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Digital Multia VX42B - MULTIA - zxnet


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multia - Digital Multia VX42B

System Information
Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Model: Multia VX42B (Alpha model)
Hostname: multia Address:
CPU: DECchip 21066A (Alpha LCA45) @ 233MHz RAM: ?

This machine has been in the collection for quite some time in a non-working state. Currently it is missing important hardware but otherwise seems to be in good condition. It has some random 2GB? laptop IDE hard disk and about 16MB of RAM installed.

Currently it is missing the following hardware (the first three are rather important):

Without a riser board or floppy drive there isnt really any way of getting software onto the machine because a firmware bug prevents network boot from working. Until these parts can be obtained, the machine will remain in storage.