Connecting Your Zip® Drive

    CAUTION! This model of the Zip® drive cannot be used on Macintosh® computers. To connect to a Macintosh® (including the PowerBook®), use the SCSI or USB model of the Zip drive. For the iMac, use the Zip USB drive.

  1. If you have not already installed IomegaWare software, install it now. See Installing IomegaWare Software.

  2. Turn off power to your computer and all devices connected to it.

  3. CAUTION! Always turn off power to the computer and all devices connected to it (such as printers or drives) before beginning any computer hardware change.

  4. Connect the end of the data cable marked "zip" to the Zip® connector on the back of your drive.

  5. (If the connector doesn't seem to fit, try turning it over. Tighten all connector screws.)

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  6. Connect the other end of the data cable to your computer's parallel port (printer port).

  7. If a printer is connected to the only parallel port, disconnect it for now. You can reconnect your printer through your Zip® drive after the drive is installed. See Connecting a Printer to Your Zip Drive.

    The parallel port may be marked with a printer icon. A parallel port may also be labeled "Printer" or not marked at all. Check your computer user's manual if you are unable to locate your computer's parallel port.

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  8. Turn your computer ON, and connect the Zip® drive's power supply. (The power cord fits in the groove on the side of the drive.)

  9. Always turn on power to your computer before or at the same time as you supply power to your parallel port Zip® drive. (Some computers have problems if a device connected to the parallel port receives power before the computer is turned on.) Iomega recommends using a power strip to turn on all your devices at the same time. Power must be applied to the Zip drive before your operating system begins to load.

    The universal power supply included with your Zip® drive works with voltages from 100 to 240 volts.

    CAUTION! Use only an approved Iomega Zip® power supply. Other power supplies may damage your Zip drive.

    To make it easier to move your Zip® drive between home and work, you may want to purchase an extra power supply, cable, and carrying case. Call 1-800-MY-STUFF (U.S. and Canada only) or contact Iomega's web site at to order Zip accessories.

  10. Check that the power light is ON. (Indicates that the power supply is connected properly.)

    If the power light does not come on, refer to Troubleshooting.

  11. Congratulations! Your Zip® drive is ready to use.

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