1. Introduction

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1.1 Purpose of this FAQ

I hope that this document will answer many of the frequently asked questions of anyone from beginners to experienced developers regarding all aspects of the NetBSD/VAX operating system.

1.2 Scope

This version of the FAQ currently attempts to cover the NetBSD 1.0A to NetBSD 1.1 -Current version.

1.3 Availability

The most recent copy of this FAQ in html format can be found on: http://www.bitcon.no/~gunnar/vaxbsd/FAQ.html

1.4 Copyright and Disclaimers

Although I try to verify that the information contained within this FAQ is correct, I accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused by the use of the information contained within this FAQ.

This FAQ is Copyright © 1996-97 by Gunnar Helliesen.

1.5 General information

Text in
monospace font
denotes included text from other sources (normally e-mails and messages posted on the port-vax mailing list). Text in
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denotes commands that you should enter exactly as shown.

1.6 Additions and Corrections

Please send all additions and corrections to gunnar@bitcon.no. If making a correction, please do not send a copy of the entire FAQ. Just send the relevant text from the FAQ plus the corrected text.

1.7 FAQ Contributors

The following individuals contributed to this FAQ, directly or indirectly:

I am trying to recognize everyone who has contributed to this FAQ. If I have missed your name, please e-mail me (gunnar@bitcon.no) and I will make sure to include your name.

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