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ZXnet http server: Randomize-II FTP Archive



As of November 2008, the FTP Archive on Randomize-II contains over 289GBytes of data in 394,900 files. Its main index is 42.4MB in size. Its home page is Most of the data available in the archive is (or was) available elsewhere on the internet. An index of some of the larger items mirrored here may be found at

Accessing the Archive

There re a number of ways to access the FTP Archive. These include:

FTP Proxy

For performance reasons, the FTP proxy formerly at has been disabled. If you wish to access the FTP archive over the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), visit - you can use it exactly like the FTP Proxy and it is much faster.

Common Files

Most larger directories will contain a readme and/or index file. These files are normally named 00-INDEX.txt and 01-README.txt. You should always read the README file and refer to the index file when looking for particular things.
00-INDEX.txt: This file is an index of the contents of the directory. It will usualy contain somthing like a list of files in the directory and their description.
01-README.txt: This file contains useful information about the contents of the directory. It may also double as an index file if there arent enough files in the directory to warrant a separate index.
index.html: These are fairly uncommon but some directories contain them as well as the above two files. If you are using a web browser to view the FTP archive then you should look at these. Otherwise just look at the plain text files above - they should contain the same information.

Anonymous Uploads

The server allows anonymous uploads to . Uploads will be either deleted or sorted into their appropriate location from here.


You can search the archive using the form at This form takes agrep regular expressions and searches the entire FTP index. If you want to search the index locally using your own tools, the index file can be downloaded as sorted either by name or by time.

Other Information

This started off as a private archive of useful stuff mirrored for higher speed local access. It is still mostly a private archive due to the speed with which it may be accessed from the internet. As a result of its orign, it probably contains some stuff which shouldnt be publicly available. As it started out as inaccessable to the public permission was not gained for anything mirorred here. Should you see something you know should not be publicly available, please contact me so it can be removed.