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face Microsoft® Windows® 98 includes the Internet Explorer browser. With it you can surf the World Wide Web, shop online, download software, and communicate with people around the world.

  • The fast track to the Web: FrontPage Express
    Whether you’re building a simple homepage or migrating your business online, it’s easy to get started with FrontPage Express.
  • Web Publishing Wizardry
    You’ve just built a great Web site, now it’s time to share it with the world. The Web Publishing Wizard makes it a snap to publish your pages to the Web.
  • Banking online? Be smart with your money.
    Powerful security features in Internet Explorer 5 help safeguard the sensitive information you exchange with your bank. Find out how to get 128-bit encryption, the highest level of protection available.
  • Tax time online
    Using your computer to prepare and file your taxes online is fast, cheap, accurate, and may just make the whole process a bit less, well, taxing.
  • Say 'be mine' online
    With the scores of salutations to select from on the Web, you'll be sure to find the right electronic card for whatever you wish to express.
  • Jump on the broadband bandwagon for high-speed Internet access
    For slightly more than the cost of a standard dial-up connection, broadband service can be the beginning of a whole new Internet experience.
  • Find your holiday recipes online
    Give thanks--your holiday recipe needs can be met in cyberspace. Combining one part luck and two parts pluck, our shopper whips up a recipe for successful online recipe hunting.
  • Parlez-vous Windows 98?
    Give your system an international flavor with Windows language support. Try viewing Web pages in Hebrew, sending e-mail in Japanese, or changing menus and dialogs to display in Swedish.
  • Welcome to multimedia heaven
    Enough audio and video to make a media mogul jealous. has what you want for your listening and viewing pleasure.
  • Extend Internet Explorer with Web Accessories
    Instant gratification. Web Accessories end the wait by integrating news, stock quotes, site information and more right into your browser.
  • Get your movies online
    Shop the sites that offer the best experience and the largest selection of DVDs.
  • Get smart about downloading
    Make good decisions about what to download from the Internet. Security features in Internet Explorer 5 can help you determine what is safe.
  • Give the gift of the century
    Impress your loved ones with millennium-inspired gifts. Our shopper combs the Web for sites that are cashing in on the Year 2000.
  • Foraging for mushrooms on the Web
    Have a taste for exotic mushrooms, like shiitakes and pom pom blues?  We've harvested the best of the mushroom sites on the Web so you don't have to venture deep into the forest to satisfy your cravings.
  • Internet Explorer 5 testers share their tips
    Get the best scoops for using Internet Explorer 5 from the folks who helped Microsoft make it great.
  • Who is Eric Berman?
    See what this Internet Explorer 5 program manager has to say about its cutting edge capabilities.
  • Internet Explorer 5 search features
    Think you know a lot about ketchup?  We put these new Web search features to the test.
  • Seniors embrace technology and the Web
    No bingo for these folks. Find out how a group of 55-and-better seniors are getting in touch with the Internet.
  • Spice up your life
    Our salsa-loving shopper seeks out Web sites full of spicy sensations.
  • So shoe me
    The first in a series of articles about online shopping rates several sites that offer shoes for sale.
  • It's time to shop or drop
    Still behind on your holiday shopping? Try these online shopping sites that offer speedy shipping -- to send those last-minute gifts before time runs out.
  • Fundamentals of exploring the Internet
    Here's where to learn everything you need to know to get started using Internet Explorer.
  • Test drive Internet Explorer 5
    Read all about the new Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools Beta.
  • Beginner tips for exploring the Internet
    If you're new to our browser, these tricks will be a handy boost up.
  • Advanced tips for exploring the Internet
    If you're an experienced Web surfer, these tips will provide even more quick ways to get things done.
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