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  Updated: 20 December 1997
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New Zealand's busiest web site gets re-made 48 times every day

The National Business Review Centre Online is New Zealand’s most popular business web site. Its rapid success of its unique ability to deliver business information from New Zealand and around the world - updated every half hour, 24 hours a day. Not an easy task, but one DIGITAL was more than ready for. The Centre’s estimate of 5000 hits on its first day mushroomed to a peak of nearly 10,000 an hour. DIGITAL’s AlphaServer and Prioris Server also has to handle continual updates from a multitude of sources such as Reuters, Dow Jones, local and international stock exchanges, Radio New Zealand and the NZ Press Association. Even with the unexpected demand and the huge amount of incoming information, the DIGITAL system chosen by NBR handled it easily. Further proof that world-beating processing power and our ability to adapt existing systems to new situations makes DIGITAL the wisest choice for companies with an eye to the future.