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The AlphaNT Source
published by Aaron Sakovich
site updated

The AlphaNT Source
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In association with Amazon.com, the AlphaNT Source brings you links to books specifically oriented to the combination of Alpha and Windows NT. Utilizing high performance Alpha systems, Amazon.com can provide

The selection of books and media listed below is subject to change on a frequent basis. Selections listed herein are those found by the webmaster and books discussed on the AlphaNT mail list.

If you know of a good book that would be of interest to users of Alpha NT systems, please drop me a note to let me know what it is and why you think it would be beneficial for other users.

Thanks for your patronage!

Aaron Sakovich
The AlphaNT Source

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Alpha Architecture Reference Manual

This is the ultimate reference for architectural details of the Alpha processor family. Originally released in 1992, this is the 3rd update of the book.Book only

Mastering Windows NT Server 4 Mastering Windows NT Server 4

Possibly the best resource for general Windows NT technical issues, this is a must have for any serious shop setting up NT servers. Read more of the comments on Amazon.com's site to get a real feel for how invaluable this book is!Book plus CD-ROM

Optimizing Windows NT Optimizing Windows NT

Looking to get the most out of your Alpha system running NT? There isn't a better place to turn than Optimizing Windows NT. This book contains general NT optimization techniques, but also delves into the details of Alpha systems and specifics for them.Book plus CD-ROM

Microsoft Windows Nt Server Resource Kit : For Windows Nt Server Version 4.0 (Microsoft Professional Editions)Microsoft Windows Nt Server Resource Kit : For Windows Nt Server Version 4.0 (Microsoft Professional Editions)

Microsoft Windows Nt Workstation Resource Kit (Microsoft Professional Editions)Microsoft Windows Nt Workstation Resource Kit (Microsoft Professional Editions)

Microsoft's take on Windows NT, both the Server and Workstation versions. These sets provide the basic knowledge required to run Windows NT ("the documentation Microsoft should have provided with NT" in some people's opinion) plus a good set of utilities to get you started doing advanced work in a domain or even on a local workstation. While some may feel that the tools may be light on functionality or lacking in completeness and the documentation too "Microsoft-centric", the contents of this set are the basis for the Microsoft certification exams.Book plus CD-ROM

Windows NT Server Resource Kit, Supplement OneWindows NT Server Resource Kit, Supplement TwoIf all you want is the utilities and are willing to read your documentation online and not in a paper version, the two updates will prove to be a much more economical way to get this basic information. Please note that if you choose to go with one of these kits, you may not get some of the older tools included in the earlier versions that were made obsolete by the updates. CD-ROM only

In Search of Clusters, Second EditionIn Search of Clusters, Second Edition

Are you thinking about implementing a cluster, but don't know what they really are? This book provides the basics that you'll need to know to understand the different kinds of clusters, their heritage, and their future. A section explicitly on Wolfpack provides details on Microsoft's offering.Book only

Windows NT Registry GuideWindows Nt Registry Guide

While not an exhaustive listing of the NT registry, this book is unique in that it offers VB and C++ source code on the included companion disk that will allow you to learn how to modify the registry from your own applications.Book plus CD-ROM

The Windows Nt Device Driver Book : A Guide for ProgrammersThe Windows Nt Device Driver Book : A Guide for Programmers

Recommended by those in the know as the best way to get started writing or porting drivers for the Alpha platform.Book plus CD-ROM

Converting PATHWORKS to Windows NT

A new book that will help the system administrator of a PATHWORKS-based network migrate to or integrate with a Windows NT based environment.Book only

Web Publishing With Corel Wordperfect Suite 8 : The Official Guide

Now that WordPerfect Suite 8 is available as a native Alpha NT application - there's a book that describes the product's powerful Web publishing capabilities.

If you are interested in serious Web publishing - this book describes the built in HTML and Java publishing power of WordPerfect Suite 8.

Show-Stopper!: The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft

An inside look at the NT project, Dave Cutler, and the team that brought NT to the market. While not specifically related to Alpha, there are several mentions of it in the book; it is more of a detailed look at the soul of the OS rather than the technical details.

Quake II

The first commercial game for Alpha NT is also the best! From id Software comes Quake II, a game that can be played single-user or networked natively on the Alpha. While you'll need this kit, you'll also need the Alpha version of the executables that aren't on it. The Alpha version of the program can be found in the Games section of the AlphaNT Source archives as well as on id Software's FTP site.

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The Alpha NT Source

Last revised Friday, 30 June 2000


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