DATA-LOST? N
1963 July Central Canada Map; Civil War; Ontario; Athens; Byzantine Ship N
1963 August Everest; Disney; Devon; Flourescent Seal Life; Chimpanzees N
1963 September Australia Map; Australia; Relics of the Voyageurs; Bali N
1963 October Nile Map; Anniversary; Everest Expedition; Nile Monuments; King Tut N
1963 November State Parks; Sikkim; Adventures Book; Malaysia; Eclipse N
1963 December Holy Land Map; Crusades; Florida; YWCA; Flamingo Rescue N
1964 January U.S. Capitol; Return to Tristan; Mt Sinai; Night Diving N
1964 February N.W. South America Map; Cliff Dwellers; Peru; Johnson; Tour; Ibis N
1964 March John F. Kennedy; Moon Voyage; Yemen; Baby Gorilla; Antarctica Flight N
1964 April North America Map; Cousteau; Cats; U.S. 89; Bridge-Tunnel?? N
1964 May Shakespeares Britain; Dedication; Rare Plants; Eskimos; Amazon Tribe N
1964 June Deep-Sea Research; Caves; Gooneys; Nova Scotia; St. Michael's Mount N
1964 July New York City; World's Tallest Tree; Redwoods; U.S. Atlas; Alaska Quake N
1964 August Yankee In Europe; Mozambique; Northern Ireland; Peruvian Wilderness N
1964 September Peace Corps; Ancient Glass; Chesapeake Bay; Viet Nam Railroad N
1964 October Tokyo; Olympics; Cambodia; Bird Book; Sikh Sees America N
1964 November China; Presidents: Part I; Geographic Reprints; Ranger 7; Vikings N
1964 December Washington, D.C.; Nation's Capital; Jordan; Acapulco; Index N
1965 January Viet Nam; Treasure; Indian Weddingl Presidents: Part II; Astronauts N
1965 February World Map; Navy; Leakey Family; Portofino; North Pole; Oilbirds Vol. 127, No. 2 Y
1965 March Spain and Portugal Map; Spain; Pittsburgh; Tree Snails; Fish Book; ?DATA-LOST? N
1965 April Appomattox; Brittany; New Your Fair; Man-in-Sea; Ethiopia N
1965 May Nile Valley; Yankee in Egypy; Shrimp; Presidents: Part III; Surtsey N
1965 June Wales; Moths; Alaska's Marine Highway; Sand Dunes; Saigon N
1965 July Mt. Kennedy; Danube; Arran Isle; Tribute to Mrs. Grosvenor; Costa Rico N
1965 August Churchill Record; Tribute to Sir Winston; Amish Folk; Great Rift Appears to have come with a record N
1965 September Atlas Map; Air Force; Alps; Sable Island; Insects; Space Walk N
1965 October Portugal; Mushrooms; Bird Book II; Presidents: Part IV; Mustang N
1965 December Windwards; Chimpanzees; Galilee; Doctor Fishes; Seeing The U.S.A. N
1966 January Saudi Arabia; Seals; Bresidents: Part V; Rock Thin Sections; Waura N
1966 February Bolivia; St. Augustine; Alice Springs; Comet; Yankee?; Viet Nam? N
1966 April Ceylon; Conshelf Three; Space Rendezvous; Wyoming N
1966 May California Map; California; Strange Creatures of Colombia; Abu Simbel N
1966 June London; New Britan; Revised World Atlas; Loire; Basque Shepherders N
1966 July Vacationlands Map; National Parks; Hummingbird; Gibraltar; Thailand N
1966 August Northwestern Africa; Norman Conquest; Grizzlies; Singapore N
1966 September W. Canada; Philippines; Canadian Rockies; Porpoises; Monticello N
1966 November White house; Earth from orbit; Nuba; Olduvai Gorge; Coral Reef Vol. 130, No. 5 N
1966 December Abraham; Massachusetts; Insect Crossroads; Lasers; Woodpeckers N
1967 January Pakistan; Soaring; South America; Leis; Alligators N
1967 February Viet Nam; Alaska's Glaciers; Bahamas; Vanishing Ainu N
1967 March Siberia; National Gallery of Art; Squids; Guadalajara; White Gorilla N
1967 April Rhine River; Washington; Galapagos; Tower of the Winds N
1967 May Eastern Canada; Hohokam Indians; Magnetic Dating; Micronesia N
1967 July Florence Flood; Lake Powell; Thailand; Scilly Isles; Giant Frogs N
1967 August Champlain; Cook Is.; San Marino; Salt Lake; Greenland; Aphrodisias N
1967 September Japan; Houston; St. Pierre & Miquelon; Golden Eagles; Russell Cave N
1967 October Indian Ocean; Madagascar; Bible World; Everglades; New Executives N
1967 November Australia; Yellowstone; Buenos Aires; Sahara; Earth; Antarctic N
1967 December Where Jesus Walked; Bible Lands; Workboats; Mars; Jamaica; Ibis Wall Map Supplement: Lands of the Bible Today N
1968 January Alexander; Virgin Islands; Big Bend; Filmstrips; ?DATA-LOST? N
1968 February United States; Czechoslovakia; Interstate Highways; Sharks; Ecuador N
1968 March Coronations; Iran; Tonga; Mobile; Scottish Highlands; Scorpions N
1968 April Montagnards; Nature's Year; Tribute; Netherlands; Fishermen; Medal N
1968 May Finland; Vultures; Cascades; Gold Mine; Ile De La Cite; ?DATA-LOST? N
1968 June Atlantic Ocean; Vienna; Ice Patrol; Maine; Books; Berbers; Mexico's Venice N
1968 July Canadian North; Hyenas; Italian Lakes; Forest Fires; Bonins And Iwo Jima N
1968 August South to Mexico City; Salmon; Mystic Seaport; Basques; Crystals N
1968 September Afghanistan; Rescue; Rhode Island; Undersea Archeology; Indians N
1968 October Middle America; Sail; Museum; Smokies; Greece - Rome??; Antarctica N
1968 November Queensland; Natchez Trace; Elizabeth I; Little Tibet; Seal N
1968 December Southeast Asia; Mekong; Williamsburg; Japan; Jerusalem; Lizards N
1969 January Taiwan; Remote Sensing; Oregon; Lanzarote; Quetzal N
1969 February Moon Wall Map; Kenya; The Moon; Atlanta; Roman Shipwreck N
1969 March South Korea; Door Peninsula; Elephant Roundup; Sea Shells; Dogon N
1969 April World Voyage; Lions; Macao; Alaska's Outback; New Guinea Trek N
1969 May Apollo 8; Kuwait; Grand Kanyon; Grunion; Abu Simbel N
1969 June Europe; Spanish Armada; Deerfield; Rumania; Catfish; Malta; Books N
1969 July Eisenhower; Osprey; Switzerland; San Diego; New Guinea Festival N
1969 August Colorado; Locusts; Iceland; Swaziland; Great Stone Spheres N
1969 September Transportation; Manatees; Ireland; Cape Hatteras; Okinawa N
1969 October Pacific Ocean; Darwin; Honolulu; Eagles; Chivalry; Mud and Flood N
1969 November San Francisco Bay; Mountain Lion; Bali; Prince; Seminoles N
1969 December Space Record Apollo 11; Turkish Coast; Hornbills; Chartres N
1970 January West Indies; Berlin; Gorillas; Death Valley; Snow; Netherlands; Antlles Special Supplement: Wall map of the West Indies and Central America N
1970 February Agricultrue; Danakil; Wild Rivers; Lebanon; Flamingos N
1970 March Japan; Starfish; Havasupai; Northwest Passage; Ford's Theatre; Panama N
1970 April South Australia; White Tiger; Vikings; Ladybugs; Shenandoah N
1970 May Yugoslavia; Truslow; Outer Derbrides; Lake Rudolf; Vacationland U.S.A. N
1970 June Italy; Rome; Capri; Nantucket; Greek Ship; Medal; Musk Ox; Books Special Supplement: A Traveler's Map of Italy N
1970 July White Mist Cruise; Railroad Worm; Luxembourg; Hutterites; Cappadocia * N
1970 August Heavens; Planets; Berkshires; Solar Eclipse; Colombia; Pond Life N
1970 September New Mexico; Blue Holes; Kibbutz; Indian Cobra; Faeroe Islands * C
1970 October Prairie Provinces; Gorilla; Voyage; Orissa; Aircraft; Aircraft; Renaissance N
1970 November Computers; Akhenaten; Ozarks; Fig Wasp; Gangtok; Piranhas; Atlas N
1970 December World Pollution; Beauty; Divers; Old Salem; Fowl; Churches Double Supplement: World Map and Pollution Painting N
1971 January Java; RA II; Florida Keys; Horses; Deepstar; Tierra Del Fuego N
1971 February New Orleans; Eskimos; Victoria; King Crab; Lake Titicaca N
1971 March Asia; Peoples of Southeast Asia; Sea Islands; Gray Whale; Quebec Double Map Supplement: Asia and Peoples Of Mainland Southeast Asia N
1971 April Hungary; Orchids; Maui; Aran Isles; Polar Bear N
1971 May Mexican Border; Leningrad; Buck Island; Condors; Channel Islands N
1971 June France; Pacific Crest; Holy Week; Louvre; Morocco; Oil Spill; Books N
1971 July Norway; Bioluminescence; Canyonlands; Bermuda; Ama Divers; Apollo 14 N
1971 August Oklahoma; Spiders; Philippine Tribes; Tektite II N
1971 September Captain Cook; Mzima Springs; Missouri River; Fairy Tern; Indians N
1971 October Arctic Ocean; Ganges; North Slope; Otters; Hong Kong; Gorillas N
1971 November Cumberland Gap; Antarctica; Nepal; Trinidad; Leopards; Uganda N
1971 December Africa; Zulus; Octopus; China; Gems; St. Peter's; Philippine Tribe N
1972 January Everglades; Chelsea; Nambas; Climbing Fish; New Zealand; Belize N
1972 February African Wildlife; Maryland; Apollo 15; S.E. Asia's Karens; Gliders N
1972 March Ice Age Alaska/Canada; Tundra; British Columbia; Headhunters; Circus N
1972 April Caravan; Poland; Burros; Weather; Easter Eggs; Sea Snakes N
1972 May Yellowstone; Cairo; Japanese Village; Diving Spider; Thera N
1972 June Salt Marshes; Aphrodisias; Toradja; Willamette; Apple Tree; Gypsies N
1972 July ?data-lost Arab World; Wild Foods; Paris; Salamanders; Appalachia Double Map Supplement: Peoples of the Middle East N
1972 August Greek Isles; Wheat Cutters; Stone Age Tribe; Kelp; Escalante; Rose N
1972 September Bangladesh; Connecticut; Japan; Insects; Alaska; Isle of Man N
1972 October South America; Amazon; Kite; Mercury; Sikhs; Baja; Whales N
1972 November Venice; Tortoises; Power Crisis; Monterey; Brazil; Eels N
1972 December Indians; Navajos; Mounds; Israel; Apollo 16; Deep Reefs N
1973 January Changing Earth; Alaska; Vicuna; Longevity; Tracking; Dorze; Leakey N
1973 February Mars; Australia's Top End; Oman; Journey to Mars; The Mrus N
1973 March Northwest; Idaho; Chan Chan; Whale Hunt; Cyprus; Penguins; Zaire The Northwest, first of the new "Close-up: U.S.A." series N
1973 April John Muir; Lobsters; Madeira; Goldfish; Calcutta; Kutztown N
1973 May Mexico & Central America; Volga; Bats; Mexico City; Bicycling; Camargue N
1973 June Great Barrier Reef; Canadian Trail; Early Man; Tennessee Valley N
1973 July Ionian Isles; Iceland Volcano; Miami; Bangkok; Jewel Frogs N
1973 August Wild Floods; Algeria; Terns; Artic Ice; ?DATA-LOST? "Close-up: U.S.A" - Wisconsin, Michigan, And The Great Lakes N
1973 September Apollo Lost Sierra; New Guinea; Bighorns; Corsica; Desert Life N
1973 October Chile; Padlock Ranch; Istanbul; Hyenas; Lower Colorado; Turtles N
1973 November Florida; Barnacles; Turkomans; Mexico's West Coast; Tangier Island N
1973 December Inca Empire; Aspen; Antarctic Voyage; Snow Goose; Greenland N
1974 January Gold; Pine Barrens; Hmong; Newfoundland; Fish-Baiting Heron; Comet N
1974 February Wilderness?; ???; ?Trucks; Denmark; Rockhounds N
1974 March North Central States; Arctic Trek; Japan; Algae; Nebraska; Bavaria; .... "Close-up: U.S.A." - North Central States N
1974 April British Isles; Dickens; Timber; Damascus; Nature; Tuareg; Stehekin N
1974 May Universe; Bluegrass; Chinese Tomb; Amsterdam; Cargo Cult; Beavers N
1974 June California & Nevada; Yosemite; Half Dome; Oil; Leg Rowers; Cotswolds N
1974 July Firebrands; Vermont; Ants; English Canals; Coast Guard; Kom Statue N
1974 August Phoenicians; New Zealand; Comet; Decoy Fish ??; ?DATA-LOST? N
1974 September East Germany; Dhows; Boston; Family Farm; Kingfisher; Medicine N
1974 October Skylab; Big Thicket; Plankton; Bhutan; Atka; American Indian N
1974 November Virginia; Greek Ship; Tuscany; Guatemala; Herbrides; Poisonous Sole N
1974 December Pacific Islands; Pyrenees; Columbia River; Chinese Art; Caribou N
1975 January Iran; Monitor; Ice Age Man; Portuguese-American?; Pelicans; Martinique?; ?DATA-LOST? N
1975 February Western Australia; Baltimore; Drake; Brazilian Indians; Jupiter N
1975 March Main-Maritimes; Argentina; Novascotia; Kurds; Bromeliads; Hawaii; Cave N
1975 April Salt Lake Valley; Tanzania; Loyalists; Crees; "Sleeping" Sharks N
1975 May Project Famous; Adirondacks; Rhodesia; Baboons; Provence; Nazca Lines N
1975 June Alaska; Alaskan Wilderness; Suez; Spiny Lobster; Andalusia; Venus-Mercury "Close-up: U.S.A." - Alaska N
1975 July Western New England; Food; Cape Cod; Andamans; Franklin; Carvers; Swans Close-Up: U.S.A - Western New England N
1975 August Niger; Toronto; "Ice Bird"; Coal; Madeira Treasure; Hasidic Jews N
1975 September Mark Twain; Red Sea; Greenland; South Korea; Brown Bears N
1975 October The Southeast; Orangutans; Women; Arabs; Alabama; Potholes Clonse-Up: U.S.A - The Southeast N
1975 November The World; Columbus; Chinatown; Hunza; Library; Romania; Snakes N
1975 December World of the Maya; Wind Power; Yukon Raft Trip; Amana Colonies N
1976 January Moses; Chambered Nautilus; Stockholm; Haiti; Owens Valley; Seals N
1976 February U.S.S.R; Ob River; Apollo-Soyuz; Sargassum; Minnesota; Jefferson; Azores Double Supplement Map: The Soviet Union and its Peoples N
1976 March Patagonia; Whales; Indiana; Canterbury; Solar Power; Frost; Sicily * N
1976 April Hawaii; Robert Frost; Canoe; Bees; Marsh Arabs; San Antonio; Dingle "Close-up: U.S.A." - Hawaii N
1976 May Truk Lagoon; Montana; Sea Gypsies; Balearics; Tarahumara Indians N
1976 June Magellan; West Virginia; Treasure; Earthquake; Kyoto N
1976 July United States; This Land of Ours; George Washington; Kanas City; Satellite N
1976 August Butterflies; Venezuela; Cayman Trhough; Big Cypress; Edinburgh C
1976 September Indias Wildlife; Nauru; New Biology; California Delta N
1976 October Mid-Atlantic States; Potomac; Edmonton; Sailing Canoe; Florida; Opals N
1976 November Earth's Climate; Balloon Lab; Outlaw Trail; Bhutan; Alaska Pipeline N
1976 December Whales; Jackson Hole; Early Man; Torre Egger; Square-Rigger; Flowers Double Supplement: Whales of the World N
1977 January Mars; Cuba; Puget Sound; Orchid Island; Pakistan; Medicine Wheels N
1977 February Ohio River; Audubon; Harlem; Baloon; Rajasthan; Invisible World N
1977 March Egypt; Buffalo River; The Philippines; Sponges; Chief Joseph N
1977 April Quebec; America By Foot; Nepal; North Sea??; ?DATA-LOST? N
1977 May Europe; Celts; Malaysia; Mangroves; Vestmannaeyjar; Finger Lakes??? N
1977 June Maine; Loch Ness; South Africa; Mont Saint Michel; Huichols; Bluebirds N
1977 July Wild and Scenic Rivers; The Rat; Turkey; Gimi Tribes N
1977 August West Germany; Ice Age; Air Safety; Penguins; U.S.S.R; Purda??? N
1977 September Leonardo; California's Northern Coast; Lapps; Salt; Giraffes; Amber N
1977 October Southwest; Deep Sea; Danube; Arizona; Wolves; Dominican Rep.; Geothermal N
1977 November Kauai; Ancient Europe; Eskimos; Cumberland; ?DATA-LOST? N
1977 December The New World; "Brendan"; Weather; Inland Sea; Bowerbird Double Supplement: How Europe Colonized the Americas N
1978 January Northeast; Moscow; Zulu; The Hudson; Crocodiles; Milford Track; ?DATA-LOST? N
1978 February Minoans; Eagles; Gulf Waterway; Dead Sea; Brazil; Panama Canal N
1978 March Spain; Ladakh; Eyes of Science; Bifocal Fish; Arkansas; Glide N
1978 April Western Canada; Chinese Tomb; Chicago; Continental Shelf; Termites; Yukon N
1978 May Outback By camel; Mexico; Folk Art; Hawaiian Refuge; Nashville; Tulips N
1978 June Pennsylvania; Glass Wreck; Burgundy; Air-Space Museum; Dragons; Armenians N
1978 July Grand Canyon; Voyager; Tomb; Japan; Lake Erie Is.; Supertankers; Spill; Palau N
1978 August Dinosaurs; Aluminum; Georgia; New Zealand; Spitsbergen; Mountain Goats N
1978 September Mid East; North Pole; Syria; Galapagos; Columbus; Pigs; Sangre De Cristo N
1978 October Gorilla Talk; Vancouver; Sand Hills; Djibouti; Donkey Trek; Treasure N
1978 November Mecca Yakima; Gas; River Shannon; Gallery Dresden; Flashlight Fish N
1978 December Ontario; Elba; Smallpox; "Tigris"; Yellowstone; Transatlantic Balloon N
1979 January Humpbacks; Los Angeles; Abrigo Do Sol; Diamonds; Bison; ?DATA-LOST? It has a flexible plastic record in it! N
1979 February Australia; Burke-Wills; Kangaroos; Sydney; Alaska; Kathmandu; Rotifers N
1979 March Annapurna; Belgium; Wildlife Refuges; Denver; Nigeria N
1979 April Footprints; Nuclear Power; Indians; Dolphins; Whales; Prague; North Shore N
1979 May Saskatchewan; Gombe Chimps; K2 Climb; Whooping Cranes; Napa Valley; Coral N
1979 June Lost Settlement; 4-H Exchange; Long-necked Women; Michigan; Society Is.; Diatoms N
1979 July U.S. National Parks; Concise Guide to Parklands N
1979 August Bird Migration; Walk America; Shipwreck; North Yemen; Prairie Dogs; Inadan N
1979 September Bahrain; First Americans; Air Show; Atchafalaya; Greenadines; Mosquitoes N
1979 October British Isles; England; Great Divide; Fiber Optics; Gulin; Walrus; Skylab N
1979 November Deserts; Channel Flight; Oahu; Deep-Sea Oases; Hong Kong Refugees * N
1979 December Arctic Range; Seoul; Oregon Coast; Hans Christian Andersen; Galleons N
1980 January Jupiter; Owls; Prairie; Hokkaido; Rock Art; Berber Brides; Lily-Pad N
1980 February Africa; Pesticides; Tunisia; Tibet; White Mountain Apache N
1980 March China; North Carolina; Greece; Deception In Nature; Bali; Celtic Tomb N
1980 April Texas; Estonia; Oursi Village; Strait of Georgia; Cathedral; Temple Monkeys N
1980 May Quebec; St. Lawrence; Dive; Asia's Homeless; Long Island; Jari; Cheetahs N
1980 June Shroud; Banff; Mexican Americans; Chincoteague; Orangutans; Fair N
1980 July China; Shanghai; Pony Express; Uganda; Bulgaria; Gold Trove; Giant Otters N
1980 August Water; Milwaukee; Veracruz; Bordeaux; Balloon; Compost N
1980 September Middle East; Saudi Arabia; Hurricanes; Madawaska; Kelp Life N
1980 October Chesapeake Bay; Pompidou; Guachos; Bamboo; Albania; Rock Life N
1980 November Elephants; Windsor; Dollhouse; Aboriginals; Twin Cities; Baja Art N
1980 December Aztecs; Tenochtitlan; Temple; Coal Vs. Parks; Portugal; Fatima; Jackals N
1981 January Moutn St.Helens; Ancient Ashfall; New Aircraft; Poland; Roaches N
1981 February West Indies Texas Coast; China; Ray; Minoans; Virgins; Liechtenstein N
1981 February National Geographic Special Report: Energy * N
1981 March Wildlife Trade; Space Shuttle; Thoreau; Coffee; Sumatra N
1981 April Ireland; Eire; No. Ireland; Gorillas; Badlands; Singapore; Horseshoe Crab N
1981 May Ellesmere Island; Iowa; Barrier Reef Park; Shark Suit; Pakistan; Crops N
1981 June Appian Way; Somalia; Red Cross; Kunming; San Francisco Bay; Eagle N
1981 July Saturn; Costa Rica; Cen. America; Guanacos; Buffalo Bill; Bombay; Slime Mold N
1981 August Sharks; Molokai; Maya Cave; Helsinki; Yellowstone River * N
1981 September Silver; Manhattan; Oman; Vietnamese Fishermen; Nahanni Park N
1981 October Indian Ocean; Kalash; "Columbia"; Mono Lake; Aphrodisias; Everest N
1981 November New Jersey; Atlantic Salmon; Zimbabwe; Acid Rain; Aldo Leopold N
1981 December World/Ocean; Mt. St. Helens; Pandas; Orange County; Blue Water N
1982 January Berlin; Wolstenholme Towne; Frog-eating Bat; Taiwan; Pokot Tribe N
1982 February Napoleon; Western Desert; Hummingbirds; Galleon; Gologs; Palau N
1982 March South American Indians; Peru; Santa Fe; Sudan; Hudson Bay; Quebec Hydro N
1982 April Poland; Sinai; Humpbacks; Seine; Pacific Balloon; Central Kentucky N
1982 May Angkor; Kampuchea; Western Grebes; Perth; Potatoes N
1982 June Mt. Everest Park; Spain's Toledo; El Greco; Nambia; Palouse; Armadillos N
1982 July Sindbad; Carrara; Andean Trek; Willa Cather; Ivory Coast; Oldest Maya N
1982 August Papua; Florida; Bluefin Tuna; Paragua; Melville Bell Grosvenor * N
1982 September United States; Avalanche!; Forests; T.R.'s Legacy; Bahamas; Jenne-Jeno N
1982 October The Chip; Silicon Valley; Pere David's Deer; Thailand; Pribilofs N
1982 November Southwest; Anasazi; Pottery; Hopis; Kublai Khan; Shuttle; El Chichon N
1982 December Mediterranean; Herculaneum; Gaza Dig; New Hampshire; Lions N
1983 January Rain Forests; Jungle Life; Wayanas; Washington, D.C.; Borobudur N
1983 February Arctic; Alaska To Lapland; Eskimo Art; Soviet Arctic; Hungary; Beirut N
1983 March Atlantic Gateways; Ghost Ships; Philadelphia; Etosha Park; Herbs; Sled Race N
1983 April Trash; Chattooga River; Jerusalem; Puerto Rico; Antarctic Voyage N
1983 May Brooklyn Bridge; Brooklyn; Ethiopia; "Mary Rose"; Tasmania; Roadrunner N
1983 June The Universe; River Thames; Coal Country; Bronze Statues; Ferrets Special Double Supplement: The Universe N
1983 July Automobile; Wales; China Zones; Stone Age Art; Arctic; Undersea Desert Cover loose N
1983 August South; New Guinea; Delaware; Ultralights; Caterpillars; Delta; Sri Lanka N
1983 September Satellites; Spacelab; Aleutians; Namib Desert; Tulsa; Old Post Office N
1983 October Martin Luther; Transglobe; Wodaabe; Pitcairn/Norfolk; Japanese Craneg N
1983 November Hawaii; Kamehameha; Solar Car; Honduras; Decoys; Last Supper; Platinum N
1983 December Europe; Byzantium; Mt. Athos; Easter; Balloons; Coast; Cock-of-the-Rock Special Historical Map Supplement: Europe N
1984 January Alaska; Silk; Southeast Alaska; Whales; Catalonia; Australian; Sinkholes N
1984 February El Nino; Italy; West Texas; Jordan; Praying Mantis N
1984 March China's Remote Peoples; Lasers; Holography; Calgary; Rhinos Cover contains a holographic image N
1984 April Far West; Calif. Mid-Coast; Izu; Plain People; Narwhal Hunters; Blue Heron N
1984 May Herculaneum; Pozzuoli; Krill; Olympic Peninsula; Kayapo Indians N
1984 June Japan; India's Railroads; Hagi; Ants; Eskimo Hunters of Alaska N
1984 July Underground Railroad; Scotland; Mount Everest; Burma; Great Gray Owl N
1984 August Rockies; Mexico City; Population; Colorado; Whales; Japan Alps; Puffer N
1984 September Dallas; Iceland River; The Okies; Topsoil; Farm Patters; Manatees N
1984 October Spain/Portugal; Cortes; Douro River; Pollen; Maoris; New Building cover is loose N
1984 November Waterfowl; Africa Adorned; Antarctica; Chocolate; Grenada N
1984 December South Asia; Monsoons; Tiger!; Whales; U.S. Route 1; Biotechnology N
1985 January The Planets; Yosemite; Baghdad; Koko's Kitten; Jamaica N
1985 February Maine/Maritimes; The Poppy; Mummies; Maine; Mongolia; Baloon Solo Cover loose N
1985 March Vikings; Hazerdous Waste; Susquehanna; Mini-horses; Voodoo N
1985 April Alps; Austria; NR-1; India; Moguls; Kabul; New Delhi; Isle Royale; Cable TV N
1985 May Vietnam Memorial; The Nile; The Atom; Bob Marshall; Wilderness Battle * N
1985 June Salt Lake; Mexican Border; Java Wildlife; Afghan Frontier; Cayman Islands N
1985 July Israel; Basque Whalers; Hampton Roads; Iran; Largest Flower N
1985 August Planet Earth; Fossils; Pearls; Senegambia; Murray River N
1985 September Central Plains; Sichuan; Humboldt; Kansas; Eritrea; Jason's Voyage N
1985 October Pandora; Two Samoas; Frankincense; Usumacinta; Trumpeter Swan N
1985 November Canada/Vacationlands; Early Man; Fossil Skeleton; English Houses Hologram of skull on front cover N
1985 December Ohio Valley; Titanic; Vatican City/Its Treasures; Nicaragua; Daniel Boone N
1986 January Queensland; Turtles; Charley Russell; Switzerland; Hood River One loose page N
1986 February Madrid; Grizzlies; Banaras; Tide Pools; Ndebele People N
1986 March Texas; Panda; Sam Houston; Fez; Narwhals; Tenn-tom Waterway; Pennines N
1986 April Central America; Rio Azul; Panama; Antarctic Life; Japanese Americans; Bats N
1986 May Serengeti; Tennessee; VOlcano; Earthquake; Newfoundland C
1986 June Immune System; Tea & Sugar Train; Tolstoy; Snow Leopard; Bikini N
1986 July Philippines; Liberty; N.Y. Harbor; Fraser River; Corregidor; Model Planes N
1986 August Northwest; Oregon Trail; Uranus; Ulysses; Argentina; "Victory" Climb; Ants Cover loose. Two loose pages in back. N
1986 September Sense of Smell; North Pole; Solo; Poland's Last Jews; Meteorites N
1986 October Soviets in Space; New Pacific Nations; Netherlands; Barrier; Red Deer N
1986 November Columbus; Landfall/Atlantic Track; Nina; Tokyo; ICRC; Sharks; MIAs N
1986 December Northern Plains Titanic; Westminster; Comet; Cluster; Tsetse Fly The Making of America: Northern Plains N
1987 January Medical Vision; California Desert; Ice; Galloping Glaciers; Slovakia N
1987 February New England; Madagascar; Iceland; Trail; Folger; Caesarea; Spoonbill N
1987 March Australian Seas; North Dakota; Brazil; Monkey in Peril; Peat Bogs N
1987 April Antarctica; Andes; Kayaks; Seals; Air Pollution; South Pole Challenge N
1987 May Wolves; Ukraine; Chernobyl; New Zealand; Kiwifruit N
1987 June Tornadoes; Patowmack Canal; Gray Whales; Laos; Peace Park; Eskimo Tomb N
1987 July Great Lakes; Kathmandu; Soybeans; Tide Dam; Haida; Timber Rattler N
1987 August Sahel; Rock Art; Hudson's Bay Company; Indianapolis; Moose N
1987 September United States; Jade; El Mirador; Madison; Iroquois; Killer Lake N
1987 October Arabia's Women; Titanic; Edgerton; Outer Banks; Smell; Baltistan N
1987 November West Indies; Suleyman; New Mexico; Scorpionfish; Haiti; Navidad; Baboons N
1987 December Bronze Age Wreck; Sea Islands; Tibet Trek; Sleep; Red Crabs N
1988 January Our Society's Founding; America in 1888 ... And Today; Poland; Galapagos 1888 - CENTENNIAL - 1988 N
1988 February The Land, Its Past, Present, People; A First Family; New Faces; Kakadu Special DOuble Supplement: Australia N
1988 March China by Rail; Education Foundation; Spanish Century; Anchorage; Falklands 1988 - CENTENNIAL - 1988 N
1988 April South Pacific Ghosts of War; Coolidge; Uganda; Wildflowers; Pharaoh's Bark N
1988 May Wool; India's Kerala State; Supernova - Death of a Star; Persian Gulf; Fleas N
1988 June Tidewater; Etruscans; Ellesmere; Guatemala; Yorktown Wreck; Coelacanths Cover damaged by water (coffee?) N
1988 July Atlanta; Kourion Earthquake; Chile; Moors in Spain; Dying Palms N
1988 August Lemurs; Annapolis; Daedalus; Frederick Remington; South Korea; Kyongju N
1988 September Retrospective; Three Who Led; NGS Photography; Cartoons; Bell; Beary; Atlas 100 years centennial N
1988 October Ice Age Man; Lascaux; Clovis; Seberia Flight; Peru Tomb; Afrikaners; Hmong N
1988 November Everest; Exploration; Himalaya; Honey Hunters; Brahmaputra; Cayman; Mars N
1988 December World Map; Can Man Save This Fragile Earth? Double Map: The World; Endangered Earth [reflective/holographic cover] C
1989 January Cocaine; Sagebrush Country; Stingrays; Indonesia; Rowing to Antarctica N
1989 February Parks; Skyscrapers; Hancock Center; Small Towns; W. H. Jackson; Forrest Fires N
1989 March Above China; Faulkner; South Georgia; Indian Burials; Trap-Jaw Ants N
1989 April Radiation; Kronan; John Muir Trail; Cartagena; Common Loons N
1989 May Tepuis; Gravity; Northwest Passage; Baltic; Swiss Deforestation; Box N
1989 June Dinosaurs; Extinctions; Malta; Computer graphics; Tibetan Nomads; Acorns "Double Supplement: Dinosaurs and other vanished species" N
1989 July France A Nation Celebrates The Bicentennial Of Its Great Revolution Double Map Supplement: France - Evolution of a Nation N
1989 August San Deigo; Black Women; Oil; Alaska Spill; Elephant Talk; Old Havana N
1989 September Shakers; Crusade; History in a Box; Malawi; Himalaya Sanctuary; Aphids N
1989 October Maya; La Ruta Maya; Tomb; Copan; New Zealand Waters; Photography; Ferry Y
1989 November Pacific Rim; Vietnam: Hanoi, Hue, Saigon; Bismark; Japanese Gardens; Efe N
1989 December Holy Land; Sistine Chapel; Baja; New Materials; Washington State; 1989 Report N
1990 January Atlantic/Arctic; Oil Spill; Peary Report; Kremlin; Bird's Nests; Electronic Bee N
1990 February Monterey Bay; Athapaskans; Aral Sea; U.S.-Canada Border; American Chestnuts N
1990 March Soviet Union Siberia; The Gulag; Bactrian Gold; Skywatchers; Time Y
1990 April Antarctica; Japanese Women; Vanishing Wildlife; Berlin Wall Falls N
1990 May Great Rift; Lake Malawi; East Harlem; Earthquake; Kumbh Mela; India's Trunk Road N
1990 June Peru's Ancient Moche; Austin; World's Smallest Bird; Greenways; Dominica N
1990 July Salmon; Emeralds; Volcanic Cradle of Life; Florida Water; Dying Coral N
1990 August Solar System; NW Passage; Voyager; African Americans; Yugoslavia; Garden Y
1990 September New York City; Manila Galleons; Concepcion; Broadway; Ellis Island; Forests N
1990 October Suruga Bay; Cajuns; Sun on Earth; Mali's Dogon People; Treetop Raft N
1990 November Baltic Nations; Erie Canal; Antarctic Trek; Kush; New World Atlas N
1990 December Africa Botswana Wildlife; Okavango; Modern Botswana; Peale Family; Bajio Cover Loose N
1991 January Northwest Australia; Folk-art Masters; Pumas; Disease Detectives N
1991 February Middle East; Russia; U.S.-Soviet Dive; California; Surma;Hong-Kong; Refugees N
1991 March Quebec Eastern Europe; Lechuguilla; Montreal; Octopus; Santa Fe; Polar Trek N
1991 April Ramses; The Sphinx; Baseball; Genetic Erosion; Falcons; Extremadura N
1991 May Elephants; Chicago; Bhutan; Anchient Iraq; Garbage Archaeology Cover Loose N
1991 June Colorado River; East Europe; Animal Navigation; Lewis Carroll; Bats N
1991 July China; Arctic; London Docklands; Blitz; Wyeth Family; China Youth N
1991 August Persian Gulf; National Parks; Nuclear Power; Cuba; L'enfant N
1991 September Germany; Germany; Spiders; Medical Donors; Maya Ard; Illegal Wildlife N
1991 October Native American Heritage 1491; Rubies and Sapphires; Lord Howe Island Double Map Supplement: Native American Heritage N
1991 November Zaire River; Japan; Alaska Highway; Insect Giants; Satellite Rescue N
1991 December World War II IBN Battuta; Pearl Harbor; Rain Forest; Pearls; Pittsburgh Double Map Supplement: World War II N
1992 January Columbus; La Isabela; Skeleton Coast; Miami; U.S.S. Macon; Monk Seals N
1992 February Spain in the Americas Alcohol; Soviet Exodus; Wildlife; Pizarro; Persian Gulf Double Map Supplement: Spain in the Americas N
1992 March Apes and Humans; Bonobos; MacArthur; Andes; Lake Tahoe N
1992 April Brittish Columbia Spain; Blackwater; Simpson Outback; Vancouver; Lions N
1992 May India's Wildlife; Solar Eclipse; Gardening; Georgia; DNA Profiling N
1992 June Pacific/Indian Lake Baikal; Sunset Boulevard; Bikini; Palestinians; Cuttyhunk Double Map Supplement: Pacific; Indian Ocean Floors N
1992 July Gulf Coast; Mountain Lions; Albania; Wharf Piling; Trobriand Islands N
1992 August South America Main-Danube Canal; Kurds; Denali; Paraguay; Chinese Tomb Double Map Supplement: South America N
1992 September Dolphins; Pushkin; Slave Trade; Minnesota Lakes; Cacaxtla Murals N
1992 October Southwest U.S.A Wetlands; Geronimo; Bering Sea; Atlantic Geysers; Bolsheviks N
1992 November Sense of Sight; Eagles; Portuguese Empire; Maya; Catskills N
1992 December Europe Volcanoes; Route 93; Sherpas; Milan; Whale Sharks Double Map Supplement: The new Europe Y
1993 January Dinosaurs; Dinosaurs; Wyoming; Money; Shell Money; Colca Canyon N
1993 February Mekong River; Venus; Pandas; South Africa; Maya; Appalachia N
1993 March Former U.S.S.R. Soviet Empire; Easter Island; Ogallala Aquifer; Antarctic Base Y
1993 April Hurricane Andrew; Cairo; Artic Trek; Crocodiles; Mauritius N
1993 May Central Park; Middle East Water; Beekeepers; European Immigration; Nomads N
1993 June Chesapeake Bay; Iceman; Songbirds; Corn; Bangladesh N
1993 July California; New Zoos; Tigers; Northern California; Lightning; Cyprus Y
1993 August Sweeden; Bacteria; Tibet; Horn of Africa; Cumberland River N
1993 September Czechoslovakia; Pecos; Rabari; Hedgerows; Rain Forest Imaging N
1993 October Atlantic Canada; Labrador; Tower of London; Afghanistan; Prairie; Cambrian N
1993 November Taiwan; Kodiak; Red Sea; Olmec; Harlequin Ducks N
1993 November SPECIAL EDITION: WATER Blue (no yellow border) N
1993 December Caravans; Glass; Lake Superior; St. Petersburg; Butterflies N
1994 January Universe; Flood of '93; Des Moines; Kyushu; Macaws * N
1994 February World Federal Lands; Hunstein Forrest; Connecticut; Sea Turtles; Tatshenshini N
1994 March Shanghai; Simon Bolivar; Trinidad and Tobago; Eighth Air Force; Hunza N
1994 April Everglades; Kamchatka; Lusitania; Powell; Cordillera Sarmiento N
1994 May Alaska; Turkey; Tunnel; Rice; Wrangell-St. Elia; "Last Judgment"; Cranes N
1994 June Belugas; Central Pennsylvania; Cotton; POWWOW; Russian Voyage N
1994 July Megalopolis; Boston; San Deigo; Viruses; Recycling; Goshawks N
1994 August Lake District; Lions; "Can Do" Project; Soviet Pollution; Chornobyl; Jellyfish Y
1994 September Mexico; Ireland; Sonoran Desert; Japan; Crimea; Chana Coffins N
1994 October Parks, Hanseatic League; Siberian Mummy; St. Lawrence river; Seahorses N
1994 November Ancient Greeks; Oaxaca; Buffalo; Madeira; Deep-Sea Vent N
1994 December Prairie Provinces Animal Play; Canadian RR; Alabama; Buenos Aires; Whitman N
1995 January The Nile Egypt; Sharks; Wildflowers; New Orleans; Artic N
1995 February Italy; Amazon; Eagles; Bonampak; Venice; Pandas; Grand Teton N
1995 March Endangered Species Act; Bombay; Mummies; Aldabra; Piedmont N
1995 April Earthquakes California; Koalas; Saigon; Brindisi; Goats; Earth Day Double Map Supplement: Earthquakes N
1995 May Vickers Vimy; Sharks; NGS Maps; Cherokee; Frogs; Oman N
1995 June The Brain; Sea Otters; Galilee; Holy Land; Pudget Sound N
1995 July Rockies; Ndoki; Banff; Burma; Leafcutter Ants; Kobe Earthquake N
1995 August Sicily; Bats; Photographers; Hiroshima; Voodoo; Whales N
1995 September Hawaii; Hawaii; Dawn of Humans; Provence; Huautla; Cuttlefish; El Salvador N
1995 October Information Revolution; British Coast; Gorillas; Cuatro Cienegas; Geisha; Fiji N
1995 November Oceans; Tokyo Fish Market; Sperm Whales; Basques; Squirrels; Oxford N
1995 December Orion/The Heavens; Theotihuacan; Manta; San Xavier; Farming; Orion; Goodall N
1996 January Neandertals; Edmund Fitzgerald; Utah; Arctic; Tarpon; Earth's Center; Puffins N
1996 February Indonesia; Irian Jaya; Tex-Mex Border; Glaciers; Thailand; Pollution; Caucasus N
1996 March Xinjiang; Mummies; Penguins; Hudson River; Dawn of Humans; Macedonia N
1996 April Jerusalem; Tower; Buddhist Caves; Trout; Anasazi; NGS Research; Aran Islands N
1996 May Peru; Antarctica; California Desert; Monaco; Dinosaur Eggs; David Thompson N
1996 June Ontario Cape York; Crocodiles; Bosnia; Mummias; Eritrea; Dinosaurs; Toronto "Double Map Supplement: Ontario" Y
1996 July South Africa Parks; Olympics; Dinosaurs; Silver Bank; Syria N
1996 August Mexico: A Special Issue N
1996 September Scotland; Gaza; Scythians; Four Corners; Tarantulas; Fire N
1996 October Federal Lands Refugees; Gold; Kurils; China Tomb; Deep Sea Life; Morocco; Baffin "Double Map Supplement: Federal Lands" Y
1996 November Orbit; Joseph Banks; Gibraltar; Seamount; Solorado; Spiders; Shuiluo River "Featured in this issue: Sir Joseph Banks" N
1996 December Mongols Genghis Khan; Shenandoah; Las Vegas; Ice Climbing; Berlin; Crinoids "Double Map Supplement: The Mongols" N
1997 January Nile Delta; Peru Mummies; Trees; Joseph Rock; Tasmania; Field Notes; Sri Lanka N
1997 February The Dawn of Humans Khans; Artic; Lichens; Dawn of Humans; Tigers; New York Y
1997 March China; Hong Kong; Moths; National Forests; Paper; Kaliningrad; Seals * N
1997 April Hubble; Dog Fence; Fig Trees; Yellowstone River; Moscow; Oil on Ice N
1997 May India India; Iceland; La Salle; Dawn of Humans; Pythons; Bike Trek N
1997 June Frensh Polynesia; Pearls; Old Ironsides; Cats; Okinawa; Fox River; Central America N
1997 July The Roman Empire Roman Empire; Sumo; Montserrat; Robots; Dawn of Humans; Grand Canyon Y
1997 August Barrier Islands; Coral; Thalay Sagar; Roman Legacy; Oregon; Malaysia Y
1997 September Canada Three Gorges; Route 66; Balloons; Nunavut; Dawn of Humans; Beirut; Everest N
1997 October Zambezi; County Fairs; Pakistan; Parasites; Ancient Americans; Van Gogh N
1997 November Aging; Uzbekistan Rafting; Quebec; Flies; Hutsuls; North Woods; Nepal N
1997 December Mesoamerica Tigers; Sita; Australia by Bike; Copan; Comets; HA Long Bay; Dinosaurs N
1998 January Billennium; Blackpool; Polar Bears; Altamaha; Research; Dutch Winter; Amelia Earhart N
1998 February Exploration Mapping; Why Explore?; Antarctica; Cousteau; Sahara; The Maine; Australia N
1998 March Marine Sanctuaries; Naples; Rise of Life; National Radio; Beetles; Nenets Y
1998 April Orinoco; Shipwrecks; Australia; Rongelap; Ozarks; Life Grows Up; Prairie Dogs N
1998 May Physical World; Cascadia; Climate; Gray Wolves; Prince Edward Island; Whitbread N
1998 June Trans-siberian RR; Quetzals; Orkney; Stock Cars; Raji; Kaikoura Canyon; Adirondacks N
1998 July Natural Hazards Frogfish; Denmark; Orign of birds; Yukon River; Inca Mummies Double Map Supplement: Natural Hazards of North America N
1998 August 3-D Mars; Orangutans; CHINATOWN; Bottlenose whales; Dawn of Humans; Fires; Titanic 3D glasses (1 loose, 1 still attached), Milkyway map N
1998 September Valley of the Kings; Romania; Sharks; Vermont; Catherine the Great; Borneo Caves N
1998 October Population Migration; Women; Food Supply; Lewis & Clark; Perfume; Antartic Desert "Millennium Supplement: Population" N
1998 November Wilderness; Cossacks; Maui Surf; Colobus Monkeys; Shackleton; Abusir Tomb; Nebraska N
1998 December Spain/Portugal South China Sea; Dino Eggs; Barcelona; Nunataks; Homer; Parasites; Petra Double Map Supplement: Spain and Portugal Y
1999 January Coral; Lawrence; Anacondas; Baffin Island Climb; Research; Ravens; Popocatepetl Millenium Supplement: Biodiversity N
1999 February Biodiversity The Fragile Web; Antartica; Elephants; Diatoms; Ants & Plants Millennium Supplement: Biodiversity N
1999 March Sahara; Florida Springs; Steller's Sea-Eagles; El Nino; Exxon Valdez; Snapping Turtles N
1999 April Galapagos; Blues Highway; Copper Age; Midway; Texas Hill Country; Vernal Pools N
1999 May Caspian Sea Wild Dogs; WHYDAH Priates; Missouri Breaks; Ants & Plants; Rise of Life Double Map Supplement: Caspian Sea N
1999 June Cuba; Old Havana; Dinosaur; Glenn Flight; Tam Dao Reserve; Sahara Rock Art; New River Cover is water damanged (coffee) N
1999 July Iran; Mars on Earth; Hornbills; Color; Grand starcase-escalante; Humpbacks Y
1999 August Culture Global Culture; Three cities; Vanishing Cultures; Endangered Art; Writing Millennium Supplement: Culture N
1999 September Kashmir; Baloon; Masai Initiation; Olive Oil; Rock Art; Eagle Hunters; Rodeos; Galileo N
1999 October Universe; Science; Universe; Genes; Mummies; Trinidad, Cuba; Mallory; Last Dive of 1-52 Y
1999 November Iraq; Sharks; Inca Mummies; Panama; African Rituals; Feathered Dinosaurs; Hurricane N
1999 December Ancient Greece; Cheetahs; Florida Keys; Geographic Century; Brothers Grimm; Survey N
2000 January Special Millennium Issue N
2000 February Balkans; Black Dragon; Messel; Albanians; Kosovo; Gorillas; Voting Rights; Greece II N
2000 March Madidi; Bugging Out; Arctic Submarine; Greece III; Mining; Cerro Torre Climb; Beijing N
2000 April Sharks; Chiquibul Cave; Research; San Pedro River; Nature's Rx; Platypus N
2000 May Vikings; Silver Queen; New Caledonia; Dawn of Humans; Ants & Plants; Lighthouse; Volcano N
2000 June Britain/Ireland; London; Dinosaur; Suriname; Sierra Madre; Jellyfish; Golan Heights; Indus N
2000 July Australia Anatolian Earthquakes; American Samoa; Dawn of Humans; Slot Canyons Double Map Supplement: Australia N
2000 August Olympics Sydney; Zulus; Madagascar Fossils; Fungi; Phips's Fleet; Angkor; Big Sur Special Tear-out map: Sydney Olympics N
2000 September California Trails Unbeatable Body; Tombs; Rana Tharu; Rise of Life; Leopard; Mentone, TX N
2000 October Megatransect; Sonoran Desert; North Enders; Gliders; Oceans; Sea Vents; Fossil Trail smells of mothballs * N
2000 November Libya; Putorana; Volcano; Luis Marden; Lions; Nepal; Pueblo Reburial; Beverly Hills N
2000 December First Americans Blue Nile; Polar Bears; Fiords; Wobegon; Shipton's Arch; North Pole, AK N
2001 January Surviving In Space; Greate Barrier Reef; Mummies; Ashkelon; Imperial Palace; Quartzsite, AZ N
2001 February Mars Andes; Mars; Scarabs; Medowlands; Research; Bushmen; Rock Art; Waimanalo, HI N
2001 March Megatransect II; Juncle Clearing; Palmyra; Moche Burials; Indonesia; Bartram; Rico, CO N
2001 April Ancient Egpyt Columbia River; Pharohs; Minke Whales; Gypsies; Flower trade; Harlem, NY N
2001 May Marco Polo; Jaguars; Black Sea; Poisonous Cave; Pterosaurs; Frogs; Jamestown, NM N
2001 June Chile Caves; Marco Polo II; Asiatic Lions; Wales; U.S.S. Arizona; Djenne; Cary, NC N
2001 July Treasure Grizzlies; Marco Polo III; Sprawl; Cuba Gold; Monhegan; Aksum; Delacroix, LA N
2001 August Public Lands; Spiders; Anwr; Kamchatka; Megatransect III; Chauvet; Ocean Grove, NJ N
2001 September Africa Peace Parks; Tombs; Immigration; Walruses; How Old Is It?; Garifuna; Dayton, TN N
2001 October Light; Rain Forest; China Tombs; Volcanoes; Leakey; Leopards; Swahili Coast; Adjuntas, PR N
2001 November Russia; Hippos; Aauroras Whales; Pyramid Builders; King Cobras; Steelville, MO Y
2001 December Afghanistan Antartica; Ice Islands; Silicon Valley; Wired World; Supercroc; Abraham N
2002 January Dogs; New Europe; Gobi; World of Islam; Western Ghats; U.S.S Enterprise N
2002 February Antarctica Challenges; AIDS; Reefs; Etna; Salt Lake Valley; Central Asia; Elkton, MD N
2002 March Diamonds; Arctic; Prairie-Chickens; Danube; Bears; Greek Shipwreck; Murfreesboro, AR N
2002 April Afghan Girl; Tibetans; Lions; Maya; Muskoxen; Lewis & Clark; China; Bats; Pickstown, SD N
2002 May The Inca Food; Moths; Guyana Expedition; Mummies; Po River; Chicago N
2002 June D-Day; Boreal Forest; Wolverines; Jamestown; Afghanistan; Andes Empires; Ames, IOWA N
2002 July Nuclear Waste; Bald Eagles; Somalia; Philippines; Huntley; Flowers; Washington, D.C. N
2002 August New Skull Find; Oceans; FUJI; Slave ship; Bahia; Smokejumpers; Monkeys; Bear Island, NH Y
2002 September State of the planet Fresh Water; Great Lakes; Meerkats; Black Sea Coast; New York, NY Y
2002 October Middle East; Egypt; Tokyo; World Heritage; New Zealand; West Bank; Hibbing, MN Y
2002 November Weapons Of Mass Destruction; Skin; Mola; Megacities; Geladas; Boys Town, NE N
2002 December Hawaiians; Chandra; Cahara; PT 109; Kabul; Snowy Owls; Tysons Corner, VA N
2003 January Great Wall; Volcano; Textiles; Egyptian Treasures; Japanese Wildlife; Athens, OH N
2003 February Galaxies; Sudan; Sacagawea; Red Knots; Sea Vents; Vancouver Island; Driggs, ID N
2003 March West Indies Dinosaurs; Puerto Rico; Alaska; Qatar; Pacific Islands; Oklahoma City, OK N
2003 April Mammals; Oman Caves; Corsica; Gombe Chimps; Jane Goodall; Tibet Trek; Augusta, GA C
2003 May Everest Hillary; Sherpas; Mayflies; Kentucky Horse Country; Maya Treasure; Detroit, MI N
2003 June India; Minnesota; Baghdad; Porpoises; Andes Road; Caterpillars; Gold; Oak Bluffs, MA N
2003 July The Two Koreas DMZ; Animal Attraction; Ancient China; Three Peaks; Salmon; Peru, IN N
2003 August Amazon Tribes; Paris; Atacama Desert; Alaska; Maya City; Zimbabwe; Pittsburgh, PA * Y
2003 September 21ST-Century Slaves; Zebras; Peru Mummy; Gabon Parks; Undersea Lab; Iraq; Portland, OR N
2003 October Saudi Arabia; Kinkajous; Iraq Treasures; Orangutans; Maya; Mongolia; Barre, VT N
2003 November Surveillance; Afghanistan; Egypt Tomb; Cuba; Burma Road; Yellowstone; Fargo, ND N
2003 December Flight Future of Flying; Tango; Hubble; Maya Mural; Flamingos; Sumurai; Witchita, KS N
2004 January Mars; Himba People; Patagonia; Star Map; Himalayan Sanctuary; Arctic Ice; Basin, MT N
2004 February Han Dynasty; Polar Bears; Phoenix Islands; Inca; Monkeys; Carbon Cycle; Greenwich, CT N
2004 March Atlantic Forest; Armenia; Harp Seals; China; Elephants; Stikine River; Talladega, AL N
2004 April Bird Migration; Tornadoes; Cranes; Johannesburg; Badlands; Tigers; Wiscasset, ME * N
2004 May Great Plains; Cuba, Kansas; Europe; Maya Grave; Hanoi; Wolves; Ballard; Whitesburg, KY * N
2004 June Shiites; Montery Canyon; Peru Tombs; National Mall; Flickers; Oil; Pawtucket, RI * N
2004 July The Sun; Cocaine; Olympic Park; Barabaig; Wind Scorpions; Peru Temple; Nalcrest, FL * N
2004 August Banjo Paterson; Squid; Fat; Patagonia; New Jersey; Gabon; Point Roberts, WA N
2004 September American Indians; Global Climate; Indians; Badgers; Treasure Wreck; Milwaukee, WI * N
2004 October Hawaii Volcanoes; Phoenicians; Colombia; Arctic Fox; Louisiana; Iran Reptiles; Elko, NV * N
2004 November The World Evolution; Maya; Fiji Reefs; Terrorism; Sloth Bears; Australia; Kelly, WY N
2004 December Bin Laden; Afghanistan; Okavango Delta; New Planets; Titanic; Hartsville, SC N
2005 January Caffeine; Cheetahs; Anchient Italy; Morocco's Berbers; Yosemite; Hot Coffee, MS N
2005 February Arabia; Nazi Ship; Bollywood; Owls; Salton Sea; Syrian Tomb; Wilmington, DE N
2005 March The Mind; Olmsted; Anchient Peru; Ireland; Medellin; Invasive Species; Moab, UT N
2005 April Civil War Early Humans; Space Plane; Moken; Flycatchers; Orcas; Egypt; Guantanamo N
2005 May Poison; Colorado; Fossil Trade; Deepest Cave; Reef Color; Einstein; Clarksburg, WV N
2005 June Europe TUT; Chesapeake; Hyenas; Romania; Convict; Weather; Tornadoes; Postville, IA Y
2005 July Stem Cells; China's Armada; Jellyfish; Mars; Chechnya; Rockies; Glen Echo, MD N
2005 August After Oil; Cave Art; Brazil; Hurricanes; China Fossils; Atomic Bomb; Tecumseh. OH N
2005 September Africa Portfolio; Human Footprint; Nairobi; Oil; AIDS; Pygmies; Zambia; Wildlife "Special Issue" N
2005 October Killer Flu; Africa Desert; Trafalgar; Hawaii; Stone Age Site; Elephants; Bridgewater, NJ * N
2005 November Longevity; Acadia; Nepal; Ocelots; War Letters; Indonesia; Maurice, LA * N
2006 January Kurds; Genocide; Grand Canyon; Lynx; Maya; Arctic Hunters; Mantids; Monroeville, AL * N
2006 February Serengeti; Love; Russian Bears; Lubavitch Jews; California; The Alps; Miami, FL * N
2006 March Ukraine; Human Journey; Celts; Coal; Mining; African Wolf; Hampton Roads; Houston, TX * N
2006 April Earthquakes; Chernobyl; Neuclear; Glen Canyon; Venezuela; Dragonflies; San Francisco Earthquake risk map Y
2006 May Alaska; Judas Gospel; Duchy of Cornwall; Allergies; Mayanmar; Lindsborg, KS N
2006 June Soccer; Peruvian Mummy; Pelicans; Nanotechnology; Hutterites; Mount Airy, NC * N
2006 July Pandas; U.S. Coasts; Rome's Basement; Dance Across America; Human Body; Blackbeard Y
2006 August New Orleans; Hurricanes; Fremont Culture; Great Smokies; Abercrombie; Sea Life; Ants * N
2006 September Manchuria; Shoes; Papua New Guinea Caves; Okavango Lions; Sonoran Desert N
2006 October United States; World Parks; U.S. Sanctuaries; Paris; Chemicals Within Us; Pyramid * N
2006 December Solar System; Saturn; Early Earth; War Medicine; Bulgaria; South Sandwich; Ivorybill * N
2007 January Amazon; Humpback Whales; Dubai; Hummingbirds; Arctic Trek; Slovenia Treasure * N
2007 February Human Heart; Big Bend Park; Nigeria Oil; Hawaii Worms; Mangrove Forests * N
2007 March Zakouma Park; African Wildlife; Cosmic Explosions; Orlando; Sharks; Canyonlands * N
2007 April Global Fisheries Crisis; Hip-Hop Culture; Tallgrass Prairie; Botswana Leopards * N
2007 May Jamestown; Creating America; Dharavi; Zambia Wildlife; U.S.-Mexico Border; Ants Map Supplement: America Transformed N
2007 June Arctic Wildlife; Global Melting; Carl Linnaeus; China; Arlington Cemetery; Bats N
2007 July Malaria; Iceman Mystery; Birds of Paradise; Tongass National Forest; Swarms * N
2007 August Mesoamerica; New Orleans; Maya Rise and Fall; Narwhals; Mexican Cowboys; Ants N
2007 September Pakistan; Glacier-Waterton; Bog Bodies; Indonesia; Vesuvius; Troglobites * N
2007 October Climate Change; Carbon; Biofuels; Latin America; Zoonotic Diseases; Space; Pirates * N
2007 November Memory; Tonga; Death Valley; Marine Microfauna; Hunters; Hubble Telescope * N
2007 December Dinosaurs; Bethlehem; Albatrosses; 21st-Century Cowboys; Permafrost * N
2008 January Volcanoes; High-tech trash; Gorillas; Himalaya Climb; India Art; North Dakota Y
2008 February Black Pharohs; Mexico Border; Eagles; Drying of the West; Hazaras; Basho Y
2008 March Animal Minds; Iceland; God Particle Search; Pacific Migration; Bhutan Y
2008 April The Sahel; Biomimetics; India Rickshaws; Hawaii's Na Pali Coast; Senegal Chimps Y
2008 May China Big Picture; Middle Class; Ethnic Village; Olympic Boom; Yellow River; Whats Next? Poster: Forbidden City Revealed. China: Inside the Dragon - Special Issue Y
2008 June Stonehenge; Siberia; World Oil; Nudibranchs; Snow Leopards; Afghan Treasures Y
2008 July Virunga Gorillas; Altiplano; Polivia; Dinosaurs; Wildfires; Kingman Reef Y
2008 August Persian Empire Iran; Monkey Island; Japan Park; Moscow at Night; Target Earth Map: Persian Empire Y
2008 September African Elephants; Sailfish; Soil; Bolivian Wrestlers; Green Sahara Y
2008 October Neanderthals; Bee-eaters; India Highway; Right Whales; Ozarks Trail Y
2008 November Borneo; Crystal Giants; Tarahumara; Light Pollution; Seals; Canada Wilderness Y
2008 December Jerusalem; King Herod; West Bank; India Health; Mars; Wallace; Klamath River Map: Old Jerusalem Y
2009 January Gold; Kronotsky Nature Reserve; Threatened Species; Pola Sagas Y
2009 February Darwin; Escaping North Korea; Mastang Trail; Sicily's Mummies; Mount Washington Y
2009 March Canadian Oil; Saving Energy; China Nature Reserve; Sinai; Jaguars; Blue Whales Y
2009 April Australian Drought; Changing Rains; Svalbard; Hatshepsut; Russia's Church; Amphibians Y
2009 May Artic Ocean; Mammoths; Cloning; Shangri-la; Green roofs; Arctic; Leatherbacks Poster: The New Arctic Ocean Y
2009 June Global Food; Oulanka; Arab Christians; Amazon Dolphins; Tang Shipwreck; Southern Caves Y
2009 July Khmer Empire; Angkor; Manta Rays; State Fairs; New Zealand; Serbs; Telescopes Suppliment includes map of cambodia and surrounding countries Y
2009 August Kamchatka Salmon; Yellowstone; Deceptive Animals; Venice; Camel Pageant Y
2009 September Solar Power; King Penguins; Somalia; Orchids; Before New York Y
2009 October Redwoods; Bryde's Whales; Indonesia; Sahara Desert; Diamond Shipwreck Y
2009 November Animal Mummies; Reinventing Syria; Kingfishers; Madagascar; India; Crocodiles Y
2009 December China's Uygurs; South Georgia Island; New Earths; Hadza; Pollen; Mount Athos Y
2010 January Bionics; The Herbrides; Wildlife Trade; China's Spirits; Clownfish; Singapore Y
2010 February Polygamists; A Cubic Foot; Patagonia; India's Nomads; Hubble Telescope; Congo Chimps Y
2010 March Wolf Wars; Nasca Lines; Carnivorous Plants; Ethiopian Tribes; Shanghai Y
2010 April Water; Our Thirsty World: A Special Issue Poster: World Rivers, Water Footprint Y
2010 May Mount St. Helens; Mexican Saints; Sleep; Tea Horse Road; European Wildlife; Iberian Lynx Y
2010 June Melt Zone; Greenland; Whooping Cranes; South Africa; Foja Mountains; Chinese Caves Y
2010 July Evolutionary Road; Bowerbirds; Pakistan; Brazilian Dunes; Electrical Grid Y
2010 August Bahamas Caves; Eurasian Railroad; Tribal Lands; Kaziranga; Whale Evolution Pullout Poster: Inside the Blue Holes Y
2010 September King Tut; Fraser Island; Madagascar; Insect Eggs; Eels Y
2010 October Gulf Oil Spill; Protecting Marine Life; Australia's Gians; Jane Goodall; American West Map: How the Gulf works Y
2010 November Animal Migrations; Southern Sudan; Japan's Seas; Aztec Excavations Poster: Animal Journeys Y
2010 December Afghan Women; Whooper Swans; David and Solomon; Milky Way; Bristol Bay; Bats Y
2011 January Population; Phoenix Islands; Timbuktu; Vietnam Cave; Cahokia Y
2011 February Feathers; Opium Wars; Artificial Reefs; Paris Underground; Snub-nosed Monkeys Y
2011 March Seven Billion; Taming the Wild; Age of Man; Coelacanths; Kung Fu; Pollinators; Alaska Poster: The Surprising Face of Seven Billion Y
2011 April Inca; Crimea; Nyiragongo Volcano; Acid Sea; Manhattan's New Park; Snow Frogs Y
2011 May Great Barrier Reef; Bangladesh; Ants; Yosemite; Camera Obscura; Panama Y
2011 June Gobekli Tepe; Namibia; Child Brides; Tide Pools; China; Rare Earths Y
2011 July Cleopatra; Polar Bears; Baghdad; Middle Eastern Youth; Food Supply; Portugal Y
2011 August Kermode Bear; Great Bear Rainforest; Robots; Langur Monkeys; Myanmar; Fossils Y
2011 September Elephants; Personal Flight; Adirondacks; Brazil; South Pole; North Africa Y
2011 October Teen Brains; Slot Canyons; Whale Sharks; Hothouse Earth; Mongolia; Ansel Adams Y
2011 November Africa's Rift Valley; Anglo-saxon Treasure; Sami People; Europe's Iceman; U.S. Rivers Y
2011 December King James Bible; Wild Tigers; Japan's Nuclear Zone; Magellanic Clouds; City Solution Tear out poster: Big Cats Y
2012 January Twins; Panama Gold; Dogsled Patrol; Land Mines; Afar Depression; Montana Y
2012 February Dog DNA; Tsunami Science; Kazakhstan; Da Vinci; Vermilion Cliffs; Papua New Guinea Y
2012 March Apostles; Arabian Seas; Glacial Rocks; Rhino Wars; Marseille; Europe Y
2012 April Climbing K2; African Masks; The Titanic; Flamingos; Brazil's Secret Societies Titanic Y
2012 May Civil War; Manakins; Egypt; Anatomy of Hands; Iceland; Koalas C
2012 June Solar Storms; Outer Banks; Terra-cotta Army; Ural Owls; Hong Kong; Socotra C
2012 July Easter Island; Epic Storms; Vanishing Languages; Mt. Erebus; Russian Summer C
2012 August Pine Ridge Reservation; Gannets; East London; Lightning; Tibet's Golden Worm C

All issues marked with a * in the notes column were imported from another collection (A list of those issues is available). All other issues from before January 2008 came from my grandparents (list). A subscription was started in January 2008 - all issues after this date are from that subscription (list).

NGM List - French

These are issues of the French version of the National Geographic.

Year Month Spine Notes Read
2010 Novembre Migrations Animales; Azt�ques; Migrations; Homme De Salkhit; Japon; Soudan; Vie Sauvage Poster: Grandes Migrations N

NGM List - Bound

Year Months Description
1961 Jan.-June
1961 July-Dec.
1962 Jan.-June
1962 July-Dec.
1963 Jan.-June
1963 July-Dec.
1964 Jan.-June
1964 July-Dec.
1965 Jan.-June
1970 July-Dec.
1972 Jan.-June
1972 July-Dec.
1973 Jan.-June
1973 July-Dec.
1974 Jan.-June
1974 July-Dec.
1975 July-Dec.
1976 Jan.-June
1976 July-Dec.

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January-June 1983 Volume 163 INDEX (January-June 1983)
1988? National Geographic Index 1888-1988
1997 The Complete National Geographic, 1997 Edition (31 CDs)
2010 The Complete National Geographic, 2010 Edition (6 DVDs)