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HP 68k Systems

HP9000 Series 300 Lot

On the fourth of July 2009 a big lot of HP9000s appeared on trademe (one of the monitors was in a separate auction). I won the auction on the 11th for $25 (including the extra monitor) and collected it all on the 14th. It was quite a load. On the 15th the seller found some more bits which I collected on the 24th. These extra bits included a dead AlphaServer 1000 (mercury).

The machines included in this lot were:

Both series 400 machines were having memory parity problems when first started. This was fixed in the 400t by removing one of the memory modules. The 360 and 370 also seem to work fine. None of the 340s have been tested as of the 25th of July.


A set of HP-UX 8.0 and 7.0 tapes (plus a bunch of others) came with the lot but sadly the tape drives were long gone. This is a bit of a problem as they are weird QIC-like (but incompatible) tapes which I lack any hardware to read.

Part Number Description
24998-13374HP9000 Series 300 CUSTOMIZED HP-UX CORE & SUBSYS Release 0800, VUF A.B8.00, UPDATE format. Two tapes
5960-1547HP-UX INSTALL For the HP9000 S300/400 Rev B.08.00
5959-1553S300 HP-UX Install. HP 9000 Series 300 HP-UX Rev. 7.0

Other Hardware

Other hardware includes:

Part Number Type Quantity Description
98785ADisplay117" Color Sony Trinitron, RGB RCA input
98774ADisplay219" monochrome display, single RCA connector
98786ADisplay317" monochrome display, BNC video in, RCA mono audio in
46060AHP-HIL5HP-HIL Mouse
46084AHP-HIL1ID Module
46083-61601HP-HIL1HP-HIL cable, straight, short.
46020-60001HP-HIL4HP-HIL keyboard cable.
46021AHP-HIL5HP-HIL Keyboard.
98700-61603Cable1RGB BNC cable
10833ACable1HP-IB Cable
28641AMAU1ThinMAU 10base2 MAU
C1402A#ABAKeyboard1Keyboard, LK201 layout
C1400A#ABAKeyboard1Keyboard, unknown layout
5180-4721Keyboard1Keyboard cable for above two keyboards


Two large boxes of documentation (15 binders, a few books and loose bits of paper) were also included, most of which should be listed below:

Part Number Quantity Document Title
In Binders:
98561-90001Installation Reference for Series 300 Computers, 4th Edition (Nov. 1988)
98561-90002Installation Reference for Series 300 Computers, 3rd Edition (Dec. 1986).
5955-34561Site Environmental Requirements for Disc and Disc/Tape Drives
46084-90601HP-HIL ID Module Customer Notice
B1012-900011Installing and Administering Network Services (shared binder)
B1012-900031Networking Overview (shared binder)
50951-900101Network Services/9000 LAN Node Manager's Guide (shared binder)
50952-900501Networking Reference, Edition 1 with Update 1
B1014-900001Using ARPA Services
B1014-90011Installing and Administering ARPA Services
98194-900051NetIPC Programmer's Guide
50952-900101ARPA Services/300 Node Manager's Guide
B1013-900011Installing and Administering NFS Services
98594-900601HP-UX System Administrator Manual, Volume 2
98594-900611HP-UX System Administration Tasks
98594-900621HP-UX System Administration Concepts
97005-900021HP-UX Installing Peripherals, 6th edition.
92453-900291HP-UX System Security
For Binders (but not in them):
64715-909011HP 64715S HP teamwork/RT Operating Manual (still shrinkwrapped, no binder)
64715-909011Manual Update for above (still shrinkwrapped, no binder)
98885-906031Read me Before Installing Starbase Radiosity and Ray Tracing
B1637-906041Read Me Before Installing or Updating C++/SoftBench
B1759-906081Read me Before Installing HP-PHIGS Programming Environment on HP-UX
B2360-906001Read Me Before Installing or Updating HP Windows/9000
B2362-906001Read me Before Installing or Updating HP GKS
B2371-906001Read Me Before Installing or Updating C/ANSI C
B2372-906001Read Me Before Installing or Updating FORTRAN
B2373-906001Read Me Before Installing or Updating HP Pascal
B1864-906101Read Me Before Updating K&R C
36217-901351ALLBASE/SQL Release E.1 Read Me First for HP-UX 7.0 and HP-UX 8.0
B2677-906011License Server Lock (LSLOCK) Version 2.01 Software Release Document for HP 9000 Series 300 Workstations
B1864-900001HP-UX Reference Volume 3: Sections 1M, 4, 5, 7, and 9, HP-UX Release 8.0
09000-900131HP-UX Reference Vol 1: Section 1
09000-900131HP-UX Reference Vol 2: Sections 2 and 3
09000-900131HP-UX Reference Vol 3: Sections 1M, 4, 5, 7 and 9
50952-900221Network Overview: NS-ARPA and NFS Services
98594-900811Finding HP-UX Information
98594-900901HP-UX Master Index
98594-900001A Beginner's Guide to HP-UX
98594-900201A Beginner's Guide to Using Shells
98594-900801HP-UX Documentation Reference
98594-900131Installing HP-UX
98592-900451A Beginner's Guide to Using Starbase
98594-900011A Beginner's Guide to the X Window System
98794-900031X Window System C Quick Reference Guide
98594-900251Configuring the X Window System on Series 300, Version 11
98794-900041Installing and Configuring the X Window System
98597-900802HP-UX Documentation Roadmap (2 copies, one from 1986, other ~1988)
Loose/Stapled Papers:
???41Documentation poster (HP-UX 7?)
98194-9002941HP-UX 8.0 manual thing. Cover Letter Part No. 98194-60529 E0291
B2662-900011CVRLTR-RX/UX 8.0 HP B2662A
B1862-906001Read Me Before Installing or Updating HP-UX Release 8.0
B1864-906111[a letter about HP-UX 8 C/ANSI C]
5960-66351[letter about HP-UX 8 on CD-ROM]
B1863-906001User Environment Developer's Kit Installation Information
B1760-906081Read Me Before Installing The Personal Visualizer 2.1
B2401-900011Read Me Before Installing HP C++
B1695-900011Read Me Before Installing HP C++ Developer
5960-46961READ ME FIRST for HP LaserRX/UX Users
98194-900301LAN/9000 stuff
92556-900031READ ME FIRST (japanese designer fonts stuff)
5952-0431D1HP Support Spotlight
Hardware Manuals:
5958-44974HP700/22 Keyboard Installation Instructions
C1004-9000210HP700/22 User's Manual
09144-900001HP 9144A Tape Driver User's Manual
5951-67971HP 9000 Series 300 Hardware Technical Data
07961-909011HP 7961B, HP 7962B AND HP 7963B DISC DRIVES OWNER'S MANUAL


Below are images from the original auction:

More images should be available on each machines page or at the HP Image Gallery.