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Digital AlphaServer 800 - AS800 - zxnet


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as800 - AlphaServer 800

System Information
Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Model: AlphaServer 800
Hostname: as800 Address:
CPU: DECchip 21164 (Alpha EV5) @ 500MHz RAM: 512MB
System Software: DEC VAX/VMS: HP OpenVMS 8.3
Software: DECwindows, DEC C, DEC C++, BASIC, LSE, etc
Services: SSH, Telnet, HTTP, FTP (Local Access Only)

I purchased this machine from someone in Hamilton. It came with a hard copy of the manual plus a copy on CD (AG-R5DUA-BE). It had the following installed:

In April 2012 the 18.2GB compaq drive and two RZ1CB-CS were replaced. The 18GB drive appeared non-functional so was replaced with a slightly faster (10k rpm) wide ultra 3 unit (3R-A0858-AA). The two RZ1CB-CS drives came out as they were small and noisy. They were replaced with a Compaq 388140-001 wide ultra SCSI 18GB (manufacturer unknown) and Compaq fijitsu 7200RPM wide ultra 2 disk (3R-A0921-AA), also 18GB. The machine now has three 18GB disks and a single 9GB (IBM) disk.

An NCR 53C810 was also moved from mercury to drive a TZ885 DLT minilibrary to backup all the machines extra disk space.

This was my second working Alpha system. It is much quieter than the AlphaServer 1200 and in very good condition. With the two RZ1CB-CS drives removed it is almost silent.

Below is the configuration of the machine. The only difference between this and when I got it is it had two RZ1CB-CS drives installed and the Mylex DAC960 RAID controller was in an antistatic bag.

>>>show config
[an error occurred while processing this directive]


Only one image of this machine is currently available, taken at its former home (didn't come with keyboard or monitor):
[AS800 at its former home]