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Register your Microsoft software online

By Mark Reed

Register Windows 98With any new software you install on your computer, you are typically asked to register the product with the software company that created it. Although most software you buy on disk will allow you to register by mail, registering online is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to submit your information.

Why register your Microsoft software?
When you register Microsoft software, you are added to a database of registered users. As a registered user, you will be the first to receive notification of updated versions, new products, and special pricing offers. You can also choose to receive information related to your software from select third-party companies. Registering your software is completely optional, and your personal information is never shared with other companies.

Certain Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office, have premium content areas on the Microsoft Web site that are only available to registered owners of these applications. These private areas contain such benefits as access to additional components, free downloadable software, product updates, or sample code. Content in these areas is specific to each product, and is updated regularly.

The first time you access a premium content area or update your e-mail subscription information, you will be asked to create a unique Registration ID in the Microsoft Profile Center. This identification code ensures that only you can access your personal information. Any time you register a Microsoft product, the information you provide is added to your Personal Profile, allowing you access to all of your benefits without repeatedly filling out additional forms.

The Windows 98 Registration Wizard
Though you are provided a mail-in registration card with Windows 98, the easiest way to register your copy is electronically, using the Registration Wizard that is built into Windows 98. The Registration Wizard guides you through the process of registering, helps fill in your registration information, and submits the information to Microsoft via your Internet connection. With electronic registration, your information will be processed quickly and accurately.

To activate the Registration Wizard, simply click Register Now on the Welcome to Windows 98 screen that appears when Windows 98 starts. If you do not see this screen at startup, click Start, then click Run. In the Open box, type “welcome”, click OK , and the welcome screen will appear.

After you fill in your personal information, the System Inventory tab allows you to send information about your computer’s configuration and hardware, as well as other software applications on your system. The Wizard queries your system, and displays your system information onscreen. If you choose to send this information with your registration, only what you see on your screen will be sent. This information is not used for any marketing or user tracking purposes, is never shared outside of Microsoft, and is only used to help Microsoft design products tailored to customers' needs.

Registering Windows 98 electronically only takes a few minutes. When was the last time a line at the post office was that quick?


Mark Reed
Mark Reed
would like to register his opinion that online software registration is a great idea.

Why register? Microsoft will notify you by mail or e-mail about product updates, new Microsoft products, and other Microsoft products that may interest you based on the information you submitted during registration.


To update your online profile information, visit the Profile Center, and select the information you’d like to change from the choices at the left of the screen.