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Sun Systems
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Quick Specs
Architecture: sun4m
CPU: UltraSPARC I @ 143/167/200MHz
Max Ram: 1GB
chassis: Pizza box
bus: SBus: 3 slots

Sun Ultra 1

The Ultra 1 is a pizzabox UltraSPARC machine available in in two flavours - the standard Ultra 1 and the Ultra Creator 1. The Ultra 1 is available in 143MHz (Model 140) and 167MHz (Model 170) versions. The model 200 (Ultra Creator 1) launched in August 1996 with a list price of US$27,000 for the Ultra 1 Model 200E.
Ultra Creator 1

My Ultra 1 has a third party Differential SCSI controller installed with a 2GByte hard disk and 128MBytes of RAM. Its floppy drive is currently lacking a cable and the machine is without a CD-ROM drive so it is network booting only if I need to install an OS.


The Ultra 1 has no integrated graphics but instead uses an SBus graphics controller. The Creator edition has more options when it comes to graphics.


The system can take two SCA SCSI hard disks mounted in the front left of the case. With the cover taken off the drives have a lever on them to make sliding them out of the side of the case easy. The right side of the case takes a CD-ROM drive and Floppy drive, both of normal sizes.
[HDD in Front Left SIDE of Ultra1] [No HDD installed] [HDD in Bracket]


I have only one of these named ultra1.


Images of my one system are available. Click the picture for more.
[Ultra-1 Image Gallery]


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