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Aaron Sakovich

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Welcome to my world. Yeah, I do Web work. I push Alphas. I used to love NT (hint: old Easter Egg) but still love OpenVMS. I love technology. All things being equal, I'd rather be at the beach. Hmmm, Key West would be nice just about now!

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Who am I? Just another geek, but a geek with a passion. Figure out this profile: 2 kids. 1 Newton. 4 Alphas (at home. So far.). A Rocket eBook. My Probe GT, but I miss my Porsche. Computer Engineering degree from UNH. The Titanic was an interest before anyone heard of Leo (hmmm, maybe before he was born). Worked at Boeing Flight Test and on the Space Station. Started a company. First home computer was an Apple ][; my current Alpha is 4,000 times faster with 4,000 times as much memory and 270,000 times the storage. Worked for Digital and went to a lot of DEC 100's (Charleston was cool!). I've liked Peter Gabriel and Beethoven, Enya and Yes, Genesis, David Bowie, and Vangelis for years; lately, I've been rocking to Bush, Garbage, Filter, and Apollo 440. I've seen the Concorde several times and the Endeavour, worked on the first 747, 757, and 767, touched the Alvin, and had the distinct honor to meet Judy Resnik (we miss you, Judy), Gerry Carr, Bill Pogue, and Gene Cernan. Born in New Hampshire, worked in Seattle, live in Alabama, so far. I've been to the Grand Canyon and hiked Mt. Rainier and dream of going to Hawaii and/or Tahiti.
None of it in any special order...

I got started with Alphas at Digital where I learned what kind of tiger they had by the tail with this beast. I took to heart what they said about growing the market and providing a real alternative. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of others in control of so many things didn't. Fortunately, Alpha's bigger than that now, even if Microsoft is out of the picture. I was in Digital's first PCI class in Nashua and the first joint Digital/Microsoft NT certification class in Atlanta. I had a prototype Jensen back in late '92 and haven't looked back.

This site is the result of a collection of Alpha native applications and tools I started collecting back in my consulting days; it grew to the point where I felt it useful enough to share with the world. It kept on growing to the point where I started getting a fair amount of mail on the applications and software vendors. I added a list of links to vendors sites, then created the mail list in 1995. The site underwent a major transformation in 1996 and again in 1997, when it took on its current form. I continue to add new features, like the Article Archives and Classified Ads in 1998, am currently up to my eyeballs in moving this site to its final resting place, and have more plans for things I'd like to add down the road. Stay tuned as we try out new features!

Other than this site, I'd show you all the pages I've done, but some have gone the way of the dinosaur, and others are on Intranets. But you can start with my shameless plugs shown below.

Shameless plug: visit my favorite site, my hobby and passion, the AlphaNT Source.

Shameless plug #2: visit another of my sites, The Country Day School. (I don't support this site anymore, although it continues to reflect my creativity.)

My car, a 1993 Ford Probe GT, affectionately known as Cristine.

More to come!

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