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The AlphaNT Source
published by Aaron Sakovich
site updated

The AlphaNT Source, in memory of the fabulous combination of fast hardware and commodity software

Windows 2000?

Time for some changes

Yup, I've been busy with my other life the past year, but I'm getting to the point where I'm settling down.  So, as things quiet down IRL, why not shake 'em up a bit on the net?

We've generated a bit of interest on the AlphaNT mail list in getting updated info on where things are.  There have been a number of excellent suggestions on things to do, ranging from open source projects to cleaning up dead links on these pages.  I'll manage the changes, but will look to you, dear readers, to contribute the actual content.  To get us started off, let's take a look at something simple, but something that's been asked for by several folks: a gallery of  systems.

This is actually quite easy to accomplish, as there's already an AlphaNT gallery on the ftp archive.  I propose that folks who want to submit an entry send a picture of their system along with a description, and I'll post it there.  Descriptions should be the kind of thing I can simply cut-and-paste; simple HTML is allowed (e.g., unordered lists and such).  If you take a look, you'll find my system listed there already, as "Aarons_164RX.jpg".  Send your submission to the Alphaman for inclusion in the gallery!

Other ideas

Lots of folks wanted to devote some time to more technical efforts -- porting code, lists of software compatible with FX!32, pulling together system documentation, and fixing up dead links using the Internet Archive.  I'll post more info here as people commit to the various efforts.

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What's New?


Aaron, 7-Apr-2003

Hi again! It's been a long time coming, but I've finally gotten around to fixing the web-based archive, including file descriptions plus the capability to view the contents of any zip files without having to download them. Bon chance!

Mail list page update

Aaron, 27-Oct-2001

I've corrected the information on the mail list page to reflect the current state of the list, subscription info, and archives. If you've recently tried to subscribe to any of the old lists, please reference the corrected instructions on the Mail List page!

Not everything works

Aaron, 21-Oct-2001

A lot of the content was lost in the transfer from the earlier hosting service, unfortunately. Things like the mail list archive from 1998-2000 are history, although earlier content is available. There is no search engine right now, nor does any of the CGI code (including the file archive with descriptions -- go straight to the FTP site listed on that page instead.)

We're back...

Aaron, 21-Oct-2001

Yup, hello again after a long hiatus. Sorry for the delay, but there's been plenty going on trying to get this site back up. No thanks to the nay-sayers and do-nothings, but thanks to all the folks who've pulled together to get the site back up on a much more secure server! Major props to Ron and Paul for their work!

This page has been browsed about 2,368,731 times since 22 October, 2001.  Give or take a few...

The Alpha NT Source

Last revised Friday, 30 June 2000


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