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High Performance Technical Computing
Click here for the latest information on DIGITAL HPTC hardware, software, and services. Discover how well we understand and meet the needs of HPTC users by offering the best hardware, software, and application coverage in the world.

Customised Solutions
So you need something out of the ordinary? Off-the-shelf computing may no longer deliver what you need. If you operate in an industry with advanced technology needs, there are limited people that can really help you. Today's solutions need to be tailored for future growth and moving environments. There is a team of DIGITAL engineers dedicated to designing and building those solutions that are unique, special and made especially for you! Click here for more information.

Windows NT
If your destination is NT, DIGITAL provides the services that get you there efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mail and Messaging
DIGITAL delivers reliable, scalable, high performance messaging solutions based on systems, value-added software and services from DIGITAL and its Business Partners worldwide.

DIGITAL, together with a cadre of partners that know the Internet market, delivers the unique combination of Internet expertise, high-performance hardware, software, network switches, and services. DIGITAL Internet Business Solutions simplify the integration of the Internet into the business environment, enabling customers to realize increased performance and reliability.