This is the NetBSD/VAX Frequently Asked Questions with Answers page

V1.11, June 18 1997, Gunnar.

Note: This FAQ is completely out of date and probably worthless. A new FAQ is in the works and should be ready Real Soon Now(tm)

July 24, 1999. Gunnar

This is the list of frequently asked questions with answers for the VAX port of NetBSD. Compiled and maintained by Gunnar Helliesen <>, with the help of numerous individuals on the 'net.
You might want to start here first: What is NetBSD/VAX?

1. Introduction

2. What's new 3. Installing NetBSD/VAX 4. Upgrading NetBSD/VAX to -Current 5. General Q and A 6. General VAX and hardware information

Getting more information about NetBSD and NetBSD/VAX:

The NetBSD WWW site

The NetBSD mailing lists page Please join the port-vax list!

The *BSD FAQ site

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