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Making it a Hearts foursome on the network

If your computer is connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) of other computers, you can play games with opponents also connected to the network.

Here's how to arrange with three others connected to the network to join you in a game of Hearts:

  1. On the Start menu, point to Programs , point to Accessories, point to Games, and then click Hearts.
  2. Click I want to be the dealer.
  3. Type in your name or moniker for the game.

Others who wish to join you must enter the network name for your computer. When you initiate the game, you can e-mail this name to them. Other participants who want to join the game you're dealing must click I want to connect to another game.

To find out your computer's network identity:

  1. On the desktop, double-click Network Neighborhood .
  2. Read through the list of computers to locate the one belonging to you. If the names are not obvious, right-click on any name and read the details under Properties. It will say who a particular computer is assigned to.

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