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Some straightforward talk on virus prevention

Here are some easy-to-follow rules to reduce your chances of getting a virus:

  • Always use up-to-date anti-virus software on your system. If you have Microsoft Plus! 98, you can run the anti-virus software that comes with it.
  • Keep your anti-virus program updated to stay ahead of any new viruses.
  • E-mail itself cannot infect your computer, however if you open an infected executable attachment from e-mail, it can infect your computer. Therefore, you should turn off any features that automatically open e-mail attachments or launch programs you download.
  • Create an emergency boot disk for your PC and write-protect it in case you catch a virus that affects that your computer's start-up ability.
  • Set your PC to boot directly from the C:// drive and bypass the A:// drive (see the tip Boot up without the floppy drive to save time to learn how.)

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