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Having Fun

Tune in to a wider world of radio

by Susan Hutton

The one-hit wonder band The Buggles was wrong. They prophesized in 1981 that Video Killed the Radio Star -- but they didn't count on the Web. With the aid of streaming technology, the Web is extending the reach of radio. Stations whose wattage approximates a dim light bulb can now equal their mega-watt brethren. Faster than a speeding jingle, they can even jump continents.

With the Web, broadcasters don't need to shout from every transmitter to be heard. It's all digital -- squeezed down the copper wire that the phone company snakes into your home. Internet Explorer 5 has taken this technology one step farther.  With Internet Explorer 5's new Windows Radio feature, you can play radio stations from around the world by simply clicking a button.

Don't fence me in
Windows Radio works in conjunction with your gateway to more than 300 radio stations around the world. Remember the tropical vacation that turned out to be a week of rain? You spent it inside playing gin rummy and swatting the flying cockroaches in-time to that incredible island music. With Windows Radio, you can find that station and others from around the world: Jazz from Senegal, news from Prague, cricket from Sydney, flamenco from Buenos Aires. To find what pleases your ears, you can search by:

  • U.S. state
  • Country
  • Format (talk show, country music, news radio, etc.)
  • Zip code

After you find the station you're looking for, will send you straight to the radio station's home page with a quick click of a button. And thanks to handy Windows Radio button on the Internet Explorer 5 toolbar, regardless of where you wander, it's easy to come back for more.



Susan Hutton
Susan Hutton
especially likes listening to House of Blues on the Internet.

How it works

  1. Open the Radio bar by clicking Toolbars on the View menu.
  2. Choose one of the radio stations listed on the Web Events site by clicking the Radio Stations button on the Radio bar.
  3. After you've selected the radio station you want to listen to, click Play on the Radio bar.

If you want the Windows Radio bar to automatically open when you open Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

  1.  On the Tools menu, click Internet Options 
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Scroll through the dialog box, and select the Always show Internet Explorer Radio bar box in the Multimedia section.