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Digital AlphaServer 1000 - MERCURY - zxnet


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mercury - AlphaServer 1000

System Information
Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Model: AlphaServer 1000
Hostname: mercury Address:
CPU: DECchip 21064 (Alpha EV4) @ 233MHz RAM: ??
System Software: None yet
Software: None yet
Services: None yet

This machine came free with the HP 9000 series 300 gear in July 2009 with a dead power supply. When power was first applied it made a buzz and a smell without doing much else. The failed PSU has been removed and I am now waiting to get it repaired or replaced.

It appears to have the following installed:

It also had a few Narrow/Wide StorageWorks disk bricks in it which may be reallocated to the BA350 attached to akvax if this machine can take wide-only disk bricks or can't be repaired.

The machine appears to be in good physical condition with the only obvious problem being the failed power supply. Its front door key is missing but it is not locked.


Plenty of poor quality images of this machine will be available in the not too distant future.