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ZXnet http server: Cambridge Computers: Z88


Quick Specs
Architecture: Zilog Z80
CPU: CMOS Z80A @ 3.2768MHz
RAM: 32KiB, 128KiB or 512KiB depending on Model
Weight: 0.9kg

The Cambridge Z88 is an A4 sized light weight portable Z80-based computer. It has several utilities/applications built-in such as the word-processor/spreadsheet/database application PipeDream, Diary and a BBC BASIC interpreter.
Cambridge Computers Z88

I currently own four of these, one EPROM eraser, one power supply, One manual, One guarantee card, 4* 128K RAM modules, 4* Infomate modules (I think they are just 128K EPROM modules with Infomate and Rangerlink; Ive never tried erasing one of them), 3* 128K EPROM modules and 3* hard covers. Aside from one missing battery cover all of them are in working condition.


The Z88 is based on a low-power CMOS version of the Z80 microprocessor. It comes with 12KiB of pseudo-static RAM and 128KiB of ROM containing the Operating system (called OZ). It uses a membrane/chiclet keyboard which is almost inaudible (an optional electronic click can be turned on if the keyboard prooves too quiet for the users taste).

The device is powered by four AA batteries which provide up to 20 hours of use. There are three memory slots, each of which can be used for RAM, ROM or EPROM expansion modules.

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