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ZXnet http server: Sun Netra T1 AC200



Sun Systems
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Quick Specs
Architecture: ?
CPU: UltraSPARC IIe @ 500MHz
Max Ram: 2GB
chassis: 1U 19" Rackmount
bus: PCI 2.1: 1 slot

Sun Netra T1 AC200

The Netra T1 200 is the second generation replacement for the T1 100. It is targeted at ISP and Telecommunications market as well as general purpose uses. The first serial port has Lights Out Management support from which the machine can be turned on and off. Netra T1 AC200

My machine is configured with a 500MHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive, a 36GB hard disk and an 18GB hard disk. It runs Debian Etch.


The system can take two SCA SCSI hard disks mounted behind the front cover. With the cover taken off the drives have a lever on them to make sliding them out of the side of the case easy. On the left front is a laptop IDE optical drive which can be uncliped inside the system and easily slides out.


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