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mars - AlphaServer 800

System Information
Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Model: AlphaServer 800
Hostname: mars Address:
CPU: DECchip 21164 (Alpha EV5) @ 500MHz RAM: 512MB
System Software: None yet
Software: None yet
Services: None yet

I purchased this machine from someone in Auckland along with two AlphaStation 200s (Saturn and Jupiter) and managed to get them transported to Hamilton for free. It had the following installed:

Since then I have installed an additional three hard disks: IBM DMVS, Seagate Cheetah ST39204LC, Seagate Cheetah ST39204LC.

This one is in fairly good condition but not quite as good as the other AlphaServer 800. Its a bit dusty and is missing the "ALPHAserver 800" logo from the front. Like the other it is in rackmount form without its rails. One bank of RAM (256MB) is currently disabled due to an unhappy module so it is currently running on only 256MB of RAM.

It is currently awaiting a purpose in life (It came free with the two AlphaStation 200s). It will likely end up running Linux when I find a place to put it.


Unlike the other AlphaServer 800, this one has plenty of images, which can be seen in its section of the image gallery:
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