System Information

Manufacturer: Sun Microsystems
Model: Ultra 1
Hostname: ultra1 Address:
CPU: TI UltraSPARC I @ 167MHz RAM: 128MB
System Software: Debian GNU/Linux Etch
Software: GCC, WindowMaker, Emacs, tftpd, rarpd, mopd, latd, etc
Services: SSH, HTTP, FTP (Local Access Only)


ultra1 is, as its name implies, a Sun Ultra 1. It is used as network-accessable linux box. When an intel CPU is required, pluto is used.

The machine came from auckland via trademe in April 2008 and is run headless as a general purpose linux box. It also runs TFTP and RARP for network booting other hosts and has LAT and MOP available for talking to DEC terminal servers. In the past it was also used in various experiments involving SPARC assembly language programming (write & assemble on Ultra-1, network boot on SPARCstation IPC) - these experiments may resume someday in the future.

A while after I got it I installed a Differential SCSI controller in one of its SBus slots. The controller isnt currently used for anything - I just had it lying around.

Around the 29th of May 2010 I attempted to startup the machine to experiment with Leafnode only to discover that its NVRAM chip had died rendering the machine unbootable. The machine will now require repairs similar to those given to the SPARCstation IPC & IPX. These repairs may be somewhat more difficult as, like the SPARCstation 4/5, the chip appears to be in a plastic holder of some form.


A variety of images of the machine are available:
Sun Ultra 1 Images

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