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Digital AlphaStation 200 - SATURN - zxnet


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saturn - AlphaStation 200

System Information
Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Model: AlphaStation 200
Hostname: saturn Address:
CPU: DECchip 21064 (Alpha EV4) @ 166MHz RAM: 72MB
System Software: Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Software: None yet
Services: None yet

I purchased this machine from someone in Auckland along with another AlphaStation 200 (Jupiter) and an AlphaServer 800 (Mars). It has the following installed:

This machine arrived in good condition but was missing its key (the case was not locked). This is the less-configured of the two AlphaStation 200s (less RAM, smaller hard disk, slower CD-ROM drive). Unlike the other, its reset button is actually a reset button. Its speaker is connected to the soundcard which means external speakers are not required. There are no volume control buttons so this must be done from software.

Currently this machine is being used to test OpenVMS networking. Once this has completed it will likely be moved to Linux perhaps dual-booted with Windows NT.

Below is the configuration of the machine as it currently is.

>>>show config

SRM Console:    V7.0-9
ARC Console:    4.58
PALcode:        VMS PALcode V5.56-2, OSF PALcode X1.46-2
Serial Rom:      1.3
Diag Rom:       V1.2

DECchip (tm) 21064-3    166Mhz 512KB Cache

     72 Meg of System Memory
     Bank 0 = 64 Mbytes(32 MB Per Simm) Starting at 0x0
     Bank 1 = 8 Mbytes(4 MB Per Simm) Starting at 0x4000000
     Bank 2 = No Memory Detected

     Bus 00  Slot 06: NCR     810 Scsi Controller
                                   pka0.          SCSI Bus ID 7
                                   dka0.           RZ28M
                                   dka400.         RRD43

     Bus 00  Slot 07: Intel SIO 82378

     Bus 00  Slot 11: DECchip 21040 Network Controller
                                   ewa0.         08-00-2B-E4-4E-20

     Bus 00  Slot 12: Digital ZLXp Graphics Controller

Slot    Device  Name            Type         Enabled  BaseAddr  IRQ     DMA
        0       MOUSE           Embedded        Yes     60      12
        1       KBD             Embedded        Yes     60      1
        2       COM1            Embedded        Yes     3f8     4
        3       COM2            Embedded        Yes     2f8     3
        4       LPT1            Embedded        Yes     3bc     7
        5       FLOPPY          Embedded        Yes     3f0     6       2


Plenty of poor quality images of this machine are available at its section of the image gallery:
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