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Epson PX-8 - zxnet


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Quick Specs
CPU: Zilog Z80 @ 2.45MHz
RAM: 64 KB
OS: CP/M 80
Display: 8 lines of 80 characters
Input: keyboard
Drives: micro tape drive

The Epson PX-8 is a small battery powered CP/M portable computer from arround 1984. It has its operating system and software stored in ROM.
Epson PX-8 (NP)

Ive not really had enough time to have a proper go at getting my one going. Ive attempted to power it up on third-party power supplys of the correct ratings but nothing happened. The battery is leaking a bit and so quite useless. From what I've read it sounds as if the device can only run from battery power and the Power Input is only for charging the battery. At some point I will have a go at hooking up a power supply directly to the battery connector to see if the machine actually works. My one has the BASIC and UTILITY ROMs installed.


The PX-8 is powered by a 2.45MHz Zilog Z80 processor, has CP/M 80 in ROM and 64KiB of RAM. The built-in LCD display is 8 lines of 80 characters. A microcassette drive is used for removable storage. On the back it has audio ports (probabily for connecting an external tape drive), and mini-din RS-232C and serial ports. On the underside behind a removable panel lie the application ROMs such as BASIC and UTILITY.

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