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Notes - zxnet


Note Archive

Here are a bunch of notes on various things so I dont forget them.

Number:      Description
N00000       Service Packs and Updates for Windows NT 3.51
N00001       Using a scroll wheel with Windows NT 3.51
N00002       Software Power Off support in Windows NT 4.0
N00003       FireFox on Windows NT 3.51
N00004       Installing Microsoft Office 4.x Upgrade without an upgrade product
N00005       EISA Configuration Utility for Digital Alpha systems
N00006       Installing SGI IRIX 6.5 on a blank disk
N00007       SGI Monitors
N00008       FTP server SYST responses
N00009       Remote X into OpenVMS
N00010       DECserver firmware filenames
N00011       The DECserver 100 and Linux
N00012       BeOS NetPositive Web Browser Haiku error messages
N00013       Accessing floppy disks from Alpha SRM firmware
N00014       DEC Floppy Disk Part Numbers
N00015       DEC CD-ROM Part Numbers
N00016       SGI CD-ROM Part Numbers
N00017       Sun CD-ROM Part Numbers
N00018       Sun QIC Tape Part Numbers
N00019       Printing with NetCat
N00020       Default Sun SPARC SCSI IDs
N00021       Patching Sun Solaris 2.6 (SunOS 5.6)
N00022       Installing a Zip Drive on Windows NT 3.51
N00023       Batch Scanning and PDFing documents
N00024       DEC PBXGA Switch Settings
N00025       SPARCstation LED load indicator
N00026       MicroPlanet Gravity on Windows NT 3.51
N00027       Enabling colour video output on a VAXstation running OpenVMS
N00028       RSync notes
N20029       Setting up a network printer on VMS
N00030       Enabling Visual Studio 97 InfoViewer help on Windows XP
N00031       MS-DOS Guest Additions in Virtual PC 2007
N00032       Networking Windows 7 and Windows 95
N00033       Alternate ATI Driver Install Procedure
N00034       telnetd on OpenBSD
N00035       Microsoft CD-ROM Part Numbers
N00036       Novell CD-ROM Part Numbers
N00037       Serial connections with tip on solaris
N00038       Transmitting files slowly with Kermit95
N00039       Backing up the OpenVMS system disk
N00040       Extracting files from VMS backup savesets