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Apricot Computers Logo
Quick Specs
CPU: lntel 8086 4.77MHz
RAM: 256KiB
OS: MS-DOS 2.11, Concurrent CP/M Version 3, CP/M 86
Display: 80-c/25-l LCD
Input: Infrared Keyboard, Speech
Drives: 720k single-sided 3.5" floppy disk
Weight: 5.8 kg

The Apricot portable, released in 1984, was Apricot Computer's attempt at a portable computer. Portable being the key word. Its not battery operated (requires mains power) and is quite heavy. It used a Wireless keyboard or Speech as input and provided an 80 column/25 line LCD display.
Apricot Portable

Ive never actually got mine running properly as it uses what is, for an intel system, non-standard boot disks. As I got my machine without software ive never had a chance to actually use it for anything more than a calculator (which is built into ROM).


The machine lives in a hard plastic carry case while not in use. Its keyboard is wireless but requires line of sight to operate (infrared). The Sony 3.5" single-sided 720k floppy drive lives on the right hand side of the machine and behind a cover at the rear is a selection of ports. The system also supports a Microphone for speech recognition.


The system provides speech recognition for input. The speech recognition software holds 4096 words, with only 64 available at a given time. A Microphone lives on the right hand side front of the machine for this purpose.

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