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Sun Systems
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Quick Specs
Architecture: sun4m
CPU: UltraSPARC I @ 143/167/200MHz
Max Ram: 1GB
chassis: Pizza box
bus: SBus: 2 slots, UPA: 1 slot

Sun Ultra 1 E series (Creator)

The Ultra 1 is a pizzabox UltraSPARC machine available in in two flavours - the standard Ultra 1 and the Ultra 1 Creator. The Ultra 1 is available in 143MHz (Model 140) and 167MHz (Model 170) versions. The model 200 (Ultra Creator 1) launched in August 1996 with a list price of US$27,000 for the Ultra 1 Model 200E. Ultra Creator 1

My Ultra 1 Creator has a SunVideo controller installed in its second SBust slot. It only has a standard SBus frame buffer installed with a 2GByte hard disk and 512MBytes of RAM. When I got it the CD-ROM drive had failed so rather than attempt to repair it I just pulled the working drive from my dead SPARCstation 5. I also installed a new floppy drive cable as its original one was missing. It is currently running Solaris 9 and is scheduled for a hard disk upgrade some time in the near future.

E series

Model numbers with an E suffix (Sun service code A12, internal codename Electron) replaces the third SBus slot with a UPA slot to allow the use of an optional Creator framebuffer. In addition, the E models have Wide SCSI and Fast Ethernet interfaces in place of the narrow SCSI and 10base-T Ethernet of the standard Ultra-1 (Service code A11, codename Neutron)


The system can take two SCA SCSI hard disks mounted in the front left of the case. With the cover taken off the drives have a lever on them to make sliding them out of the side of the case easy. The right side of the case takes a CD-ROM drive and Floppy drive, both of normal sizes.
[HDD in Front Left SIDE of Ultra1] [No HDD installed] [HDD in Bracket]


I have only one of these named ultra1c.


There are no images yet. My only machine is pinned down under a fairly heavy monitor and I don't really want to move it just to take pictures.


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