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The AlphaNT Source
published by Aaron Sakovich
site updated

Alpha and NT JumpStation

Table of Contents

This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with Digital's Alpha microprocessor, and Microsoft's operating system, Windows NT. The information is divided into the following categories:


The following links are related specifically to Alpha microprocessors, motherboards, and systems.

Spend enough time in the Alpha community, and you'll hear about Mustangs, Sables, and Mavericks. American Ford cars? No, code names. Check out the Trivia Page for a cross-reference table that should help you understand what folks are talking about. I'll be adding more trivia, so if you've got any tidbits you know, drop me a note!

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Windows NT and Alpha

These links point to pages and sites related to the combination of the Alpha Microprocessor running Windows NT.


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Windows NT

These general NT links, while not specific to Alpha systems, contain information that will be pertinent to NT users regardless of the platform they are running on.

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More links to general computing issues that are important to high-end workstation users.

The Alpha NT Source

Last revised Friday, 30 June 2000


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