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ZXnet http server: Sun Ultra 10



Sun Systems
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Quick Specs
CPU: UltraSPARC IIi @ 143/167/200MHz
Max Ram: 1GB
chassis: Mid-tower
bus: PCI: 3 slots, UPA: 1 slot

Sun Ultra 10

The Ultra 10 is a mid-tower UltraSPARC machine released in January 1998 and discontinued in November 2002. Together with the Ultra 5 it replaced the Ultra 1 and Ultra 2.

These systems include a lot of PC-style hardware - PCI bus, EIDE hard disks, etc. Video output is provided by an ATI Rage Pro chipset with a standard HD15 (VGA) connector - no 13w3. It does still retain one UPA slot to support Creator, Creator3D or Elite3D graphics cards. For more details see the Hardware Specifications page.


I have only one of these named atlas.


Images will be available some day


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