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ZXnet http server: Note N00027: Enabling colour video output on a VAXstation running OpenVMS


Note Archive
Number: N00027
Created: 31 July 2009
Revised: 31 July 2009

By default DECwindows Motif on OpenVMS 7.3 seems to display in monochrome on my VAXstation 4000 model 60 (and, I presume, other VAXstation systems). The mouse pointer is drawn in colour (as it is white and black) but everything else is in a shade of green. This is obviously not very nice to look at.

To enable colour video output, copy SYS$MANAGER:DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP.TEMPLATE to SYS$MANAGER:DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP.COM and make the following change in the "Cluster Common or Standalone Workstation Setup" section:

$ ! decw$color == "F"
$ decw$color == "T"

Then reboot the machine. When it has finished restarting it should come up with a big nasty red Compaq logo above the login window.

This is, of course, all stated in the manuals somewhere. Its just easier to find here.