Official support for all Netscape client products will end on March 1st, 2008. Please see the announcement for more details.

Browser Add-ons

Your Browser, Your Way

Add-ons are small programs that you can install to make changes to your browser. There are four basic types of add-ons: Extensions, Themes, Dictionaries, and Search Engines.


Extensions change the way your browser behaves. You can find extensions that do anything from display a weather forecast in your statusbar to scroll your Live Bookmarks across the screen.


A theme is an add-on for Navigator which can change the look and feel of the entire browser. Themes range from plain and simple to flashy and far-out.


Plugins are small programs that help Navigator perform specific functions like playing multimedia files or viewing special graphic formats.


Navigator's spellcheck feature can use any language for which you have a dictionary installed. Navigator uses the same dictionary format as Mozilla Firefox; you can install dozens of these dictionaries at the Mozilla Add-ons dictionary page.

Search Engines

You can install many different search engines to use in Navigator's built-in search bar. Since Navigator uses the same search engine format as Firefox, you can install any of the search engines listed on Mozilla Firefox's Search Engine page.

The largest repository for browser add-ons is Most of the add-ons hosted there were built for official Mozilla® products, but because Netscape Navigator 9 is based on the latest Mozilla technologies, the add-ons should work with Netscape Navigator as well. (If an extension or theme is compatible with Firefox® 2, you will be able to install it in Navigator 9. Note that some Firefox themes may not fully support all of Navigator's features.)

Netscape extensions for Firefox® extensions are available for Firefox 2. Add your favorite Netscape extension to Firefox today!